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Robert Kardashian’s Widow Releases His Diaries; Diaries Depict Kris Jenner As Total Monster

There’s a lot of eye-brow raising details about the alleged Robert Kardashian diaries his widow Ellen Kardashian gave In Touch Magazine this week. For example, the fact she gave them her late husband’s personal diaries at all. Or the fact that Ellen did not immediately turn said diaries over to the police as evidence of alleged child abuse committed by Kris Jenner. “Kris was kicking and beating her and said she was going to kill [Kim]!” a diary entry dated Aug. 24, 1989 claims. “Kim was hysterical.” Good lord!

The diaries, allegedly written by the Kardashian sisters’ late lawyer father, also claim that Kris Jenner had an affair with soccer player Todd Waterman and left her children at home for days a time. “She doesn’t leave a number in case of emergency. She doesn’t care!” Robert allegedly wrote on Dec. 15, 1989. “She left [the] kids and screwed all night!” If any of this is true, the Kardashians must have undergone years and years of family counseling in order to be friends with their mother at all. Or maybe they didn’t, which might explain at lot…

As you might recall, last January Ellen Kardashian told the media Robert had admitted to her that daughter Khloe Kardashian is not his biological child. Khloe’s paternity drama has continued until today. “The continuous spread of egregious misinformation is just plain wrong, and it would be irresponsible of me and a disservice to my family to not address it at this point,” Khloe said of the rumors last week. ‘I want to say loud and clear that these are toxic, baseless and disgusting rumors and none of them are true.” As for these new Kardashian rumors….toxic? Check. Disgusting? Check. Baseless? Well, if the diaries are handwritten, that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are real, right? No one could possibly write something with a pen if it wasn’t true!

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Rihanna, Rob Kardashian Spotted On Go-Kart Date – So Where Was Rita Ora?

Rihanna and Rob Kardashian spotted leaving a go-kart track

Last we heard, Rihanna was lamenting her single status (and apparently trying to let Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran do their thing), and Rob Kardashian was dating Rihanna doppleganger Rita Ora. So what were Rob and RiRi doing on Saturday night? It kind a looks like they were on an old-fashioned high school date — go-karting at Racer’s Edge Indoor Karting in Burbank, California. Then again, they were out with other friends too. According to the Daily Mail, Rihanna was totally schooling Rob on the track.

Part 2 of the date was a little more “adult,” as they continued on to the Playboy Club. Rihanna flipped off the paps during the outing, so maybe she was upset they were spotted together. Or maybe it was an innocent night out with friends — they did arrive at the club separately, after all.
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Please Let This Alleged Trey Songz/Rob Kardashian Slap Fight Be Real. Please.

Trey Songz Slaps Rob Kardashian In Nightclub

It’s not that we want Trey Songz and Rob Kardashian to suffer the agony of red, raw cheeks and a bruise ego. It’s just that no one gets in slap fights anymore! No one! After hitting their peak alongside the dueling craze, slap fighting has really dwindled down to a few middle school-related incidents. Unless you believe MediaTakeout, that is, who report that Songz slapped Kardashian after Rob’s camera crew took over the VIP section in London club Movida. According to the site’s source, having been ousted by the likes of Scott Disick and the key grip, “Trey went over and told them to ‘Get the f— out.’ Rob thought [Trey] was joking so he stood up and tried to talk, that’s when [Trey] slapped him in the face hard.” Hey, it could have been a lot worse! No, literally any other hand configuration would have been worse.

After the singer smacked him, apparently “Rob told everyone ‘Let’s go’ and they all left.” A representative of the club later allegedly claimed, “Trey Songz is the bane of my life. He’s just shown up with his crew, taken over the Kardashian table, and ran Rob and Scott out of the club. He wasn’t even invited.” The bane of your life? Uh oh, Trey. Those sound like dueling words. You now what you have to do! Allegedly! Keep your wrist locked tight and slap from the elbow!

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When Pranks Backfire: Rob Kardashian Gets Handcuffed Due To Bad Joke

Note to Rob Kardashian. It isn’t a good idea to mess around with people when cops are around. The young K-Dash brother was hanging out in Miami over the weekend when he noticed a paparazzo clicking photographs of him and his group of friends on Sunday morning. He thought it would be funny to run — which obviously looks menacing — towards the photographer to give him a fright. Now this is the truly hilarious part: the paparazzo ran away …. screaming for help. The image has us cracking up. Sadly, the cops didn’t find it as funny.

TMZ has the story and the video explaining what went down. When Rob tried to explain to the scared pap that it was all a joke, after following him into a smoke shop, the police were already gunning for him. They saw the whole incident and actually handcuffed Rob and put him in the back of a police car for questioning. He was eventually released after explaining everything, but it’s got to have been a pretty weird, embarrassing situation. Bet the photographer’s laughing now!

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Khloe Kardashian’s Parents Shut Down Those Paternity Rumors

If those rumors about Khloe Kardashian’s paternity had you waking up every 20 minutes drenched in a cold sweat last night, don’t worry. It looks like that gossip is good and quashed by the only two people know for sure the identity of Khloe’s biological parents: Khloe’s biological parents. “I have never heard such crap in my life…get a life,” Kris Jenner raged on Good Morning America today when asked about allegations that Khloe was the product of an affair made by Robert Kardashian‘s second wife Jan Ashley and his widow Ellen. As Kris pointed out, “I mean I was there. I gave birth.  I know who the dad was.” Yeah, reeeeeeally hard to argue with the whole “I conceived and gave birth to her” thing, Jan and Ellen.

If that isn’t enough of a confirmation that Khloe is a full sister to Kim Kardashian, despite her height and the fact we can actually stand her, RumorFix dug up documents from Robert’ Kardashian’s annulment from Ashley in 1999. “Approximately two months after our marriage, I changed my mind,” Kardashian wrote about his decision not to have children with Ashley. “I decided since I already had four biological children, I did not wish to have any more.” As far as we’re concerned, that’s game, set, match, ladies. It would take a DNA test and some very invasive home VHS to convince us otherwise. Not that we wouldn’t thoroughly examine both of them, of course.

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Robert Kardashian And Angela Simmons: Depressing Date Night

Robert Kardashian Angela Simmons

Robert Kardashian and Angela Simmons have denied that they’re dating, and for their sake we hope they’re telling the truth. The pair spent some quality time together getting pedicures this week, which is about as romantic as slaughtering a pig together (another great date idea, guys!).

While the pair is definitely a match made in D-List reality TV heaven, we can’t support a couple that looks this bored together right off the bat. Also, what’s sexy and romantic about dead foot skin? (Answer: not much.)

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