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Hot Or HOT: 25 Celebs On Bicycles Sweating Too Much (Or Making Us Sweat)


I think we can all agree that riding a bicycle is an incredibly hot mode of transportation. Either you’re happily biking along, with the wind in your hair, looking incredibly fine, or you’re sweating from heat exhaustion.

Don’t believe us? The 25 cycling celebs are on our list are either sweating too much, and are hot temperature-wise, or are still sexy and smoking HOT. Which celeb is which? Click through to find out…

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Kristen Stewart Gets Inked And Robert Pattinson Parties Like Gatsby

Tattoos and birthdays kick off The Gossip Table this week! Robert Pattinson threw a lavish birthday party for a friend at his house. Chloe Melas reports that it was a Great Gatsby themed event with guests decked out in ’20s-inspired outfits. It sounds like more fun than the movie itself.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart was nowhere to be seen (not that she wasn’t invited per say). The actress and some friends are road-tripping across America and made a stop in Nashville, Tenn. K-Stew visited the Pride and Glory Tattoo Parlor where she got a new tattoo and took photographs with the staff.

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Meanwhile, another ex-couple wants nothing to do with each other.

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Robert Pattinson And Katy Perry Grow Closer; Plus: Amanda Bynes Gets A Puppy

Relationship news kicks off the Tuesday edition of The Gossip Table. Up first: Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry. The two were recently spotted at a Bjork concert and this is not the first time they’ve been seen together. Chloe Melas reports that the two are just friends. In fact, KStew is reportedly OK with the singer helping her ex through the breakup.

Meanwhile, Marianne Garvey tells us that things continue to get hot and heavy for Rupert Sanders‘ ex-wife, Liberty Ross, who is dating her old friend Jimmy Iovine. With everyone pairing off, where does that leave Stewart and Sanders?

In other news, Amanda Bynes was spotted at the mall with a puppy! Dina Lohan calls in to the show to weigh in on all the drama and update everyone on her family.

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