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Shailene Woodley’s 20 Most Kick-Ass Looks

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Shailene Woodley reprises her Divergent role as Tris Prior in the franchise’s second installment Insurgent. It’s a pretty rough-and-tumble part, but Woodley doesn’t need the film’s action scenes to flaunt her sheer badassery. Just check out her red carpet looks. Read more…

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The Breakout Stars of 2014

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When we look back on 2014, it will be known as the year Chris Pratt reintroduced himself as a bona fide movie star (who can rap) and Idina Menzel proved you don’t have to know her name to know she can sing. Read more…

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Forget the Movies, Which YA Hero Could Actually Save the World?


They’ve started revolutions, fought unearthly beasts, and have been players in some pretty messed up games. From Maze Runner to The Hunger Games and Divergent, each of these stories’ leading men and women kick total ass, and bring a little something different to the table while doing so. But who would you truly trust with your life and the future of mankind?

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