by (@JordanRuntagh)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Handsomeness On A Stick At 50/50 Premiere

Damn, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We knew you back when you were just the kid from Angels In The Outfield, and we weren’t impressed with you or your doubled-barreled last name. Then you morphed into that awkward teen on Third Rock From The Sun, and we laughed at your pony tail. More recently you shifted into geeky girl-getter in 500 Days Of Summer, and we hated you for reminding us of every failed romance we’ve ever had. But now at New York’s 50/50 premiere last night, you’ve somehow entered into the Don Draper Den of Ridiculously Handsome Dudes. We never saw it coming. Well done, sir. Although co-stars Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick didn’t look too bad themselves. Check out more in the gallery below!

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