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Scout Willis Maintains Her Bad Girl Steez With Underaged Drinking Arrest, Using A Fake ID

Scout Willis Arrested For Underaged Drinking

Who would have guessed Scout Willis would end up being the bad one? We had all our money on Rumer! According to TMZ, Bruce and Demi‘s daughter was busted with a beer in NYC’s Union Square last night. When cops stopped her to discuss the whole “drinking in public thing,” Scout produced an ID with the name Katherine Kelly. It’s more than possible that the officers noticed this “Katherine Kelly” bore a striking resemblance to the stars of both The Sixth Sense and Margin Call; either way, they kept questioning her until she admitted, “My name is Scout Willis. The first ID isn’t mine. My friend gave it to me. I don’t know Katherine Kelly.” Scout then graffitied the side of their police cruiser and hurled litter into the park, because she’s a rebel, baby! Okay, that never actually happened, but we’ll bet she wanted to! Scout Willis is hardcore!

Of course this isn’t the first time the girl has stirred up controversy; that dirty fake Twitter account and pantsless photo shoot guarantee that it’s been good and stirred. Scout was eventually brought in on criminal impersonation and open container charges, and was loosed without bail early Tuesday morning. You’ve already done nudity and drinking, Scout, so…maybe illegal gambling next? Underground fight club? Running an unlicensed driving school? Like you need suggestions from us. Just go be your bad girl self and it’ll all come naturally!

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Bruce Willis Adds To His Collection Of Awesomely Named Daughters

Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming Willis welcomed their first child on Sunday, according to ETOnline. Mabel Rae Willis weighed in at 9 lbs, 1 oz. And yes, that means the macho 57-year-old actor (a.k.a. Meanest Emo Bitch) now has four daughters. All with pretty awesome names. Actress Rumer, model/student/style blogger Scout and 18-year-old Tallulah, Bruce’s girls with Demi Moore, were practically the trend-setters of the unusual celebrity baby name game, so it’s interesting to learn that he and Emma, who’ve been married for three years, went with our other favorite trend: names from our grandparents’ generation. Congrats to all of the Willis family!

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Scout Willis Tweeted About Sex, Drugs For A School Project

Mock her poetic fashion musings and pantsless motorcycle riding all you want, but Scout Willis is cleverer than you ever suspected. uncovered the 20-year-old as the author of the Twitter account @BougPunk, which chronicled the life of your typical wild Ivy Leaguer — risque but not that shocking for those of us who, you know, went to college?

“Casually took MDMA at this little bar downtown and got fingered by the hot dude who delivered our munches because I was with too many gays,” read one tweet. And another: Read more…

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Scout Willis Poses Sans Pants In The Name Of Fashion

Bruce Willis is strapping on his chest holster as we speak. And Demi? She’s still got that lean muscle mass from G.I. Jane. We assume they’re both currently running Terminator 2 style to the headquarters of fashion site StyleLikeU, now that Scout Willis has posed pantsless for a new artsy-fartsy video. Emphasis on the fartsy.

In case baring her butt wasn’t enough scandal to besmirch the Moore-Willis family name, Scout also penned the text accompanying the black-and-white film. “As I slammed the door to the way of life I had become conditioned to after twenty years of inundation and repression in the form of my childhood home I let out the most primal of screams,” she writes on the StyleLikeU site. “And with this scream the most sudden release of the maddening mantras of an upbringing I had yet to face the horrors of.” Ah, but could those horrors possibly be worse than spending Christmas with your family after the entire world has seen your naked bottom? Could it?

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Bruce Willis Is Going To Be An Old Dad!

Is there anything better than an old dad? Always falling asleep on the couch in front of Two And A Half Men so you can sneak out at a reasonable hour? Easily convinced that you need an iPad for school because he doesn’t actually know what they are? Looks like Bruce Willis‘ baby with wife Emma Heming will reap the benefits that half-siblings Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Belle never got when they were kids … 20 years ago. Considering that Bruce is currently 56, and new baby Willis will be at least 17 years younger than her next oldest sibling, he or she has a whole new world of hard candies and house slippers to explore! Maybe this is a sign that now is the perfect time for Bruce to segueing over into kids movies. Dad Hard: Live Free or Dad Hard? Dad Hard: A Good Day To Dad Hard? You roll your eyes now, but it’s going to be adorable.

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Watch An Adorable Video Of Ashton Kutcher Singing With Stepdaughter Scout

We tend to be hard on Ashton Kutcher sometimes because we aren’t really huge fans of his acting, and Punk’d started to really wear us down after a while, but lately the guy’s been growing on us. The fact is, Kutcher seems like a pretty good guy and as weird as his relationship with Demi Moore once seemed, they seem about as solid as a couple can be in Hollywood and he clearly has a good relationship with her daughters. For proof, just check out this video that Kutcher recorded with Scout Willis a couple days ago. The pair sing a song they wrote together called “My Sober” about a special someone in their life. (A special someone called coffee, dur.) Why aren’t Ashton and Demi pimping out Scout the way the Smith family is pimping out Jaden and Willow? This girl can sing.