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Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White Arrested For Public Intoxication

Shaun White Arrested After Getting Drunk And Trashing A Hotel

And there’s the mug shot! Pro snowboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White was arrested yesterday after he supposedly got super drunk at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville. TMZ reports that he not only trashed his room because he got so wasted, but he also started pulling fire alarms when hotel staff tried to get him to behave himself. It’s being said that White also ended up injuring himself pretty badly because he tried to run away from them, and when someone tried to stop him, he kicked the person and tried to get away. Not a good idea when you’re that uncoordinated. The unidentified male he kicked chased after him but ended up running right into White who then fell and hit his head on a fence, apparently. You can see the shiner in his mug shot! He has been booked for public intoxication and vandalism but luckily, not for assault as the person he attacked is not pressing charges. All of this went down around 2 AM and he was only taken to jail after he was treated for his injury. Police say he was pretty out of it when they found him and was smelling of booze. And he’s probably still hungover. We’re not certain if he’s still cooling his heel in jail, though as more news is still emerging.

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Off the Court and Onto the Red Carpet: The 20 Most Fabulous Athletes at the ESPY Awards

Want to see some fresh faces on the red carpet? Well, athletes like Maria Sharapova and Danica Patrick left their rackets and racecars behind last night while they attended the ESPYs in Los Angeles. We counted down the best dressed celebs from last night’s star-studded event, but we also want to show you tons of athletes got all glammed up and looked completely stunning at the award night!

As much as we love watching our fave football players —those tight white pants!— running around on the field, Tim TebowDrew Brees and Victor Cruz sure do clean up well! We love any opportunity to see athletes strut their stuff in their red carpet best and they definitely did not let us down.

We barely even recognized some of these athletes without a ball or surfboard in hand. Check out the gallery below to see them getting down with their glam selves as well as wearing their game faces!

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10 WTF Fashion Moments From The 2010 MTV Movie Awards


The 2010 MTV Movie Awards included some style highlights (Kristen Stewart‘s D&G mini, Sandra Bullock‘s mile-high Louboutins, Whitney Port‘s Yigal Azrouël yellow dress), but for every perfect 10, a belly flop lurked within arm’s reach. What was Katy Perry thinking?! Who let Lindsay Lohan out of the house? And would the real Christina Aguilera please stand up?! Here are our Top 10 WTF fashion moments from the star-filled evening.

10. Katy Perry


Offense #1: Katy Perry’s bright blue wig clashes with her bright yellow nails. Add hundreds of shiny rhinestones to the equation and you get something resembling a human sparkler.

Plus Side: She still looks hot!

9. Snowboarder Shaun White


Offense #1: We know the 60s and 70s are in style, but do we really want to see man nipple on our MTV Movie Awards red carpet? Leave the bare-chested vest to the gang members of 1979’s The Warriors.

Offense #2: We respect that Shaun’s hair has become iconic, but it was iconic for Robert Plant too

Plus Side: We’d like Shaun’s vest if there were a shirt underneath it. 
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Olympic Snowboarder Scotty Lago Leaves Vancouver After Naughty Pics Surface


We’re willing to bet that Olympic snowboarder Scotty Lago isn’t the first guy to use his medal to pick up chicks. He just might be the first guy get caught on camera doing it and then told to leave the host city before the games are even over.

The bronze-medalist was out and about in Vancouver with fellow Team USA snowboarders Louie Vito and Shaun White to celebrate their halfpipe wins when he decided to have some fun with his medal. The pictures show Lago at a club with a girl who licked, bit and simulated some, uh, other oral action on the medal.

While it seems relatively tame compared to the things we’ve seen, say, Tila Tequila or the cast of Jersey Shore do on a regular basis, the Olympic team does abide by something called the Ambassador Program which exists to prevent international incidents and social gaffes from happening, and having a stranger fellate your medal seems to fall outside that code of conduct. Lago left the Olympic Village willingly and apologized to the U.S. Officials for his behavior. (Can we stop for a second just to admire the abs on Scotty, though? The man deserves a medal just for those.)

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