Shania Twain Gets Married


Well, that was fast! Shania Twain and Frédéric Thiébaud only just announced their engagement, and the pair has already gotten married. The wedding took place in Rincon, Puerto Rico on New Year’s Day in front of 40 of their friends. Two guests who were not invited: Twain and Thiébaud’s ex-spouses. You may recall that Twain’s former husband Robert Lange hooked up with Thiébaud’s wife, thus breaking apart both marriages. Looks like these two are having the last laugh now. Congratulations!

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Shania Twain Is Engaged To Her Husband’s Mistress’s Ex

Shania Twain

In a story straight out of Days Of Our Lives, Shania Twain is engaged to Frederic Thiebaud, who just so happens to be the ex-husband of Shania’s first husband Mutt Lange’s mistress. And if you can understand that confusing sentence, you win a free membership to MENSA! In a tale so convoluted it almost makes Shania her own grandpa, the pair first started canoodling in 2008 following Twain’s divorce from Lange, who left the singer for her then best friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud, though both Lange and lady Thiebaud now deny they had an affair. Normally we’d say you should never date your friend’s ex, but if it’s purely for revenge, then get that hunk of Swiss chocolate, honey!

While Thiebaud and Twain kept their tawdry soap-opera love on the down low for a while, in 2009 Shania admitted that Frederic was “a dear friend and true gentleman…We leaned on one another through the ups and downs, taking turns holding each other up. We’ve become stronger and closer through it all.” Looking good is the best revenge after getting dumped, we always say, and if marrying a hot European Nestle executive doesn’t make you look good, we don’t know what does. Seriously, think of all the hot chocolate he must get!

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Let’s Stop Trying To Predict Who Will Be The Next American Idol Judge

Dear people who love American Idol and people who report on American Idol,

We mean no disrespect because we are one of you, but hear us out. All this speculation about who is going to replace Simon Cowell has to stop. We went through this last year when the big question was who would replace Paula Abdul, remember? And it turned out that while, yes, Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham and Avril Lavigne did indeed appear on the show last season, they were just guests, not the new Paula. So let’s cool it with the “Who’s going to replace Simon? Is it going to be Justin Timberlake? Is it going to be Harry Connick, Jr.? Well? Is it?” stuff, because we should all know by now that we’re not going to get the answer we’re looking for till at least the fall, but more likely sometime in December, weeks before the new season airs.

So far, we’ve heard that Bret Michaels could replace Simon. And Elton John. And Chris Isaak, Shania Twain, Guy Oseary, Tommy Mottola, the aforementioned Harry Connick, Jr. and Justin Timberlake The latest news today is that Jessica Simpson is in the running for the job, too. This short list, it ain’t so short anymore. In fact, it’s sort of comically long and varied and is surely going to create so much hype that when the real successor is named, it’s going to be a let-down. Let’s do ourselves a favor and channel our energy elsewhere for the time being, because on the off chance they name someone who is like, a songwriter or producer we’ve never heard of, we’re all going to be bummed out by the non-name recognition. Call it the DioGuardi Effect if you will. It’s bad enough we’ve lost Simon, let’s not make things worse by getting our hopes dashed on a daily basis false news of his replacements too.



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Come On Feel The Illinoise! American Idol Hits Chicago

Yeesh. Last night’s American Idol bordered on tedious, no? Or maybe we, like the judges, just have no patience for an abundance of wacky contestants over genuinely good (or even terrible but entertaining) ones. As Simon Cowell put it so concisely, “This is a complete and utter waste of time.” Over 12,000 people showed up for the Chicago auditions and only 13 left with golden tickets to Hollywood, that’s how crappy the talent was, and the judges themselves couldn’t even fake their enthusiasm. But at least Shania Twain proved herself a capable and compassionate judge, even if she did like yanking her own drawstrings (not a euphemism). And hey, we also got a weird cover of the Growing Pains theme song so there’s that.

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