Southwick’s OD Was Suicide Attempt


Police are reporting that  the May 28th overdose  of pills taken by Shawn Southwick wife of Larry King, was indeed a suicide attempt. Southwick wrote a suicide note and burial instructions before taking several bottles of pills. She was found by her father Karl Engemann at her Provo, Utah home, and at the time,  he stated that the OD was not intentional. “No, no, no. It wouldn’t be suicidal. I don’t think she did it on purpose. Last night, she seemed confused about what she had taken,” he said.

Friends reveal that Southwick had been depressed for years over the possibility that King was engaged in an extramarital affair with her sister, Shannon Engemann, and that despite an attempt to reconcile with King, her depression fueled the suicide attempt.


Old People Sex: The Larry King Saga Continues


Last week we thought it was gross when we heard the rumor that Larry King was sleeping with his wife Shawn Southwick-King‘s sister. The infidelity led Shawn to file for divorce, although now they are reportedly trying to work it out. Seems weird, right? Knowing your elderly husband is able to genetically compare you to your sister “down there?” (God, sorry, we even grossed ourselves out with that one.)

It sounds like Southwick may have committed some indiscretions of her own, which might be why she’s willing to work things out and not lay all the blame on Larry. Little League baseball coach Hector Penate claims that he and Southwick had an affair starting in 2007, and he told In Touch that her infidelity was motivated by revenge. “I really think she had the affair with me because of him and her sister,” Penate said. He also told Entertainment Tonight that Southwick would whisper sweet nothings to him, like “Don’t worry, he’s gonna die soon,” referring to Larry.

But our most favorite tidbit is that Penate and Southwick had sex while Larry’s show was on in the background. “We had sex in Larry’s bed — a lot, I had sex with Shawn while Larry was on TV. Our sex life was real good,” Penate told the magazine. Lube? Check. Mirrored ceiling? Check. Larry King’s raspy “Go ahead, caller, you’re on!” in the background? Hell yes. Who wouldn’t get turned on by that?

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Cops Called On Paparazzi Outside Larry King’s House

Larry King

Larry may look like a vulture, but you people really are vultures! The CNN crypt-keeper has been trapped in his Beverly Hills mansion since news of Larry King‘s impending divorce (and alleged affair with his sister-in-law) broke, having food ordered in so that he doesn’t have to face the paparazzi outside (either that or he’s just one of many 76-year-old men who didn’t leave the house today). Police were called to the residence this morning and have been stationed outside since, presumably in case the 9 or so cameramen across the street violently descend on the alleged familial philanderer when he eventually exits to interview Ann Coulter tonight (hey, for once Ann won’t be the embarrassing elephant in the room).

Tawdry tales of sister-swapping aside, King’s split from Shawn Southwick would still be a vicious one, as there was apparently no pre-nuptial agreement and the old rascal is worth over $100 million. “She is a tall, good-looking blonde and that pretty much explains it,” a source told TMZ. Hey, isn’t Ann Coulter a tall blonde? Ha cha cha! But unless Larry shows us how single septuagenarian puts moves on his guests, we’re sure this whole thing will blow over soon. Even if Larry filmed a sex tape with Shawn’s sis, someone would have to find a way to upload the Betamax footage without going blind.

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