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Mad Men’s Sally Draper Goes Glam For Grazia Photoshoot

Kiernan Shipka’s life must be pretty awesome. At the age of 12, she’s just wrapped her fifth season playing Sally Draper on the record-busting Mad Men, and has a department store-size closet of haute couture which she gets to wear to glitzy Hollywood balls. She’s done more than most adults, but her parents still won’t let her watch her own series. “I’m not allowed to watch the show, apart from my own scenes,” she told Grazia Magazine. “I’ll start watching it when I’m older. I’ll have a lot of DVD marathons.” So what does she do with the time the rest of us spend endlessly watching the Draper family on Netflix Instant? Develop her killer style sense! Just check out the glam photos from her Grazia shoot. “I am a huge fashion fan. It’s a really cool way to express yourself. I’m always excited to get to set and see what I’m wearing,” she says. She has guest-blogged for Lucky, and cites Papo D’Anjo and Ralph Lauren among her favorite brands. “My style is constantly changing. At the moment I look preppy, but with an edge.”

She looked less edgy and more classy as she strolled the red carpet last night at the PaleyFest’s 2012 tribute to Mad Men in Beverly Hills. There she was reunited with her TV parents Jon Hamm and January Jones, along with fellow cast mates John Slattery, Vincent Kartheiser and Robert Morse. Show creator Matthew Weiner was also on hand, and spoke about where he sees the series going, and eventually ending. “I think the plan is for [Mad Men to run for] seven years,” he told the press panel. “Seven years sounds like the right amount. My whole thing is, I don’t want to overstay our welcome. And it’s really hard.” He cited The Sopranos as an example of what not to do with a series. “I was with The Sopranos the last three seasons of the show, and what happens is you just start running into the places where you’ve been over and over again and it just becomes impossible.” How he’s gonna paint himself out of season four’s cliffhanger is anybody’s guess. Is it March 25 yet!?

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