Sienna Miller Is Really Funny

Ahh, Sienna Miller hasn’t had the easiest time with her public image, what with the whole married-man Balthazar Getty thing and not managing to make any successful films for flipping ages. But she’s proved she’s a game old bird and redeemed herself firstly by showing off a very impressive runway collection and also hamming it up in a Mamma Mia parody for Britain’s Comic Relief night.¬†

A biennial night featuring all the biggest stars in British comedy and TV in order to raise money for charity (and an amazing $80m has been raised so far),the evening featured appearances by Kate Moss, Robbie Williams and David Beckham amongst others. Sienna teamed up with UK comedy duo French & Saunders to take the piss out of pay tribute to last year’s smash hit movie, taking the Amanda Seyfried role. And it’s bloody great. On the basis of this, we reckon she should ditch the ill-advised retro movies¬† (Factory Girl and Hippy Hippy Shake didn’t exactly set the world on fire) and instead work those comedy chops …