by (@hallekiefer)

Andrew Garfield And Shannon Woodward Call It Quits

Man, this is almost as sad as when Peter Parker had to have his marriage to Mary Jane erased from existence in order to save Aunt May’s life from Mephisto. We mean… Spider-Man breakup! US Magazine is reporting that, sadly, Andrew Garfield and Shannon Woodward broke up. No more upside-down kisses in the rain for these two, which we’re assuming you are required by law to do if you are dating the web slinger (though we’re hoping Shannon at least wore a bra in her version). The Social Network star and Raising Hope actress had dated since 2008, but had lately grown apart. Reportedly Garfield “got deeper into filming The Amazing Spider-Man; he literally never saw her,” which helped contribute to the demise of their relationship. Another source claims Shannon is “telling people they’re on a break… [but] they haven’t spoken to each other in weeks.” Guess you always run the risk of heartache when you date a superhero…or a super-hot 27-year-old actor who’s about to blow up into a megastar.