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Rugrats Star Warns Stacey Kiebler About Romance With George Clooney

Despite his heartbreaker reputation, getting romantically involved with George Clooney is a risk most women would be more than willing to take. But Georges’s ex Elizabeth Daily is warning his new belle Stacy Kiebler against wanting anything longterm. “I wouldn’t have any expectation of anything serious,” she told Star Magazine. “Girls think they can tame him, but it will never happen. They’re wasting their time.” Case in point, Elisabetta Canalis, who he dumped in June allegedly when she wouldn’t drop the marriage topic. Daily dated Clooney back in 1993, after his divorce with first (and only) wife Talia Balsam. At the time Daily was just beginning her work as the voice of Tommy Pickles on the Nickelodeon classic, Rugrats.

But sadly the love between man and cartoon was not to be. “Even then he was adamant that he wouldn’t get married again,” she admits. So let us get this straight: George Clooney broke Tommy Pickles’ heart!? This definitely puts him at the top of our VH1 Top 40 S–t List. Don’t feel too bad for old Liz, though. She currently has two daughters with Rick Salomon of Paris Hilton sex-tape fame. Tommy Pickles and…Rick Salomon? Excuse us while our mind explodes into an old-school Nickelodeon logo splat.

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EXCLUSIVE: Pamela Anderson “Very Happy” With New Beau


Pam Anderson has been through her share of boyfriends and ex-husbands, famously marrying and divorcing Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, and Rick Salomon, but now, friends say Pam is in good hands with her new surfer beau, Jamie Padgett.

Pam’s pal, porn legend Ron Jeremy, tells theFABlife: “She’s very happy. He’s healthy and into health foods. All her friends really like him.” Ron thinks this relationship will work because “Pam is ready” and Jamie’s “not in Hollywood,” which Ron thinks was the cause of the failure of her three previous marriages.

The third time wasn’t the charm, but maybe the fourth?!

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Pamela Anderson’s Strip Club Opening A Bust

You would think Pamela Anderson opening a strip club would be a no-brainer, but reportedly The Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club grand opening in Manhattan’s Upper East Side was a complete mess.

First of all, the strippers were telling guests that they couldn’t disrobe  in front of DJ Samantha Ronson because, “She’s so girl crazy, she can’t concentrate if we strip.”

Samantha reportedly wasn’t really into doing to gig  anyway. She reportedly wouldn’t pose with hostess Pamela and refused to do any publicity in order to avoid being asked about her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. She also suggested that the venue was really not her cup of tea anyway when she twittered “Note to self: read the whole email from @brandonphelps before saying yes to dj gigs. Sapphire??? Oops!”

Pamela was knocked by Prime 333 Steakhouse designer Malcom Harris, who called the PETA activist a “hypocrite and loser for even being there” in a strip club with his steakhouse in its east wing.

Pammy also had another enemy at the party, former Beverly Hills 90210 star Shannen Doherty. Both ex-wives of sex tape star Rick Salomon reportedly avoided each other the whole evening.

Finally, even though Pammy wore a teeny tiny white jumpsuit, the Baywatch babe left early because the air conditioning at the club was not working properly.

Not off to a very good start! [Source: NY Post; Photo: ]


EXCLUSIVE: Rick Salomon And Mike Tyson Bunk Together In Rehab?

Scandalist has talked to two sources close to Rick Salomon and one close to Mike Tyson today who claim that the ex-porn star (remember 1 Night in Paris?) and ex-heavyweight champ have both checked into the Los Angelas rehab facility Promises. One of the sources also claims the two are sharing a room. A call to Salomon was not returned and Harlan Werner, a rep for Tyson, said he knew nothing about it. If they’re both in rehab, we wish them speedy recoveries. [Photos: Getty Images]