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The Barden Bellas Take Their Skills Around the Globe in ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Trailer

Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, and the Barden Bellas crew take their a cappella game to the next level in the Pitch Perfect 2. Amidst girl-on-girl bonding and beat-boxing, we see the familiar faces of Skylar Astin, Elizabeth Banks (who also directs the film), and John Michael Higgins reprising their roles in the sequel, plus the addition of everyone’s favorite quirky cameo, David Cross.

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This Is The End: 15 Celebrities Who Might Survive The Apocalypse

Will Smith Rebel Wilson Heidi Montag Dwayne Johnson

If the world were coming to an end, we can think of worse company than James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and Jonah Hill — so we really love the premise of this week’s new release, This Is the End. Then we thought about what other famous folk would be best equipped to head into a bunker with us, not to mention rebuild our world, post-apocalypse…

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Of course, you probably want a good action hero with you, so we’re definitely placing bets on Dwayne Johnson. But how about the people we want to entertain us and our alien invaders? Shouldn’t someone teach us how to forage and hunt for food? And we’ll need to repopulate this place with some beautiful people. Plus there are the celebs who, like cockroaches will survive whether we need them or not. Check out the gallery above for reasons we think celebrities like Rebel Wilson, Shailene Woodley and Quvenzhane Wallis will be around even after “The End.”

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10 Times We Fell In Love With MTV Movie Awards Host Rebel Wilson


Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson is this year’s MTV Movie Awards host (airing THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 14th AT 9 PM/8 PM CENTRAL) and we couldn’t be more pumped up. After all, the MTV Movie Awards have always been hosted by either the hottest new comedian or the hottest new starlet. But this year, we’re getting a two-for-one, because Rebel Wilson is both.

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MTV Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week: Did Rihanna Lay It Down On Michael Cera In This Is The End?

It may only be April, but rumbles from the upcoming summer blockbusters are getting louder and louder thanks to the MTV Movie Awards, which airs this Sunday night at 9PM/8C and is being hosted by the lovely and talented Rebel Wilson! Some very lucky film lovers got to check out This Is The End as the kick-off to the show’s Sneak Peek Week last night, and then got to ask cast members Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and Evan Goldberg some questions with MTV.

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Rebel Wilson, 2013’s MTV Movie Awards Host, Is Going To Rule Next Year

It’s been five years since the MTV Movie Awards had a female host (Sarah Silverman in 2007), but we think they’ll make up for lost time in 2013 when Rebel Wilson takes the stage. We’re thrilled, not only because it means that on April 14 we’ll get to see more of the kind of comedy the Aussie lady brought to the VMAs this year, but also because it means everyone’s onboard with what we posited last Friday: that the Pitch Perfect star was one of the rising celebrities who dominated 2012 and is on the verge of even bigger and better things in 2013.

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She doesn’t get to do a whole lot in the first trailer for the show — the lines all go to Matt Lucas, the guy who played her brother in Bridesmaids — but it’s a good tease of what’s to come!

Rebel Wilson will host the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

[Photo: Elisabeth Caren/MTV]

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So Help Us, Michael Bay, If The Pain And Gain Trailer Has Mislead Us About The Amount Of Rebel Wilson In The Movie…

Michael Bay, you had better not be jerking us around. You do not put Rebel Wilson uttering the phrase “penis magic” in a doctor’s office in the new Pain and Gain trailer unless the film gives Rebel the attention she deserves. There is nothing we hate worse than a trailer that shows all the good parts of a film. If those “good parts” is one measly scene featuring Rebel Wilson, we don’t know what we’ll do. Okay, we’ll probably rage impotently in a blog post. But still! If you have a Google alert for your name, Michael Bay (and we know you do), you are going to get a pretty unpleasant email relatively soon if you let us down!

Other than Rebel, the rest of the trailer looks…somehow amazing? John Turturro and Rob Corddry are in the movie, for pete’s sake! We love all the sweat-drenched tank tops, we adore the weird skinny dog and the pairing of Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson‘s quips with such serious music is downright hilarious. Never go back to the Transformers franchise again, Michael Bay. Unless Pain and Gain somehow ends up being terrible other than these few scenes. In which case, go crazy!