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True Blood‘s Rutina Wesley Says Death Camp Storyline Is ‘Important’

A couple of days before the True Blood Comic-Con panel, where we were treated to the above confusing end-of-season trailer, VH1 spoke to the very lovely, un-Tara-like Rutina Wesley. She revealed what she could about that big death everyone’s been talking about, plus what it’s like to be a dark-skinned black actress in the middle of a storyline that looks a lot like genocide.

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True Blood‘s Rutina Wesley Geeks Out Over Jem And The Holograms

Tara and Pam True Blood

Rutina Wesley is making her way to San Diego Comic Con on Saturday for the always massively popular True Blood panel. We’re putting on our comfiest shoes already, just to stand in line. While we wait for her — and for the next installment of True Blood: Death Camp Edition — VH1 got on the phone with her and asked what she would stand in line all day for.

“I used to love Jem and the Holograms,” she said. “I think if they were doing a concert, I would stand in line to see Jem and the Holograms.” And of course, she does an excellent version of the ’80s cartoon’s theme song.

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Pam And Tara: True Blood’s Cutest Couple? Discuss!

Last season on True Blood, we saw the beginnings of a crazy but hot — and strangely cute — pairing between Pam and her new vampire “daughter” Tara. (OK, when you use those incestuous terms, it’s a little less hot, but you know what we mean.) When VH1 News hit the red carpet for the premiere of season six, we asked the stars — and author Charlaine Harris — what they thought of the chemistry between the angry lady fangers, played by Kristin Bauer van Straten and Rutina Wesley.

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VH1 Hits Comic-Con: A GIF-Happy Recap Of Our 11 Favorite Moments

As our Comic-Con coverage wraps up and our intrepid reporters/fangirls Kate Spencer and Sabrina Rojas Weiss take a much-deserved nap, we’d like to take a minute to recap our very favorite interviews and press conferences via easily-consumable and definitely-hypotizing GIFs. From Aaron Paul‘s teeth, to Kristen Stewart digging a hole for herself, to our one and only Khaleesi, the star-filled convention was chock full of hilarious and heartthrobbing moments.

11. Rob Zombie & Kristen Stewart: BFFs (Well, Kind Of)

Leave it to Professional KStew Fangirl Kate to get Rob Zombie to chat about his pal Kristen Stewart.

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True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard, Rutina Wesley Geek Out Over Supernatural Powers At Comic-Con

So, yeah, the True Blood panel at San Diego Comic-Con was plenty sexy, what with the stripper moves and the talk of Eric and Bill spooning in a trunk all weekend. But when the cast got to the Warner Bros. booth on the conference center floor, they were appropriately in real geek mode. These guys and girls really enjoy a good chat about their characters supernatural abilities. Maybe they were in the mood because of the new baby vampire on the scene, Rutina Wesley’s Tara Thornton. Rutina’s clearly enjoying her fangs more than her character, but she thinks Tara will come around soon.

“Hopefully, Tara will be able to accept who she is and learn to love being a vampire,” she told VH1. “That struggle of her being a human versus being a vampire is going to be interesting to see her deal with this season, but I think she’ll eventually come around.”

But if she had her choice, would Wesley want to be a vamp or one of the other species in Charlaine Harris’ world? “I’ve always said that I’d like to be a shifter, because you’d be able to shift into random stuff,” she said. “Like, someone’s having a conversation and you’d be like, ‘I want to know what they’re talking about –– I’m going to be a fly on the wall.’ ”

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True Blood Remembers Its Horror Roots: The 8 Scariest Moments From “Let’s Boot And Rally”

Jesus' severed head on True Blood

Don’t get us wrong, we love the sex and twisted humor of True Blood. But every once in a while, the show gets so wrapped up in the task of squeezing 15 quirky plots and 50 blindingly beautiful actors into an hour of TV, it forgets another essential element of a show about vampires and other supernatural beings living in a swampy, remote town: the scary bits. To make up for it, apparently, Alan Ball and Co. made last night’s episode, with the deceptively innocuous title “Let’s Boot and Rally,” a full-on horror extravaganza. Here I’ll list the scariest bits, and at the end you can vote for the scene that kept you up all night.

1. Jesus’ head has a message. Poor Lafayette can’t catch a break. In answer to his prayers for help from the boyfriend he murdered, both Lafayette and his crazy mom are visited by the Dia de los Muertos version of Jesus (pictured above).

Rat bodies

2. Rats eat Russell Edgington’s leftovers in the spooky abandoned mental hospital. Love how Sookie fully acknowledges that they’re about to enact the oldest horror-movie scene in the book, but still, we were wimpering right along with Alcide’s employee Doug. Everyone else was just too jaded by life in Bon Temps to flinch.
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Spike Scream Awards: 11 Ladies That Left Us Hoarse


Spike’s Scream Awards taped on Saturday night (airs tomorrow at 9PM EST) and the show brought out Hollywood’s sexiest women, along with their legs, cleav, and to-die-for designer gowns. Blake Lively flaunted her legs-for-days in Lanvin, Halle Berry proved once again she only gets better with age and our beloved Kristen Stewart (photos) rocked her twiggy stems in a Guishem dress and Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

Join us as we count down our top 11 best dressed, scream-inducing beauties.

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Emmy Awards 2010: A Baker’s Dozen Of Fashion Disasters


Many of our choices for Worst Dressed at tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards will make us unpopular. Alas, a lovely personality does not always lend itself to the wisest red carpet styling.

Some of the evening’s most hideous frocks were draped on the stars we’d most like to grab coffee with – we’re looking at you Betty White, Christina Hendricks, and Mindy Kaling. While fashion risks were refreshing in a sea of mostly black, white, and navy gowns, January Jones and Anna Paquin looked more silly than chic. Here are tonight’s 13 worst offenses.

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Did we miss any fashion flubs? Let us know in the comments.

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Red Carpet Rundown: Julie Benz Crushes On RPattz, Dave Navarro Sleeps In Coffins

TheFABlife and VH1 News hit up The Scream Awards to chat with celebs about America’s obsession with vampires, their picks for sexiest bloodsucker, and their plans for Halloween, Hollywood style. Of course a trip to the red carpet wouldn’t be complete without a chat with guitarist Dave Navarro, who revealed he owns 4 – yes, 4 – coffins that he sleeps in at home. Viva Hollywood weirdness!