Transformation Tueday: Robin Wright

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There is no one we want to be president more than Claire Underwood on House Of Cards. And it’s all thanks to the incredible performance given by Robin Wright, who has been stunning us with her elegance and talent for decades. Read more…

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The Best ‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Memes

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If you’re reading this, that likely means you’ve survived a weekend of binge-watching House of Cards season 3.¬†Welcome back to the world. Read more…

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Claire Underwood’s Most Vicious Quotes From House Of Cards

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On Friday, Netflix released the much-anticipated second season of House of Cards. The show, which was a surprise hit of last spring, won fans over thanks to the superb acting by Kevin Spacey (as Frank Underwood) and his onscreen wife Robin Wright (as Claire Underwood). While Frank is at the center of the show’s Shakespearean tale of power and greed, it’s Claire who steals the spotlight as a modern day Lady Macbeth. Her character, while maintaining a beautifully icy presence, knows how to destroy her enemies and slice to the core of someone’s emotions. “You don’t want to make an enemy out of me,” Claire threatens in season 2. No, no we do not.

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Olivia Pope To Lady Mary: Which Emmy-Nominated Character Would You Want To Have Your Back?

On the one hand, the women nominated for outstanding actress in a drama for the 2013 Emmy Awards play a diverse range of characters: a DC fixer, a country singer, a CIA operative, a motel owner, an advertising copywriter, a nonprofit exec and an English gentlewoman. But they are a lot alike too. These are all strong, smart women we think we’d like to have on our side in a fight. The question is, if we had to choose just one to have our back, who would it be?

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Nostalgia Check: The Princess Bride Turns 25 Today!

It’s amazing to think that the cinematic classic The Princess Bride is 25 years old today! We’re not going to be the millionth person to make an “Inconceivable!” joke, but it’s still pretty crazy. It seems like people have been running around deadpanning “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” in their best Mandy Patinkin impression since the dawn of time! On top of being the most quotable movie of all time, The Princess Bride has everything a film fan could ever want. Swordplay and action, romance, laugh-out-loud humor, and Billy Crystal looking kind of like a leper, and Peter Falk being Peter Falk: it’s truly flawless.

In honor of it’s quarter century of making audiences smile, we’ve decided to check in with the whole cast, including Robin Wright, Carey Elwes, Wallace Shawn, Chris Sarandon and all the rest of your favorites. Enjoy!

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