Demi Lovato Lines Up Her First Post-Rehab Interview

Demi Lovato has been publicly battling her demons for a few months now, after going to rehab in December for “emotional and physical issues” that may have included an eating disorder and self-mutilation. Lovato willingly entered rehab after a fight with one of her backup dancers, Alex Welch. Since she was released, she has been remarkably private and vague about her future plans, despite the fact that her Disney Channel show Sonny With A Chance has been renamed and doesn’t include “Sonny,” her character, in the title anymore.

We can say for sure that one thing Lovato has committed to is her first interview since leaving rehab. It will be with Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts, who tweeted the news earlier today, writing “I told you that you guys would be the first to know… Demi Lovato intv with air on GMA and 20/20 on Friday April 22. More details to come.” Careful, Robin Roberts! You don’t want to ask any overly provocative questions of Lovato, we wouldn’t want her to go all Chris Brown on the GMA studio. And hopefully we’ll get the real scoop on what’s been going on with the teen star.

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UPDATE: Chris Brown Could Face Jail Time For His GMA Outburst

Chris Brown wants so much for us to forget about his violent outburst against Rihanna that he’s willing to create another violent outburst to overshadow it. That’s some dedication. Brown flew off the handle this morning after an interview on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts after Roberts asked Brown more questions about Rihanna than Brown cared for, and ended up smashing a window at the television studio. Now, Roberts is claiming that she ran all Rihanna-related questions past Brown before she sat down with him. A representative from ABC News defended Roberts‘ line of questioning as well, saying in a statement “As always, we ask questions that are relevant and newsworthy, and that’s what we did in this interview with Mr. Brown.”

Brown, who is currently still on probation as a result of his 2009 altercation with Rihanna, might face charges and even jail time for violating his probation as a result of his behavior today. In an audiotape obtained by TMZ, an ABC staffer was recorded as saying she called police to check on the window Brown allegedly smashed with a chair during his rampage. “If he is still on probation and charged with a criminal offense,” criminal defense attorney Thomas Kenniff told Fox News, “the violation would spell jail time.” Guess we’ll wait and see if charges are pressed to find out what Brown’s fate is. So much for Brown being a model probationer, which is what a judge called him in November.

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