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Say Goodbye To House M.D. With A Look At His 30 Most Surprising Patients (And Associates!)

House M.D. finale airs tonightIt’s a very sad day for television as House M.D. ends its record busting run after an incredible (and sometimes incredibly gross) 8 seasons. We’ve loved this medical rethinking of Sherlock Holmes more than Dr. House loves his Vicodin, but fans everywhere know how it has to end: House must develop lupus. (Just kidding, it’s never lupus!) Although we could (and did) watch the show at any hour of any day, it’s especially good sick-day viewing. No¬† matter how bad you felt, you were always comforted by the fact that at least you weren’t bleeding out of your eyeballs or whatever horrible affliction was affecting House’s patient.

Aside from Hugh Laurie’s genius performance as the equally genius doctor, the show was bolstered by the fact that you never knew who was going to be wheeled through the ER door at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Every episode brought the potential for an inspired cameo, and the series had many over its 177 episodes. So to say goodbye to the magnificent drama, we’ve assembled a list of the 30 most surprising guest stars to ever appear on House M.D. Join us in saluting the great Mr. Laurie as he hangs up his cane for the very last time and goes to the great detox in the sky.

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Gossip Girl Stars Swarm To Stepfather Premiere

matthew settle, amber heard, penn badgley and blake lively

Penn Badgley must be one popular guy on the Gossip Girl set, considering how many co-stars came to the premiere of his new film, The Stepfather. In attendance were his TV dad, TV sister, TV half-brother (who finally revealed his true identity to Rufus and Lily last night!), TV ex-lover/stepsister, TV stepbrother, TV best female friend, TV best male friend and Chuck Bass (does Ed Westwick sharpen his cheekbones before going out?). Kelly Rutherford aside (who was probably busy filing papers against her ex-husband or something), the only major absence from the regular cast was Leighton Meester. Hmmm, are we allowed to assume she and Penn hate each other now? Is that fair? Yes, no, maybe?

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