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Coal Or Candy Canes Tonight? Amanda Bynes, Justin Timberlake, More On Our Naughty And Nice Lists

Celebs who were naughty and nice this year

Celebrities — they’re just like us, right? By which we mean, our stars arrive as a mixed bag: We have our American sweethearts, the class clowns and, of course, the bad seeds. Even if it’s normal for a former Disney teenage star to flash her crotch in public these days, Santa does not approve. And yet other A-listers used their stardom in 2012 to rise above the fray, display their philanthropic ways, and prove there are menches in Hollywood. Their hard work does not go unnoticed, and we know those little elves (a.k.a., their agents) are stuffing some A-list gifts in their stockings. Because we all know that Justin Bieber really needs another hoodie. And maybe we need the Lindsay Lohans out there to make us appreciate the Matt Damons even more. Here we’ve broken down our list of our naughty n’ nice celebrities of 2012.


1. Chris Brown – I don’t even know where to begin with this one. Brown brawled with Drake in a club, rekindled a romance with the woman he abused and tattooed an image of a battered woman on his neck. Ah, Chris Brown. You never fail to prove you are the biggest douchebag there ever was. Not only will Santa be skipping your house this year, but I can assure you, Dancer, Prancer, and Rudolph will send you a stocking filled with their droppings.

2. Amanda Bynes – The former child star who rose to fame with All That and The Amanda Show is now giving audiences a different kind of Amanda show — one filled with hit and runs and DUIs. Santa may not think you’re all that this year, but hopefully you can take that as a sign to get it together for 2013. Put down the booze, get some help, and nab a supporting role in an indie comedy to reboot your career. Or, if you’re really retiring from acting, take a break from making headlines too. We’re rooting for you, Amanda.

3. Nicki Minaj – Nicki needs to learn to respect her elders … and the divas around town. She and Mariah Carey have been at it since auditions of American Idol this year, and we’re placing blame on the rap star who allegedly threatened to “shoot” Mariah in an argument. There’s no need for that kind of drama in the search for America’s next pop star, is there? Coal for you, Ms. Minaj.
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Kristen Stewart In, Rupert Sanders Out? The Latest Snow White And The Huntsman Sequel Rumor

Kristen Stewart is reportedly in the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, and director Rupert Sanders is out.

This falls in the realm of rumors we could just be hearing because the timing is right, not because anyone has any real intel: Radar is reporting that Kristen Stewart has signed on for the sequel of Snow White and the Huntsman. But director Rupert Sanders, her partner in that “indiscretion,” is out of the project, the site says, because he wants to save his marriage. That sounds wise of him.
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Kristen Stewart Says She’s “A Miserable C—,” We Prove Her Wrong With These 25 Smiley Photos

25 photos of Kristen Stewart smiling

Kristen Stewart has a lot to be on edge about these days. It can’t be easy to go headlong into the pit of Twi-Hards alongside her boyfriend Robert Pattinson after her infamous affair with Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders over the summer. But that’s no reason to get so down, K-Stew! Never one to be a Miss Rosy Sunshine even on the best of occasions, the 22-year-old actress took a particularly harsh view of herself in an upcoming interview with Marie Claire UK.

“I’m a miserable c—!” she said in the magazine’s November 2012 issue while speaking to Balenciaga’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere. “I’m not sure if I’m most happy when I’m comfortable and content or when I’m pushing myself to the limits. There are such different versions of happy. And I really appreciate both.” We guess it’s that discontent and desire to go further that makes her such an awesome actress. She even admits that she’d be lost without acting in her life. “I’d probably go back to school, read a lot and figure out what I should do,” she says if she had to quit the entertainment industry.

Although we love her trademark glare, Kristen can light up a red carpet by flashing her million-watt megastar smile. The “miserable” girl definitely doesn’t scowl all the time! Head down to the gallery below to see our 25 favorite pix of K-Stew grinning. Enjoy!

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Liberty Ross’ Career Could Take Off Following Rupert Sanders-Kristen Stewart Affair

Liberty Ross at Lawless premiere

This is not a story about blame or victimization or betrayal — this is about turning lemons into lemonade, Hollywood style. Radar reports that Rupert Sanders‘ wife, Liberty Ross, is reaping the benefits of her husband’s “indiscretion” with Kristen Stewart. And this is one rumor that totally makes sense to us. Previously, Ross was well known in European fashion circles as a model and occasional avant garde filmmaker — she’s done covers in major magazines and writes her own Vogue U.K. style blog — but her mainstream acting career was pretty under the radar. Until the day her husband and his Snow White and the Huntsman star were plastered all over the tabs, of course. Then everyone, VH1 Celebrity included, was Googling her name, discovering her small roles in SWATH and W.E., admiring her exotic look on her website, generally wondering who this 33-year-old mother of two really is. And, Radar claims, some of those searchers were casting directors.

“The scripts have been flooding in, and she has already received audition offers on the back of Rupert’s affair,” a source told the gossip site. “Liberty is delighted that she’s being finally recognized, she wants to pursue a career in the movies and is desperate to make more. She would of preferred if it had happened in a different way, but press is press.”

Whether or not that’s a credible source, it’s a credible statement. And after seeing Ross make an appearance at the Lawless premiere last week (pictured above) — she’s friends with singer Nick Cave, who co-wrote the screenplay — we can tell she’s ready to take advantage of the spotlight, whatever the reason it’s being pointed at her. Good luck, Liberty!

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Robert Pattinson’s Fly Was Down At TimesTalks, But He Stayed Zipped Up About Kristen Stewart

Psst. PSST! Hey. Hey Rob! Your fly’s down. Robert Pattinson has been making the rounds these past few days, going for a full media blitz in the wake of the Category 500 sh-tstorm surrounding his breakup with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. On the surface it’s merely to publicize his upcoming Cosmopolis film, but the romantic split is obviously on everyone’s mind. So far he’s hit up The Daily Show, GMA, and last night he attended TimesTalks alongside director David Cronenberg. With so many places to be and so many people to talk to, it’s no surprise that you get kind of fried and little things start to fall through the cracks. Like zipping your pants, for example.

But one thing he did stay zipped up about was the drama with Kristen. New York Times journalist David Carr broached the subject during the live interview, which was also broadcast online. Comparing Robsten to the English royal family, Carr asked “So if you and Kristen have trouble it’s like Charles and Di having trouble?” To be fair, Rob himself had brought up the subject of monarchy, blaming American’s addition to fame on its lack of a royal family. So Carr took the opportunity to swoop in with the K-Stew question, and reaction from the crowd was not kind. According to the Daily News, the room filled with boos and shouts of “Next question!” were heard. Rob seemed caught off guard and gave a lengthy pause before responding “Well, uh, Charles…No, I wouldn’t go that far.”

On the other side of the relationship ring, Kristen is apparently seething over her portrayal in the media. Sources tell TMZ that while the actress obviously feels intense guilt and remorse, she’s furious that Rupert Sanders isn’t facing anywhere near the scrutiny and criticism that she has dealt with in the past few weeks. With rumors of being kicked out of a Snow What And The Huntsman sequel, K-Stew is concerned about her reputation and feels that she’s being punished far to heavily for a mistake. Although she’s taken responsibility for her actions, friends say Kristen is angry that Rupert -who is 19-years older with a wife and children- isn’t being painted as a bigger villain. Friends like Jodie Foster have stepped up to show their support, but Kristen is reportedly (and rightfully) tired of taking the heat for a mistake that was caused by two people.

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Why We Want To See A Snow White Sequel Starring Kristen Stewart

This afternoon, Universal released an official statement about the future of the Snow White and the Huntsman franchise, which says: “We are extremely proud of Snow White and the Huntsman and we’re currently exploring all options to continue the franchise. Any reports that Kristen Stewart has been dropped are false.” This comes in reaction to last night’s Hollywood Reporter story which claimed that Kristen “will not be invited to return if the follow-up goes forward, and both Deadline and THR say that Universal is moving in a different direction with a new screenwriter. It is unclear if director Rupert Sanders will return for any of these possible projects.

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Kristen Stewart Rumored To Have Been Axed From Snow White Sequel, But Is There A Sequel At All?

Kristen Stewart Rumored To Be Dropped From Snow White Sequel

While we’re putting this in rumor territory, the buzz around is so strong, we have a feeling it’s probably true. Kristen Stewart‘s affair with director Rupert Sanders and subsequent, alleged, break-up with Robert Pattinson has had so much fallout already, that this development could be part of the afterburn. It is being said the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel is being canned by Universal and that a new film fashioned on the Huntsman’s story is being touted. Which means it’s all about Chris Hemsworth. The gossip mill is in overdrive saying that Kristen is not going to be involved at all in the spinoff, if its given the green light. Whether Sanders is going to be involved is as yet unclear. What we do know is that screenwriter David Koepp, is being bought out of his contract. By that we mean, he’s going bye-bye. Koepp had been hired to write the Snow White sequel, and the fact that a new writer is going to be hired instead of him, is quite a strong indication that a new storyline is being discussed. A Universal rep has even said, “The studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise.”

This story doesn’t seem to be unlikely. Snow White is where Stewart and Sanders met and obviously the space where their “affections” for each other grew. And the affair has been met with such universal censure that its natural that studios would get antsy. But is it fair? That’s a whole different argument altogether. We do agree that having Sanders and Stewart together on a project would be toxic. At the same time, we also have to take into consideration that Universal hasn’t exactly announced what they’re planning to do — and if there is going to be a sequel at all. “Exploring options” doesn’t translate into a film being made. So before anyone goes around saying Stewart’s being canned proper, we’re going to have to wait and see what sort of film Universal is going to go ahead with — if they’re going ahead at all — sequel or spinoff?

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Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Reconciliation Rumors Are In The Air: Should He Take Her Back?

Robert Pattinson considering reconciliation with Kristen Stewart

Here’s a rumor that’s sure to spark some serious debate, but we just wanted to pass it along. Robert Pattinson is reportedly considering a romantic reconciliation with Kristen Stewart. Rumors are surfacing that he is over his anger and seriously considering reuniting with his Twilight co-star and (ex?) girlfriend after she was caught cheating on him with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

“Rob was super angry for the first couple of weeks. Angry at Kristen for ruining what they had, angry at her for the public embarrassment, angry at Rupert,” a friend of Rob’s told Radar Online. “But he’s starting to wind down and really think about what he’s going to do regarding his relationship with Kristen. He goes back and forth.” As usual in times of heartbreak, RPattz has been going to his friends for solace and support. Water for Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon has let him stay in her Ojai vacation home to plan his next move/listen to “Everybody Hurts” on repeat.

Yet despite all of their help, his friends might be confusing him further by giving him contradicting advice about what to do regarding Kristen. “There’s definitely some friends who think he should just move on from Kristen,” the source continued. “But then there are others who still think Rob and Kristen really have a special connection and want him to give her another chance. He has a lot to think about and hasn’t decided either way right now.” A complicated situation indeed, and that’s without all of the stuff we don’t know about what their relationship was like in private. What do you think he should do? Let us know in the poll below. And hang in there, Rob!

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Rupert Sanders’ Wife Liberty Ross Meets With Divorce Lawyers … To Plan Reconciliation

Liberty Ross

We totally get why Liberty Ross, the fourth party in the whole horrible Rupert Sanders-Kristen Stewart affair, is sending mixed messages about her relationship status with her director husband. The actress/model been walking around L.A. without her wedding ring, indicating she is none to happy with Rupert’s dalliances. But on Tuesday, they both were photographed outside an office building where they purportedly were getting couples therapy. And then yesterday, Liberty was snapped outside a different office building that is the workplace of several divorce lawyers. TMZ has sources that say she wasn’t there to plan a permanent split, however. Rather, she wants to reconcile with the father of her two young children.

So, somehow, a lawyer is going to help assure her that Sanders won’t cheat again? We’re very unsure of how that legal process works. Then again, it could be all about striking fear and remorse into his unfaithful heart. This woman, a successful model and fashion icon across the pond, moved to L.A. to support her husband’s fledgling career. At the very least, she deserves to get in writing that he’s not going anywhere near the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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KStew And Rupert Sanders’ Red Carpet GIF Offers Insight Into Their Affair Except No It Doesn’t

Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Snow White Gif Sparks Rumors

Look at the way Kristen Stewart kind of lifts her hand! Look at the way Rupert Sanders takes a step toward her! Clearly there must have been something tawdy going on between these two at Snow White and the Huntsman premiere May 14, what with all the raw sexual energy coursing through this red carpet gif posted by Gawker. Or not. Yeah, almost certainly not.

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