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Nikki Reed, Lucy Hale, Bella Thorne And More Turn Up For Teen Vogue‘s Young Hollywood Party

2012 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

The 10th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party with Emporio Armani in Beverly Hills was a pretty successful bash last night, judging from the guest-list. Lots of young stars turned up to preen on the red carpet as you can see in our mega gallery below. Nikki Reed and cover girl Victoria Justice stood out from the dresses brigade wearing pants suits. Nikki wore a monochrome Emporio Armani jacket while Victoria chose a red blazer in the same brand with her blank tank and skinny trousers. Sarah Hyland and her Modern Family co-star, Ariel Winter, were lovely in a strapless taupe and black Erin by Erin Fetherstone mini-dress and minimal white Collette Dinnigan frock, respectively. Bella Thorne had her lovely titian hair tumbling down over a black dress and edgy metallic burgundy and silver ankle booties. Lucy Hale looked fresh and so pretty in a printed white and pale Christian Dior Resort 2012 collection dress  while Hailee Steinfeld was working it in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton. They were just the tip of the iceberg as the ladies kept coming: Leslie Mann (in Rodarte), Kiernan Shipka (who is her stylist and where can we find them), Jessica Lowndes, Cody Horn, Claire Holt and a host of others. It’s gallery time! Who is your best-dressed pick? We think Kiernan leads the pack for us in that Opening Ceremony 2012 dress by far.

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Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars GIF-Capping: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly From Week 1

Dancing With the Stars premiered last night with all the overly spray-tanned faces, judge sniping and glitter we’ve come to expect and love over the past 15 seasons. And the first all-star season of the oft-humiliating franchise took the competition up a notch with winners, finalists and favorites of the past shimmying their way through a tougher scoring system. You know, since every alum is now an expert dancer (except Pamela Anderson, just saying). But no matter how hard everyone worked, someone has to go home tonight. So let’s break down the good, the not-so-bad and the ugly from the dance floor and see if we can predict which DWTS alum will be having the first last dance.

The Good

Emmitt SmithCheryl Burke

The Football Hall of Famer —“Twinkle Toes” to you DWTS fans — is back! The Season 3 winner closed the premiere episode with a cha-cha that placed him and Cheryl at the top of the leader board. Even Len, who had been particularly reluctant to throw out praise all night said their performance was, “the last dance of the evening and the best.” Score: 24.5/30
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Samuel L. Jackson Live-Tweets The Olympics, And Other Celebs You Should Follow During The Games

Samuel L. Jackson Live-Tweets The OlympicsIf you are only mildly interested in the Olympics, feel free to skip this post. If you have to restrain yourself from talking to everyone on your subway car about the Serbian men’s volleyball team (humina humina, are we right? Ladies? Gentlemen?), please continue with our blessing and get your 24/7 Olympics fix courtesy of Samuel L. Jackson‘s hilarious, NSFW live-tweeting of the Games. Like, all the games.  “Told y’all, ladies weightlifting drama! Lil’ babes, picking up heavy s–!” the Avengers actor gushed. “Dope A– start for the women gymnasts! Feeling’ good about our chances! These “judgement” sports are sketchy…@ best!” So good. While no one is offering up-to-the second opinions like Mr. Jackson (yet), there are a number of other celeb Twitter we’re going to go ahead and ask you to also follow if you are as sincerely obsessed with the Olympics are we are:
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Miley Cyrus Pops A Squat For Charity


At the Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival, Miley Cyrus performed in true manic fashion while the cast of The Hills, little Bronx Mowgli Wentz, and Dancing with the Stars champion Shawn Johnson showed their support for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Disney starlet Selena Gomez modeled a sassy new bob as Joe Pesci reunited with Casino co-star Sharon Stone. See more pics of the charitable potpourri below:

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Wardrobe Malfunctions And Make-Out Sessions On Dancing With The Stars Set

shawn johnson & steve-o

Paps caught some moments behind the scenes at Dancing With The Stars this week that the stars would probably have preferred to keep private. Shawn Johnson said she loved her ballroom gown when the judges praised her Viennese Waltz (“This is the new Shawn Johnson!”). But judging from the photos backstage, the gown wasn’t loving her at first. Either that, or her boob itched something fierce.

Meanwhile, Steve-O (whose Viennese Waltz was the lowest scoring dance of the night) was caught making out with a girlfriend in his little Frenchman outfit. Actually, with all the crap he’s done in public, getting caught indulging in a little grab-ass is no big deal. Plus, she was grabbing his.

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Run, Shawn, There’s A Boner Behind You!

Sorry we’re bringing this important news story to you late, but we somehow missed that last Tuesday, as millions of wholesome American families sat around their living rooms to tune into the prime-time TV show Dancing With The Stars, a heinously wayward boner came all too close to touching the rear-end of poor 17-year-old contestant Shawn Johsnon. Need we remind you that she’s had the attention of a pyscho stalker lately?

The perpetrator (unless that’s a microphone stuffed in those pants) is her dancing partner Marc Ballas. To be fair, erections can happen at any time, in any place, and for any reason. Hey, maybe Marc just thinks The Lindy Hop is a real turn on? [Source: BuzzFeed]


Shawn Johnson: Dancing With The Stalkers

Dancing With The Stars makes fans get all kinds of crazy. Unfortunately, this time, it has turned slightly ugly with alleged Shawn Johnson stalker Robert Michael O’Ryan hopping the fence at CBS studios while the 17-year-old Olympian was getting her dance on and taping the hit reality show. Scary!

Robert was arrested and Shawn’s mom Teri filed for a restraining order pronto, which alleges that 34-year-old Robert is mad psycho!

“He believes that she speaks to him personally through the television set and through ESP and that they will have a child together, he stated he would be with her no matter what,” Teri wrote in a declaration.

Wait, it gets worse. Los Angeles police found all kinds of stalker equipment in his car, like “a loaded .45 handgun, a loaded shotgun, and materials classically used for kidnapping including duct tape, zip ties [and] a map to the victim.” Also found were “love letters, clippings, and other information.” Yikes!

Little Shawn Johnson “is in fear for her life, she is extremely upset by this incident and her entire family and those around are all extremely concerned and fearful that [O’Ryan] might try to kidnap her or harm her in an effort to make good on his statements,” the document reads.

Luckily the temporary restraining order was granted and Robert must stay 100 yards away from Shawn, her mom, and her dancing partner Mark Ballas.

There will be a hearing April 14th.

Who to get advice from on a sensitive matter like stalkers? In November, American Idol host Paula Abdul‘s stalker was found dead in front of her home. See what Paula had to say about Shawn’s scandal. [Source: E! Online; Photo: Getty Images]