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The New Magic Mike Teaser Clip Makes Our Hearts Do Stripper Backflips

The new Magic Mike teaser clip airing today makes us feel like it’s Christmas morning and we’re tearing open our very own copy of Showgirls. We don’t know how we got it or who possibly could have OK’d it, but it’s exactly what we dreamed of. Entertainment Tonight released a promo today to tease the full trailer, which is set to air Wednesday night. While normally we would roll our eyes at a 16 second teaser trailer, it is 16 seconds of sexy cops, shirtless Matthew McConaughey and, of course, Channing Tatum busting out some Step Up-level aerials. This guy’s sexy dancing is no joke. Plus, is he wearing a bullet proof vest? We thought we had felt love before, but this…this is different.

Steven Soderbergh‘s stripper-ific film doesn’t hit theaters until June 29, but it seems like Tatum has already started to promote the movie in earnest. Putting the upcoming trailer and recently released stills aside for a moment, how else do you explain all that enthusiastic public grinding he did with Elton John earlier this month? “You don’t want to know what I have to do to for twenties,” Tatum sighs in the trailer. We do, Channing. We want to know that, and so much more.

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Alex Pettyfer And Riley Keough Are Engaged: A Magic Mike Production

All this time we thought the set of Magic Mike, everyone’s favorite male stripper movie, was just a place of a lot of male bonding and pec flexing. But while Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Matthew Bomer and Joe Manganiello were off comparing their perfect abs, Alex Pettyfer was apparently romancing a certain female co-star, Riley Keough, a.k.a. Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter, a.k.a. Elvis Presley’s granddaughter. (We’re pretty sure that’s all printed on her business cards.) And now, six months later, these two beautiful specimens are engaged, a source confirmed to Us Weekly.

Congrats and also good job, both of you. Fresh off a couple of box-office disappointments (I Am Number Four and Beastly) Alex snags a role in a movie we refuse to believe will be anything but a masterpiece (even if we have to watch it on mute, we don’t care). And then he lands like, the equivalent of American royalty. Riley, a model whose acting career is just getting off the ground, lands a role that probably required a lot of very difficult staring at naked men and partying on the beach, and also walked away with a souvenir for life! We are totally objectifying both these actors, sorry. Magic Mike talk just does that to us.

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Lohan Allegedly Loses Out On Part In Stripper Drama Magic Magic

Based on her previous stripper-themed film I Know Who Killed Me, we all know Lilo is capable of working the pole so hard, she has to offer it health benefits. Unfortunately, it looks like it came down to Elvis Presley‘s granddaughter Riley Keough and Linday Lohan for a part in the exotic dancing buddy drama Magic Mike, and Lohan is the one who had to relinquish her position on the six-inch-Lucite stilettos we call Fame.

According to a source reporting to E! Online, “Riley was cast as the girl who dates Alex Pettyfer‘s character in the movie. The character is trouble with a capital T, which Lindsay would have been perfect for.” Unfortunately for Lohan, her reputation proceded her, and director Steven Soderbergh took a pass. “He didn’t want to deal with all that. Nobody wanted to go there,” the source explains. The movie also stars Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello, information that makes us feel a profound sadness for Lindsay in a way we never have before.