Bachelor Winner Shayne Lamas Marries After Day-Long Romance

Some people think shows like The Bachelor make a mockery of matrimony by suggesting someone can find a potential spouse on one season of a reality contest, but really, it’s all relative. Bachelor Season 12 winner Shayne Lamas proved that this weekend by marrying website owner Nik Ritchie in Vegas Sunday, reportedly having met him the night before. We won’t be sharing the name of his site, lest their whole romance is an attempt to promote it rather than the genuine, spontaneous discovery of a soulmate. If they stained the Little White Wedding Chapel where Britney Spears briefly wed pal Jason Alexander with a hollow publicity grab, we’d be so depressed.

Lamas, daughter of Renegade star Lorenzo Lamas, first gained fame after winning the hand of Bachelor Matt Grant in 2008 (the couple broke off their engagement two months after the season finale). Since then she’s starred on the reality series Leave It To Lamas and acted in such fine films as The 13th Alley, a horror film about bowling co-starring Robert “Revenge Of The Nerds” Carradine. Watch her tear up the Vegas party scene in the gallery below.

[Photo: .com]