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Kate Winslet’s Kids Love It When She Projectile Vomits

Roman Polanski’s new film Carnage hasn’t hit theaters yet, but star Kate Winslet’s kids already have their favorite moment picked out. It’s the scene when their Oscar-winning mother projectile vomits cobbler all over antique art books. What’s not to love!? And luckily enough, they were even on set to witness the glorious moment in person! “My kids came to work for the vomit day,” she told a press conference yesterday at the Venice Film Festival, where the film had its world premiere.  “And I am so thrilled that they were there because they literally have not stopped talking about it since. It was hysterical.”

The film is based on the satirical play by Yasmina Reza, The God of Carnage,  and packs an all-star cast of Winslet, Christoph Waltz, Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly. But most importantly, it features Winslet projectile vomiting with enough ferocity to put that scene in The Exorcist to shame. Thank god she didn’t perform method-style, but instead used a device strapped to her body. At least she does her own stunts. And she had an A-list cleanup crew.  “While Kate was the one who threw up, Jodie and I had to clean up the vomit,” says costar Reilly. “So we had the more disgusting involvement with the vomit.”

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New Polanski Accuser Reveals Her Identity


More bad news for Roman Polanski – another woman has come forward to accuse the famous director of sexual misconduct, all while he’s still trying to make his 1977 rape charges disappear.  Charlotte Lewis, an actress who appeared in the 1986 Polanski film Pirates when she was sixteen years old, gave a press conference today alongside her lawyer, Gloria Allred. Lewis revealed that as a teen, Polanski forced himself on her. In her statement, she said:

“[Polanski] sexually abused me in the worst possible way when I was just 16. He knew [how old I was] when he met me and forced himself upon me in his apartment in Paris. He took advantage of me and I have lived with the effects of his behavior ever since it occurred. I’ve traveled to the U.S. at my own expense to make sure that justice is finally done and that Mr. Polanski gets what he deserves. All I want is justice.”

It is unclear what kind of legal action Lewis and Allred plan to take against Polanski, but Lewis said she was eager to testify him, which might only strengthen the case to get him extradited to the U.S.

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Roman Polanski Throws Himself A Pity Party


Roman Polanski is responsible for one of our favorite go-to movie quotes, the always hilarious “My sister! My daughter!” line from Chinatown. Know what else he’s responsible for? Raping and drugging a girl in 1977. As an auteur, we respect him and his films, but as a person, the guy has behaved really badly. But Roman doesn’t see it that way (shocker) and this weekend he released a statement about how his 2009 arrest for fleeing the U.S. has made him a victim too.

Polanski was tried and served a light sentence (45 days in jail) in 1977, and feels that his fleeing the country after a judge changed his mind and wanted Polanski to serve a longer sentence was justified. Part of Polanski’s statement is below (the whole thing can be found over at

“I ask only to be treated fairly like anyone else. . .I can remain silent no longer because the request for my extradition addressed to the Swiss authorities is founded on a lie. The said request asserts that I fled in order to escape sentencing by the U.S. judicial authorities, but under the plea-bargaining process I had acknowledged the facts and returned to the United States in order to serve my sentence. All that remained was for the court to confirm this agreement, but the judge decided to repudiate it in order to gain himself some publicity at my expense.”

Polanski also aligns himself with his victim, who is now 45, and has asked that the charges against Polanski be dropped so she herself can get on with her life. Seems like a very odd move to make on Polanski’s part (one we definitely would not have made) but then again, we wouldn’t have raped and drugged a 13-year-old. Dozens of Hollywood celebs have spoken out in defense of Polanski, but we’re not really feeling the love. Should his pleas for freedoms should be heard, or should he be brought back to the States to serve additional time? Guess it’s up to the judge now.

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Noah Wyle Slowly Turning Into Woody Allen

There’s a certain style we associate with Woody Allen, the rumpled, professor look that he’s made his trademark has been working for him for forty years. The khakis, the jacket, the bucket hat he wears while directing, they’re all signature Woody. Which is why we want to warn him that, just as Roman Polanski usurped the title of most pervy film director, Noah Wyle is trying to steal his style. Wyle, seen here at a Lakers game last night has gone from cute emergency room doctor to neurotic New Yorker with just a few key pieces (Converse All-Stars excluded.). Maybe he wants to be Woody’s next muse… [Photos: Splash News Online/]


Roman Polanski To Leave Jail, Put Under House Arrest

Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski will go from jail to house arrest this Friday, according to Swiss authorities. The Chinatown director will wear an ankle bracelet and be required to stay in his chalet until matters involving his potential extradition to the U.S. for decades-old statutory rape charges are resolved. Polanski has been in police custody for over two months, after arriving in Switzerland from France–where he has lived in exile for over 30 years—to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Roman Polanski Denied Bail, Given Star On Walk Of Fame

roman polanski, walk of fame

Authorities in Switzerland denied Roman Polanski‘s requests for either bail or house arrest today, as they unsurprisingly felt the Oscar winner/convicted sex offender was a high flight-risk. Polanski will remain imprisoned at least until his next hearing, which will decide whether he should be extradited to the U.S. as fugitive from justice as planned. Polanski’s lawyers expect a verdict within a week.

On the lighter side, Polanski was one of the 12 initial inductions to Poland’s Walk Of Fame in Warsaw this weekend, joined by such luminaries as Woody Allen (do we detect a theme?) and Penelope Cruz (maybe not). The aptly-timed tribute features an equally apt quote, “Nothing is too shocking to me.” Stay classy, Poland.

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Schwarzenegger Won’t Pardon Polanski

arnold schwarzenegger & roman polanski

Despite the laundry list of Hollywood celebrities demanding the freedom of Roman Polanski, California Governor and fellow Hollywood celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be giving a pardon to the film legend/alleged child rapist anytime soon. The Governator gave his two cents on CNN’s The Situation Room yesterday:

It doesn’t matter if you are a big-time movie actor or a big-time movie director or producer. I think that he is a very respected person, and I am a big admirer of his work. But nevertheless, I think he should be treated like everyone else.

This was a pretty astute and diplomatic move for Arnie, considering the backlash that petition is inspiring. Chris Rock eviscerated the “Free Polanski Movement” on Leno last night (“even Johnnie Cochran don’t have the nerve to go, ‘well, did you see OJ play against New England?'”) and stars from Kirstie Alley to Kevin Smith have taken to their twitters to do the same. How long before those signees start to backpedal?

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Roman Polanski Arrested On 31-Year Rape Charge

We never thought it would happen, but Roman Polanski has now been arrested on those long, long-standing sex charges. The film director fled the US in 1978, a year after pleading guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old. Now 76, Polanski was arrested at Zurich airport in Switzerland, where he was arriving to receive an award.

He may yet be extradited to the US to face the charges – after fleeing to France when the now-deceased judge reneged on the original plea bargain. The victim, 45-year-old Samantha Geimer, has said previously she wants the case dismissed. 

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Bruno Brings Babymama To Paris Premiere

sacha baron cohen & isla fisher

Looks like even Sacha Baron Cohen has his limits. The comedian has maintained his flamboyantly gay persona at all times while promoting his new comedy, Bruno, but that didn’t stop Isla Fisher, Cohen’s fiancee and the mother of his daughter, Olive, from attending the film’s Paris premiere. It’s nice she’s supportive, but it kind of kills the illusion, doesn’t it? At least she didn’t bring the kid along.

Slightly less surprising guests at the event were Zach Galifianakis—still promoting The Hangover in Europe—and exiled director Roman Polanski, who we’re not used to seeing at screenings less classy than Cannes. Think he’ll show up when Year One comes to town?

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Polanski Rape Victim Angry At DA, Wants Case Dismissed

It’s been over thirty years since Samantha Geimer accused Roman Polanski of drugging and raping her. Now 45, she’s ironically become the director’s champion. LA prosecutors re-released grand jury testimony about the crimes in December and demanded that Polanski appear before the court—risking arrest—if he wants to have the case dismissed at an upcoming hearing. Geimer isn’t impressed. “[This is] a cruel joke being played on me…If Polanski cannot stand before the court to make this request, I, as the victim, can and I, as the victim do.”

My views as a victim, my feelings as a victim, or my desires as a victim were never considered or even inquired into by the district attorney prior to the filing. It is clear to me that because the district attorney’s office has been accused of wrongdoing, it has recited the lurid details of the case to distract attention from the wrongful conduct of the district attorney’s office as well as the judge who was then assigned to the case.

There has been no response from the district attorney, and the hearing is still scheduled for January 21st. Will Polanski appear and risk arrest, or stay in France and risk losing his best chance at having the case dismissed?

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