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A Salute To Arms: The Hottest Biceps, Shoulders + Forearms In Hollywood

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We want to stand up today and salute the hottest arms in Hollywood. That’s right. We’re looking at you: Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, every guy who’s ever been in a Marvel movie… It’s about time these guys got our full appreciation for putting so much time and energy into building dem biceps.

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Unreal Real Estate: The 10 Coolest Fictional Residences In Movie History

Coolest houses in moviesThe movie world is rejoicing because Iron Man 3 opens wide today! Robert Downey Jr’s character Tony Stark may be a super hero, but that’s not all: He also has one of the most super kickass houses in cinema history. It’s pretty amazing- but still, no one can stay in one place forever. What’s he going to do when he wants to pack up his iron suit in a U-Haul and find a new abode? Maybe one that will give him a shorter commute to world-savings. Well don’t worry Tony, we’ve going through the film real estate listings and came up with 10 spots that are almost as cool as your current spread. And we won’t even charge you a brokers fee. Read on and check out the 10 coolest (fictional) houses in movie history!
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Doing Hard Time: 15 Celebrities Who Have Served Significant Prison Sentences

15 Celebrities Who Have Spent Time In Jail

Nobody is above the law, not even the rich and famous! Even though we mostly just think of their cushy life style, a surprising number of stars have done  time in the clink. And not just overnights from DUIs, either. We’re talking long stretches and serious sentences. Hard time, y’all!

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Ian Somerhalder, Chris Colfer, Jensen Ackles And Co. Heat Up The People’s Choice Awards

Best-Dressed Men At People's Choice Awards

Hello, gentlemen! We could not with a clear conscience ignore the proliferation of extremely handsome men at the People’s Choice Awards because they really brought their A-Game. So many sharply-cut suits! Eddie Redmayne and Giancarlo Esposito already made it to our best-dressed list, but we’re talking about you, Ian Somerhalder, all sexy in your classic black tie combination. J.D Pardo did the same in the best fitted blazer and suit we’re see in a long time. Jensen Ackles actually pulled off a deep maroon suit with a black shirt — but it’s impossible to make that man look anything other than gorgeous. Chris Colfer ditched a jacket completely and opted for skinny trousers and a skinnier tie and worked the whole thing like a pro. We’re also giving out props to Jesse Williams who added a little something’ extra to his suit by adding a pair of purple suede shoes. The impossibly good looking Matt Bomer added a little texture to his deep navy suit with a grey pocket square and a Madras-checked shirt. We’re counting The Wanted as one unit — one very hip, way cool unit. Their stylists need a raise. But we’d like to hand the best-dressed trophy to our number one guy, Robert Downey Jr. That grey suit, that pizazz and those metallic sneakers? Take a bow, sir.

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Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell Rumored To Be Dating, Join Our List Of 20 WTF Celebrity Couples

Russell Brand sure does like the pop stars! Less than a year after his split with teenage dream Katy Perry, the comedian was photographed leaving the home of Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. It’s been rumored that the two have started a romance after getting reacquainted at the Olympic closing ceremony earlier this month. “Geri has said they have a spiritual connection through yoga and they practise asana together,” a friend told Britain’s Sun paper. “‘Russell is known for action between the sheets but he is actually very good at just sitting still in silence. It is something that has acted as a bond for he and Geri as their relationship blossoms.”

Considering how bummed out he looked upon leaving her house last night, we hope things are still going ok! “They’re just friends and have been out a few times, there’s not much else to add at this stage,” another friend told the Daily Mail. Regardless of the length of their relationship, this hookup will definitely be a great addition to our “WTF, They Dated?!” list of really random celebrity couples. Check out more in the gallery below!
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Abraham Lincoln And The 20 Most Crazily Accurate Celebrity Portrayals Of Historical Figures

The 20 most accurate celebrity portrayals of historical figures

Today Abraham Lincoln gets reborn on the silver screen as you’ve never seen him before in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! We’re pretty pumped to watch Honest Abe kick Dracula’s ass, but those blood sucking fiends aren’t the scariest part of the movie. It’s downright eerie how much star Benjamin Walker resembles the 12th POTUS! Those steely eyes, the bushy brows, the Amish beard…it’s all there!

Countless icons of the past have been popping up in Hollywood lately. Lindsay Lohan has been working overtime to bring Elizabeth Taylor back to life in Liz & Dick, while Ashton Kutcher is taking a more zen approach to his role in the Steve Jobs biopic. Andre 3000 is a dead ringer for the dead guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, and Julianne Moore could practically be Sarah Palin’s twin. If you put those two in a room with Tina Fey, we’d be totally screwed. Hell, even Benjamin Walker has some competition for Lincoln look-alike with Daniel Day Lewis also taking on the role!

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve assembled the 20 most scarily accurate celebrity portrayals of historical figures. Some rely on insane prosthetic and makeup, like Anthony Hopkins taking on the great Alfred Hitchcock. Others like Jared Leto and Charlize Theron just do totally nutty things to their body. And some, like Denzel Washington as Malcolm X, are just born with it. But no matter how they got there, the end result is always unforgettable. Take a look in the gallery below!

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The Avengers Stars Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hiddleston Have Their Own Heroes

The Avengers is raking it in at the box office this weekend — it already has the highest midnight opening of a comic-book movie — and even though it’s probably not going to break that many records, we’re pretty sure Robert Downey Jr. and company are at the top of Marvel’s list of real-life heroes. At the red-carpet premiere of the movie last week, we decided to let the stars get a little sappy and share who their heroes are. Get ready to “awwww.”

“My mum and my dad,” Tom Hiddleston, who plays villain Loki, told VH1 News without hesitation. “Just because they’ve taught me everything I know really about life. They haven’t consciously taught it to me, they, they’ve just, uh, lead by example. They’re intensely good people, with a great deal of kindness and humility. It’s only now that I’m older that I can appreciate it.”

Clark Gregg also praised his Stanford professor father, “who’s dedicated his life to exploring different religions in a way that breaks down the imagined barriers,” along with President Obama. “I’m gonna come out and say that I’m a big fan of Barack Obama,” he said. “I don’t think he had a perfect first term but I believe, I like the things he believes in.”
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Robert Downey Jr.’s Avengers Success Pales In Comparison To The Cuteness Of Baby Son Exton

Robert Downey Jr. Shows Photos Of  Baby Exton On Leno

Robert Downey Jr. has been on a roll recently (despite what some New York Times reviewers might claim!), what with The Avengers pulling in $18.7 million on their opening night and everything. All of that pales in comparison, however, when stacked up against the little adorable pumpkiny- blob that is RDJ’s three-month-old son Exton Elias, who the actor proudly showed off on Leno last night. “I would get in huge trouble. I have to exercise just a little restraint. I’m sorry. I mean. . .if you want me to, I will,” the Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows star slyly joked. He then revealed two baby photos with glee, reminding us that, in the end, all of that Iron Man money is just a means to buy more tiny soft hats.

“He’s so darn cute, isn’t he?,” Downey sighed to Jay. Exton is RDJ’s only child with wife Susan Downey; the actor also has son Indio with ex-wife Deborah Falconer, who’s cuteness must have made Natural Born Killers seems like just another way to finance a constant stream of fresh onesies. Either way, good thing Downey is already signed on to shoot Iron Man 3 . Tiny socks the size of a Sacajawea dollar coin don’t buy themselves, you know!

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