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Christopher Walken Reads Honey Boo Boo Script; Honey Boo Boo Achieves Total Cultural Dominance

“Not all that vajiggle jaggle.” And with that Christopher Walken becomes the last part of American culture to be taken over by Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The Seven Psychopaths actor joins Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell for an in-character reading for the show’s dialogue for Screen Junkies. “These are words,” Walken states. It’s not a question. Of course it’s not. He’d have to be a fool to be completely unfamiliar with Alana and her family, considering how all pervasive they are now. They’ve pretty much invaded every aspect of entertainment, like…

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Justin Long Leaves His Premiere…For Drew’s Afterparty

Meg Ryan, Justin Long & Drew Barrymore

Justin Long and Drew Barrymore had dueling premieres in NY last night, with the Mac pitchman appearing alongside Meg Ryan to promote Serious Moonlight while Drew shimmered on the red carpet for Everybody’s Fine. But once the movies were over, Long scooted off to join his girlfriend at an afterparty for her film at Tavern On The Green…leaving Ryan and Moonlight director Cheryl Hines to party without him at Rouge Tomate. Support your girlfriend, or support your co-stars? Must have been a tough call for a chivalrous guy like Justin. See shots from both premieres in the gallery below.

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