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The Royals And The Middletons Celebrate Will And Kate’s Wedding

Sigh. They’re married, guys. We’ve been watching the whole time and we have to say Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding — they’re the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge now — was picture perfect. The newly hitched duo are also the Earl and Countess of Strathearn  AND the Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus. Yes, Carrickfergus. The most magical real word we’ve ever heard.

But what’s also really beautiful is that two families, royal and commoner, have become one. So to celebrate and commemorate the nuptials, we’ve put together a gallery of the Royals and the Middleton family at Westminster Abbey! From Pippa, James, Carole and Michael who looked so proud of their daughter and sister, Kate (loved that Sarah Burton dress!), to the royals led by a sunshine-yellow clad Queen Elizabeth II and her main man Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, they’re all in the photos below. Enjoy! [Photos: Getty Images]

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Queen’s Underwear Put Up For Auction

Queen Elizabeth II

Now available for purchase: the Queen’s drawers! TMZ reports that estate of “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi has given a pair of Queen Elizabeth II’s underwear—which the “Miami playboy” acquired in 1968—to an auction house. The granny panties, which actually predate her Grandma status, feature her trademark “E” monogram—sadly, the “TMZ” across the butt is a watermark from the photo’s source, and does not stand for The Monarch’s Zenith.

Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers who got $9,000 for a pair of Queen Victoria’s bloomers, say they hope to rope a similar pile of cash for the current Queen’s. Though Liz allegedly left her underthings on a plane in 1968 by accident, and not as a memento for the “Baron” Joseph after a brief but torrid affair, we hope this won’t stop the guy who wrote The Queen from suggesting otherwise in a prequel.

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Queen Elizabeth Is Now On Facebook Now, Prince Charles Totally Embarrassed


There are plenty of unlikely people on Facebook (mostly of the “your weird extended family” variety), but we have to say one person we always thought would be above social networking is Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen is now on Facebook, granted it is not a personal page, it’s a corporate site that updates the world on details of royal events and what Her Royal Highness is up to. So we guess  that means no majestic Farmville updates or “Which Mad Men character are you?” quizzes (although she’s totally Betty, you can just tell). That also means you can’t befriend the queen, but you can “Like” her.

One unnamed official stated the reason for her joining very Britishly, saying “If you are going to have an online presence in 2010, you just have to be on Facebook.” The royal family already has a Twitter account, a Flickr page and a Google Map function that allows you to track them, so it makes sense that she join what is essentially the ruler of all social media. And for those of you who plan to check out her page just so you can find pictures of Prince William and Prince Harry, look no further, they have their own site.

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Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus Meet The Queen Of England

Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus

Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus were among the performers at last night’s Royal Variety performance in London, giving us a chance to watch two of America’s trashiest pop culture icons shake hands with England’s Queen Elizabeth II (Nicole Richie also apparently got to shake hands with the aging monarch—or as Nic put it, “diva”). Judging from a blog post on Miley’s website, the 17-year-old was a too distracted by a brighter star to appreciate her brush with royalty (“I met Lady Gaga!!!!! I met Lady Gaga!!!!! I met Lady Gaga!!!!”).

While Gaga has yet to comment on the glory of meeting Miley, she’s confessed disappointment in having to tone down her performance to meet the show’s strict standards of etiquette. “I wanted to do the suicide scene I did at the MTV Awards but I was told it wouldn’t be appropriate. And not only has that been vetoed, but I have had to tone down my act generally.” We’re sure the Queen appreciated what “performance art” Gaga did manage to pull off—hanging in mid-air in a red rubber suit while playing a piano held on stilts. Way to make fellow performer Bette Midler feel old, Gaga.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Citizen Scandal: Queen’s Face Replaced By Boy George On Banknotes

Staff at a stationary shop in Kent, England, were obviously asleep at the wheel when they accepted forged banknotes the other day. Because not only was the £20 note not real, it clearly had a photo of jailed 80s pop star Boy George where The Queen’s head usually is. “I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it — we’ve certainly had nothing like it before,” said a spokeswoman for the store. We’ve posted up photos of her Maj and the fallen pop idol (currently serving a 15-month jail sentence for falsely imprisoning a male escort) above. Can you tell the difference? [Photos: WireImage, Getty]