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Well, This Is Awkward: Britney Spears’ Lawyers Blame Meltdown On Justin Timberlake Breakup

Britney Spears Lawyers Blame Justin Timberlake For Downward Spiral Wow, this news could not have been more poorly timed: TMZ is reporting that Britney Spears’ lawyers have blamed her breakup with Justin Timberlake, rather than drugs, for sending Spears on her downward spiral several years ago. On one hand, a bad break-up is definitely less depressing than amphetamines, the drug Brit’s former manager Sam Lutfi claimed caused her to go into crisis. On the other hand…Justin just got married to Jessica Biel a matter of hours ago. Spears’ lawyers couldn’t have called for a short recess until Monday, when the world wouldn’t be wondering about Jessica’s bridesmaids’ dresses or if Justin sang her a song at the reception, which you totally know he did?

According to her attorneys, Spears was a “ray of light” prior to the breakup, only to become “angered and depressed” after she and Justin parted ways. All of which is information we would be humiliated to hear spoken aloud in public, let alone in front of a judge. We hope Britney leaves court and immediately goes home to her new mansion, well-paying job, hot fiance and adorable kids. She needs to remind herself that, no matter how embarrassing it might be to have the inner workings of her most intimate relationships be exposed in court, she’s still Britney, bitch.

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Sam Lutfi, Britney’s Shady Former “Manager,” Thought To Be LiLo’s Stalker

Just when you thought Michael Lohan was trying to repair his relationship with daughter and make things right, there comes a report that he is actually aiding Lindsay Lohan‘s rehab stalker. And that stalker? Yeah, Lindsay’s people believe it’s the same guy Britney Spears ended up filing a restraining order against, Sam Lutfi. Creepy!

As we reported yesterday, Lindsay has been receiving anonymous threatening phone calls and texts with warnings for Lindsay to stay away from her mother Dina. The calls came from someone calling himself “Mike from TMZ,” but when the number was traced, it led back to the phone number used by Lutfi. And if that wasn’t suspicious enough, Michael Lohan has actually been in touch recently with Lutfi, which makes the timing and content of the calls even more suspect. While Lutfi denies having anything to do with the threats, they are being taken seriously and Lindsay has been moved to a more secure location. Just what she needs though, right? This girl can’t catch a break.