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Please Don’t Call It A Comeback: ’80s Retreads That Sucked

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Remember when the bulk of movies were based on totally fresh, original concepts? Not so anymore, kids. In the past ten years, there’s been a full-on onslaught of ’80s remakes. From The Smurfs to RoboCop, moviemakers have stopped taking chances with interesting movies, in favor of mining hits from the past. We understand why, of course. What better way to get Generation X parents to take their kids to movies, than to lure them with childhood nostalgia?

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Now In News We Didn’t See Coming: Sam Worthington Pepper Sprayed, Arrested For Alleged Fight

Sam Worthington Arrested For Fighting

E tu, Sam Worthington? Best known for the luxurious mullet he sported in Wrath of the Titans and the luxurious robot innards he sported in Terminator Salvation (Spoiler alert! It came out in 2009!), Sam Worthington seemed like any other mild-manned Jeremy Renner clone working in Hollywood. Until today. More specifically, until we heard about him being pepper sprayed and arrested outside an Atlanta restaurant this past Saturday. Uh…huh. In a story as confusing as that time Matthew Fox allegedly punched a female bus driver, Avatar star Worthington was allegedly making his way into Atlanta eatery Vortex when he was stopped by restaurant staff for not having an I.D. An allegedly intoxicated Worthington became “disorderly” with the doorman, which of course ended with him handcuffed and pepper-sprayed. Not by the police, of course, but by security. Uh…huh.

Apparently the Man on a Ledge star is in Georgia shooting the action film Ten along side Arnold Schwarzenegger, which at least explains the goatee in his mugshot. Everything else, though…we just don’t know. According to TMZ, Worthington has already had the disorderly conduct charges against him dismissed because “the complaining witness was a no-show in court.” This whole story makes us incredibly uneasy. Not Mel-Gibson-calls-a-cop-“sugar t—“ uneasy, but in the same ballpark.

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Separated At Birth: Perseus From Wrath Of The Titans And Kenny Powers

One of the first things we did this morning was watch the new trailer for Wrath Of The Titans. You see, the Clash Of The Titans reboot starring Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson that came out a few years ago has been on HBO a lot lately, and we’ve found ourselves sitting on the couch more than a few times lately when it’s been on and having a harder time than you’d expect flipping to another station. So, when we saw the trailer for the sequel this morning, the first thing we thought was, “Whoa, Sam Worthington has curly hair … who knew?” Then, the second thing we thought was, “Whoa, Perseus is looking awfully similar to Kenny Powers these days!” Just us?

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The Official Trailer For Wrath Of The Titans Is Here

This one’s for all of you who enjoyed Sam Worthington‘s glowering turn as Perseus in Clash Of The Titans last year. The official trailer for the sequel — Wrath Of The Titans — is out and is scheduled to hit cinemas next year. All the usual suspects are in: Worthington, Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson, who now wants Perseus’ help ’cause dem Titans (who they believe to be “imprisoned forever”) are breaking free and they’re pissed! The eye candy in the movie is courtesy Rosamund Pike. As for Worthington, he’s still glowering but has longer, curlier hair which takes the edge off. Besides, the action and effects in this one look pretty insane. We’d put this in the ‘must watch’ pile.

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Demi Lovato To Keanu Reeves: 10 Headbangin’ Celebs On National Metal Day

In case you didn’t realize, VH1 Classic has declared today, 11/11/11, National Metal Day. We’re sure we’re not the only ones to blast Mastodon in our headphones while everyone assumes we’re typing away to the sweet sounds of Britney Spears. Not every metalhead wears leather pants, T-shirts and a scowl, right? Over the years, several surprising celebs have come out of the closet as fans of the hard stuff — and not just when those Iron Maiden shirts were really popular at Hot Topic.

Years ago, MTV discovered that Demi Lovato was a serious fan of black metallers Dimmu Borgir among other groups we’re sure never appeared on Radio Disney. Kat Dennings likes to tweet about knitting while listening to metal. This 10-minute video of a tipsy Kelly Clarkson rocking out onstage at a Metal Skool show in 2006 is truly endearing. And only one celeb has actually toured with Ozzfest — Ms. Jada Pinkett Smith. Check out the other headbanging A-listers in the gallery!

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Also, head over to VH1 Tuner to see pics of metal gods being very unmetal and read Top 20 Countdown host Jim Shearer’s account of his Big 4 Metal Moments.
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The Top 30 Hottest Aussie Exports

TheFABlife could think of no more appropriate and enjoyable way to celebrate Australia Day than to celebrate the sexiest actors, musicians and models from Down Under. From Miranda Kerr‘s enviable bikini bod to Elle Macpherson‘s eternal youth to Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman‘s abs — Australia’s got a lot to offer. So throw another shrimp on the barbie (too easy?), sit back and salivate over the Top 30 Hottest Aussie exports. [Photos: Splash News Online, Getty Images]

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Sam Worthington Is A Single Man

We’re not terrible people, so that tiny part of us that’s happy that Sam Worthington is single again? We’re squashing it out as we type. This news also comes as a bit of a surprise to us because he seemed really tight with his girlfriend of three years, Natalie Mark. He even once said that Mark, “keeps me in line”. But a source close to the Avatar actor reveal that the split was a long time coming, saying, “It’s been on the cards for a while, I believe.”

The Daily Telegraph reports that Worthington was definitely not acting like himself at a recent public event. On the G’day red carpet, he got belligerent when event organizers requested him to make an entrance instead of slipping in from the side. He reportedly starting swearing and even hit a photo wall. Easy now, Sam! We know break ups are hard!

His behavior inside was much of the same, making a reckless bid of $50,000 for a four night-stay at an island resort. Well, the auction was a for a good cause—The Queensland Flood Relief—so at least he’s channeling his pain into doing something that’ll increase his positive karma! He probably erased all of it by parting all night at The Chateau Marmont right after, though. Call us, Sam. We’ll make you feel better!

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Clash Of The Titans Premiere: Release The Pratt!

Alexa Davolos, Sam Worthington, Stephanie Pratt

For a movie hoping to follow Avatar and Alice In Wonderland into the impressive crop of 2010 3-D blockbusters, Clash Of The Titans couldn’t muster much support from Hollywood’s elite. We get why Lisa Rinna scored a ticket to the LA premiere—husband Harry Hamlin starred in the ’80s version—but Alyssa Milano? Stephanie Pratt? Antonio Sabato, Jr.? The Used? Whoever was in charge of the guest list might have been better off letting hot rising stars Sam Worthington and Alexa Davalos hype the movie without those red carpet revelers—judging from the ads, the film will provide more than enough mythological beasts of yore. See the parade in the gallery below.

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Sam Worthington Mobbed By Least Sexy Fans Ever

Sam Worthington

Congratulations, Sam Worthington! The Australian actor’s roles in 3-D action blockbusters Avatar and Clash Of The Titans have earned him such a rabid fan base he needed a police escort to get out of LAX! Unfortunately, rather than screaming teenage girls or even horny housewives, Sam was harassed by a squadron of schlubby autograph collectors bearing portraits of blue-skinned Na’vis. And, boy, did Sam ever look excited to see them! Better do a rom-com fast, Sammy—or at least start taking some shirtless Statham-esque non-CGI roles—unless you want nothing but convention halls full of doughy furry fans in your future.

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