Robert Pattinson Looks Sexy While Eating Corn


Okay, Rob, we get it. You’re ferociously sexy doing anything. The hottest vampire on the planet is featured in the December issue of Vanity Fair, wherein he’s photographed by Bruce Weber lying in bed, falling off a piano bench, and waiting at a bus stop…all while looking impossibly gorgeous. Accompanying the photo shoot is a candid interview in which RPattz reveals one of his legs is longer than the other causing him to look “like an idiot,” denies a relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart, and says he thinks he resembles a “cartoon character.” We’re not sure what cartoons he watched growing up outside London, but he definitely doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen on a Saturday morning.

Did we mention these pics are outtakes? We can only imagine what made the final cut. The December issue hits stands November 4th. [Photo:]

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Rob And Kristen Sneak Out Of Canada


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were photographed together at the airport in Vancouver today, looking absolutely miserable as usual. Shooting wrapped on the third Twilight flick, Eclipse, at 4:30 AM (ya know, the time when the dawn breaks), and the introverted pair then busted out of Cananda while decked out in what has become their standard uniform: a pair of Ray Bans, a grungy hoodie and a frown.

Who can blame them, really? The world is obsessed with their every move, even when those moves are totally boring (Remember those photos of Kristen Stewart with her knitting stuff? I mean, really).

For more Twilight photos, check out our ultimate Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart photo gallery and pics of the Twilight cast before they were stars. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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OK!’s Insane Obsession With Rob And Kristen


We’re less than a month away from New Moon, and of course the tabloids are beefing up their coverage of our favorite couple that never touches in public: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (see our ultimate Robsten photo gallery). But OK! Magazine has gone above and beyond in covering the couple, with some of the most absurd claims we’ve ever seen. We’ve compiled the 11 covers OK! has dedicated to the grungy pair since the beginning of May, and judging from their allegations, Rob and Kristen have really dealt with some serious ups and downs since reportedly getting together.

For fun, here’s our interpretation of OK!’s suggested timeline of six months of Robsten love drama: Kristen’s gotta pick Rob or her ex (Michael Angarano) – Wait, screw Michael, they’re in love – Ohhhh, now they’re obsessed with each other like Eminem and Mariah – Nope, Rob’s doin’ that chick from “Lost” – Oh, hey now, they’re back together again and it’s steamy – HOLY EFF THEY’RE GETTING MARRIED – Hm, this marriage thing sure is risky for Rob for some reason – Hey! They’re not private, we’re hanging out in their house! House? What house? It’s over!

Why, just a few weeks ago Ron and Kristen were engaged and canoodling in their “celestial palace,” and yet this week they’ve just magically gone and called their “wedding” off (Gossip Cop’s call bullsh*t on the story, natch). Forget that Kristen’s not even 20 years old and they’ve never actually even come out as a couple. Next thing you know, OK! will have them reconciling in space and adopting orphans from Africa while training to ride unicycles. Anything to sell a couple of issues, eh? [Photos: OK! Magazine]

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TheFABLife’s Ultimate Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Gallery

As part of our, uh, Twilight hobby, TheFABlife has combed through tons of pics to bring you this massive photo gallery of everyone’s favorite maybe-couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Even if there’s nothing going on between the two (or is there?), they at least look lovely together on-screen (peeps pics from New Moon).

Check out our gallery below and remind us in the comments of any of favorite photos of them together that we may have missed. Long live Robsten! [Photo: GettyImages]

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Insider Claims Rob Is “Jealous” Of Taylor


Their characters are rivals in the Twilight movies, and now Robert Pattinson may have some real-life beef with his smiley co-star Taylor Lautner. According to a Sun Times source, Rob has apparently been getting “a little jealous” of all the attention TayTay and his rippling abs are getting these days while out promoting New Moon. The British actor has repeatedly told the press, “I’m not the lead in the second film.  Taylor is,” but a production insider insists there’s a rivalry brewing behind the scenes.

Says the spy: “While Rob despises all the paparazzi and crazy magazine stories, he still has the usual actor’s big ego thing going on. He wants his privacy, but he also loves having arrived on the A-list and knows that being in the public eye is part of that. If he really wanted to avoid the press, you wouldn’t see him hitting all the hot nightclubs and restaurants in Hollywood or Vancouver. … He knows that’s where the paparazzi hang out.”

Oh, and Taylor? The 17 year old is a “total sweetheart, who gets a kick out of all the attention,” says the source. “He loves his fans, he loves this successful roller coaster he’s on and he’s very fond of Rob, as a colleague and friend.”

Interesting! Do you think there’s a rivalry brewing between the Twi-boys? If so, who do you think is the bigger star? Vote in our poll below and let us know!

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Twi-Links: The President Hearts Twilight


[Photo: GettyImages]

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Rob And Kristen Act Married, Claims Delusional Tabloid


Poor OK! Magazine. The tabloid finally figured out that no one was interested in buying its boring cover stories about Jennifer Aniston’s phantom fetuses, and is desperately wooing the Twi-hards, hoping they can save their flailing rag. Sadly, no true Twilight fan (yes, we mean TheFABlife staff) is gonna fall for this kinda crap.

The magazine’s cover alludes that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – the world’s most introverted and camera-shy stars since J.D. Salinger – declared – to a tabloid -  “we’re already like a married couple!” It also boasts of exclusive photos of their shared hotel suite (alleged, natch) and insider info on their relash, that OK! claims, through clever word choices, were supplied by Robsten. Nice try.

As Jezebel points out, OK! claims the that couple shares an entire floor of the hotel, but their exclusive hotel photos are just ripped off the Sheraton’s website. Then there are the horrendously cheesy descriptions of their time together, that are so sappy even Stephenie Meyer wouldn’t write them: “Their room contains no fewer than six natural gas fireplaces, in front of which Rob serenades Kristen with Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker tunes on one of his Gibson guitars,” and “[after a run-in with paparazzi] they ascended to their celestial nest and left the real world behind.”

So not okay, OK!. Luckily, sensible Twilight twitter sites (like the hilarious KStew411) are openly mocking the glorious, steaming pile of BS. We Twi-hards may love vampire stories, but even OK!’s claims are too fantastical for our tastes. [Photo: OK!]

Check out photos of the alleged lovebirds in the gallery below.

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Robert Pattinson “Still Can’t Get A Date”

robert pattinson

You’re playing with fire, Robert Pattinson. The Twilight star has brazenly suggested that no one wants to get to know the real RPattz. “Girls scream out for Edward, not Robert,” the poor soul told the Sydney Morning Herald from a promotional event for New Moon in France. “I still can’t get a date.” Oh noes! Does Kristen Stewart have him trapped in the friend box? Does his breath smell like blood slurpees?

Maybe the Twilight madness just has the poor fellow confused. “To be honest, I still don’t really understand what’s going on. Like yesterday, I was having lunch down the road. We were in this place for a couple of hours and suddenly there was like 400 people outside on the street. It was just so nuts and it’s like that all the time now.” We, Robert? As in you and another person? As in a date? As in a date with Kristen Stewart? Fess up!

Check out the dateless wonder in the mega gallery below.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Twi-Links: Selena Sides With Team Jacob

  • Selena Gomez is all about Team Jacob. Maybe cuz Taylor Lautner‘s her ex? [TwilightLexicon]
  • The New Moon soundtrack can now be previewed online, and it sounds damn good. What we wouldn’t give to listen to it in Edward’s Volvo, or bedroom, or…. [Stereogum]
  • Peep pics of the Eclipse set and try to figure out the scene they’re shooting. [RobstenLovers]
  • An Australian tabloid claims Kristen Stewart has confirmed her relationship with Robert Pattinson. That quiet, private girl? Yeah right. [Spunk-Ransom]
  • Kristen, Rob and Tay may be live in the flesh to present the latest New Moon clip at the Spike Scream Awards. Yep, that’ll make us scream for sure. [TwilightGossip]
  • Buy this Twilight-themed jewelry box, in which you can store all the vintage diamonds Edward gifts you, ladies. [BellaAndEdward]
  • Remember when RPattz looked loony in Rome? Enjoy the memories. [Robsessed]


The Twilight Cast: Before They Were Stars


While Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner may now be international heartthrobs, they each had to start somewhere… whether that be in class with Harry Potter, panicking opposite Jodi Foster, or appearing in 3D as Sharkboy.  The cast members who’ve blown-up since Twilight have not only gained hordes of spastic teenage fans, but have also received seriously glam-tastic makeovers. Take a look at your favorite Twi-stars and see how far they’ve come.  [Photos: Warner Bros., Getty Images]


Before hitting it big time as Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart had already made a name for herself amongst movie critics. She nabbed four Young Artist Award nominations for her roles in Panic Room opposite Jodie Foster (2002), Cold Creek Manor (2003), Undertow (2004), and Into The Wild (2007). Though she’s now grown into a sizzlin’ young woman with millions of drooling fans, Stewart continues to take her work seriously, avoiding the party scene and keeping her love life (she’s rumored to be dating co-star Robert Pattinson) on the down low.

Check out Kristen’s co-stars’ before and after pics – and a giant gallery – below the jump!

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