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Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Premiere Surprises: Mayim Bialik, Stevie Nicks And 10 Other Random Stars

Mayim Bialik, Shar Jackson and Stevie Nicks were a few of the random celebs at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere.

We fully admit, after seeing what Kristen Stewart will wear, our second favorite part of the Twilight red carpet premieres has always been seeing which completely left-field celebrity shows up to declare their fandom. It would be hard to match that time 50 Cent showed up, but there were some good random guests at the premiere of Breaking Dawn – Part 2. We never caught the names of the three basketball players who talked to the Yahoo live stream hosts (even the hosts just said they were two Lakers players and a Clipper), and we’re still waiting on pics of them. But in the meantime, we present to you the other awesome non-castmembers who graced the black carpet — from Hunger Games stars (Fox Face and Rue!) to Stevie Nicks and Shar Jackson, it was an impressive collection. Mayim Bialik, we will cast you in our own Twilight film one day, we promise.

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Kevin Federline Stacks On Britney’s Leftover Weight

It’s January – er, “hurrah.” We’re all swearing off the booze and eating lentil soup in a double-pronged bid to save ourselves cash and lose that eight pounds we put on in chocolate weight over Christmas. Sucks. But at least some celebs will be joining us in our month of purging, or at least we hope so when we saw how much weight Kevin Federline had stacked on, too.

When did this happen? Were we so distracted by Britney ditching the Pepsi and Cheetos that we failed to notice that her ex was scooping up the leftovers in her wake? And clearly inhaling them before heading down to MaccyD’s for another little snack? But apparently, according to Kevin’s premier cheerleader, his other babymama Shar Jackson, it’s just because he’s a stay-at-home dad.

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