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First RiRi And Chris Brown, Now Lindsay Dishes On Sam Ronson…Why Can’t We Leave 2009 Behind?

Lindsay Lohan Dishes About Ex Sam Ronson

It’s like we’re stuck in a pop culture time warp! First we are forced to visually revisit The Rihanna/Chris Brown Situation, which everyone and their mother (except for maybe Mom Breezy) wished had ended three years ago, and now this. In a new interview with Us Weekly, Lindsay Lohan spills the beans on her relationship with DJ Sam Ronson…which ended in 2009. What? Well, of course we’re still going to read the interview. We’re not that morally upstanding. “I was bold enough to say, ‘Yeah, I like a girl. And?,'” Lindsay explains to the magazine. “That put her in a situation where she was being attacked every day. That’s not fair. And what am I left with? Heartbreak.” Adds Lohan, “That was three years ago. It was my last serious relationship.” Wow, so this was Lindsay’s next P.R. move after the premiere of Liz & Dick? We know nostalgia is huge right now, but this is a tad ridiculous.

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Nicole Richie, Ashlee Simpson and Sam Ronson Have A Bikini Party In Mexico

It looks like Nicole Richie had herself a late birthday party, and this one was bikini themed! The socialite spent this weekend south of the border in Los Cabos, Mexico, where some famous friends joined her poolside. Ashlee Simpson showed up in a tiny-weeny black polka-dot bikini (had to), while Sam Ronson went with a more pink and blue tie-dye style. Ashlee’s sister Jessica Simpson also attended, but she apparently didn’t get the memo and forgot her two-piece. *Sigh* We’ll let it slide this time, Jessica. But do it again and you’re off the guest list. Check out more in the gallery below!

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Sam Ronson Charged With DUI

If there’s anything this woman loves more than sporting a crisp fedora or dropping those club beats, it’s (allegedly) drinking and driving. TMZ reports that Samantha Ronson was charged with a DUI earlier today. LiLo‘s ex got slapped with two misdemeanor charges following her arrest last week, after being pulled over while returning to L.A. from a DJ gig in Las Vegas. Let’s just say if a passenger openly refuses to take a Breathalyzer test, it’s rarely a good sign. If convicted, Ronson would fact up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Or, if she get a Lohan special, 6 months of lying by the pool while making baffling internet ads.

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Samantha Ronson Arrested For DUI

And here we go again. Our  monthly quota of celebrities getting busted for drinking and driving — because it really is someone every month — peaked super early this time! The first of the month has to be some sort of record, right? This time around, it’s Samantha Ronson who was arrested on DUI charges at around 10.30 in the morning yesterday in Baker, California. She was was driving back from Vegas where she had played at Lavo nightclub on Sunday night. Ms. DJ was pulled over by the cops for speeding but then did the extremely stupid thing of refusing to submit to a breathalyzer. Samantha was then booked and taken to Barstow jail and released just before 5.30 pm. The end. Oh wait, dude, driving from Vegas while drunk? That’s an especially brilliant move. Not.


Samantha Ronson Bruised After Bicycle Accident

If anyone needed any more convincing that bicycle safety is serious business, look to this photo of a bruised Samantha Ronson as proof. The DJ posted the pic to her Twitter yesterday (with the  caption reading “Wear a helmet, kids!”) after being involved in an accident late Saturday night after a gig where she swerved her bike to avoid hitting a car and ended up hitting the pavement withing nothing but her face to break the fall.

Ronson, despite two black eyes and multiple stitches, sounds like she’s in good spirits, posting regular Twitter updates like “Eating with a straw, feeling like @kanyewest, minus the wire. I’d post a pic, but I don’t want to scare you” and “i look remarkably like the elephant man.” She also writes that she’s not deterred from cycling in L.A. despite being banged up, saying “gonna ride my bike til i crack my dome.” Hopefully Ronson is up and around soon!

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Lindsay Lohan Enjoys Lakers Game, Dinner With Sam Ronson

Lindsay Lohan

Potential battery charges aside, Lindsay Lohan‘s post-rehab drama appears to be dying down. The biggest breakthrough:  Samantha Ronson has not only forgiven Lindsay for moving in next door, but got dinner with her ex-girlfriend Saturday night. Guess Lindsay won’t have to build that fence after all! Another Brit getting meals with Lindsay is Inception star Tom Hardy, who’s allegedly serving as an unofficial sober coach for LiLo.

If that wasn’t enough excitement, Lindsay joined business partner/jeweler Pascal Mouawad courtside at last night’s Lakers-Knicks game. Though her Knicks hat certainly risked negative attention from the Staples Center crowd, it seems to have paid off careerwise—how else would Lindsay have scored a meeting with Spike Lee?

See photos of Lindsay and Spike bonding in the gallery below.

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Lindsay Lohan Says She’ll Build A Fence Between Her And Sam

This would be a great plot for a wacky romantic comedy, but as a post-rehab game plan? Not so hot. Lindsay Lohan is reportedly telling friends that she’ll gladly build a fence between ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson‘s Venice, CA home and the one she bought oh-so-coincidentally next door. “It will give both of them some space and privacy,” says Radar‘s source, “and it will ensure neither of them can see or spy on each other!” Um, couldn’t Lindsay just move out?

This fence idea would be ludicrous even if we hadn’t seen photos of the adjacent homes, but come on. There’s already plenty of greenery between the multi-floor apartments—is Lindsay really going to put a multi-story Great Wall of Rohan up to keep herself flashing Sam American Beauty style? And what about the rooftop patios? One bad night and we could totally imagine Lindsay trying to leap over. Then again, with Lindsay already getting a parking ticket since her New Years’ bolt from rehab, LiLo may wind up surrounded by fences either way.

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Lindsay Lohan Says She’ll Move If Sam Wants Her To

Lindsay Lohan

While Freaky Friday mom Jamie Lee Curtis was happy to hug Lindsay Lohan when the pair ran into each other at the Four Seasons yesterday, LiLo’s new neighbor (and old ex) Samantha Ronson has voiced her displeasure with what Lindsay’s claiming is a total coincidence. According to TMZ, Lindsay’s telling friends she had “no idea” she was moving next door to Sam (hey, Venice, California only has about 40,000 people in it!), but will quickly bolt if it means less drama.  Hey, maybe that’s why she was at the Four Seasons.

Can’t blame the girl for avoiding more static, as the fight between her lawyers and the Palm Desert police is crazy enough. The po-po’s are accusing Lindsay of numerous parole violations, and not just ones related to her battle with Betty Ford Clinic worker Dawn Holland. Since the Clinic, Holland and Lohan have all put scuffle put behind them, the star’s attorneys are accusing the Palm Desert authorities of having it in her. Is Lindsay being railroaded back to prison, or will the cops just wait until she gives them another reason to throw her in?

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Maybe Not The Best Idea We’ve Heard: Lindsay Lohan Moves Next Door To Sam Ronson


Yesterday, when news of Lindsay Lohan‘s release from rehab was confirmed, we joked that her first order of business would be drunk-Tweeting Samantha Ronson. Well, what was supposed to be a joke is actually just a drop in the dysfunctional, star-crossed lover bucket: LiLo has moved in right next door to Ronson.

TMZ has photos of the Venice, CA building Ronson lives in, which is directly next door to the one where Lindsay just set up house. Meanwhile, a source tells Us Magazine that Sam “was shaking her head and looking disgusted” during the move-in. “She kept saying, ‘I didn’t plan it this way.'” We can imagine—Lindsay is especially fragile right now, and there’s no relationship more delicate than that of exes. Generally speaking, it’s best to let time heal old wounds, especially if they include accusations of cheating, public Twitter fights, and even physical violence. It seems like the perfect storm of destruction, doesn’t it?

Take a look back at the (formerly?) estranged couple in the gallery below.

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The Jailhouse Glamour Of Lindsay Lohan


In the future, we are just going to tell time by how frequently Lindsay Lohan’s new mugshot is released. Though it seems like an eternity, it was actually only three Lohan-years-ago when Lindsay’s first jail pic dropped. In memorial we wanted to take a moment and pay homage to the timeless fashion choices Lohan has made in her pretty prison photos:

Summer 2007: An earthy, sun-kissed look, perfect for drunkenly careening through a parking lot as you chase your assistant through the night, or run over a man’s foot. Your mouth will stay gaping open forever once you see Lindsay’s clean, classic look, and the impressive amount of cocaine she’s managed to spill on it.

Fall 2007: What goes with a SCRAM bracelet? Everything. Some might say orange and yellow clash, but tell that to Lindsay’s face and hair. Sam Ronson was one lucky lady, when she wasn’t fending off slap fights. Lindsay may have stayed in jail for only 84 minutes after voluntarily turning herself in for two DUI charges, but hers is a look that will linger in fashion history forever.

Summer 2010: Devil may care! Because Lindsay certainly doesn’t, at least not about her career or professional reputation. Tanner, thinner, and starting her 90-day jail sentence, Lohan works that jumpsuit like she’s on a runway, probably because she’s so high she thinks she’s on a runway. Lindsay’s nails may have said “F*** U” to the judge, but her eyes say, “I’m going to start throwing drinks any minute, just to get your attention.”

Fall 2010: Lindsay Lohan’s most recent mugshot, or as we like to call them, jail-entines, proves Lindsay is once, twice, three times a lady made out of collagen. Lohan is always making bold choices, whether it’s a baby pink lip, a statement eye, or so much plastic surgery and weight-loss that her face looks like it belongs to a completely different person. Lohan also appears to have aged backwards over the course of her mug shots. Are Benjamin Button people the latest fashion trend? We’ll just have to wait for Lindsay’s next drug test to find out. Happy New Lohan Year!