by (@hallekiefer)

Are Demi Lovato And Ryan Phillippe Really Dating?

Girrrrrrrrrl! Looks like someone is saying  “Wilmer Valderrama who?” Well, her and everyone else in America. According to E!, rumors are circulating that Demi Lovato and Ryan Phillippe are dating, and have been for several months. Recently the relationship has cooled off some, in large part due to the birth of Phillippe’s baby with ex Alexis Knapp two weeks ago. “It was really hot and heavy for a while,” a source claim. The same person also alleged that Lovato wasn’t completely certain of Phillippe’s impending fatherhood “until it basically happened. It kind of threw her for a loop.” Yeah, maybe we’re old-fashioned, but that sounds like more of a third date confession to us.

Despite hints of a new relationship, a different source informed Celebuzz that Ryan Phillippe is “totally single” and that rumors of their budding love are “not true.” Let’s hope Demi feels the same way or else she’s probably going to be “totally enraged.”