View Host Sherri Shepherd Is Engaged


Sherri Shepherd, co-host of The View, announced yesterday that she just got engaged! Shepherd’s boyfriend of over a year, Lamar Sally, asked her on December 26th, after receiving permission from Shepherd’s 5-year-old son Jeffrey. A-DOR-able! Shepherd has already planned for an August wedding, which will take place in her hometown of Chicago.

Sally, a TV writer, was introduced to Shepherd by their mutual friends Jay Tucker and Niecy Nash. Shepherd plays Tracy Jordan’s long-suffering wife Angie on 30 Rock in addition to her job on The View, but we’re pretty certain that her real-life marriage will be a bit more stable than her on-screen one. But if Sally wants to get an Angie/Tangiers tattoo of Shepherd’s face on his torso, we’d approve.

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Prince Surprises The View, Sherri Shepherd Loses Her Damn Mind

Look, no one knows how they would react if Prince just walked into the room. We understand that. We would hope, however, that we would act a little more chill than Sherri Shepherd did when Prince surprised The View with a unannounced appearance today. In town to promote his Welcome 2 America tour, Prince (who looks like he is made out of snake skin) (in a good way) had all the ladies swooning, but it was Shepherd who went crazy crackers upon meeting her idol.

Sherri clutched her chest like she was having palpitations, tried to steal Prince’s gloves and finally snuggled her head to his chest before announcing, “I’ve wanted to make love to you my whole life.” Prince must have just then remembered a very important appointment, because he could not have sprinted off that stage faster if it had been on fire. Before he left however, Prince offered some career advice to, of all people, Justin Bieber. “The key to longevity is to learn every aspect of music you can. I hope he does pick up an instrument and get a good teacher,” the singer explained to Barbara Walters. So is Justin Bieber this generation’s Prince? Let’s bring him on the show and see how Sherri reacts; that’s the only way to know for sure.


Susan Boyle Loses Voice On The View, Sherri Doesn’t Notice

Susan Boyle

Looks like someone didn’t like what she was hearing…namely, herself. Susan Boyle gave up on a live performance of “O Holy Night” on the View today, waving for the music to be stop right before the song reached its memorable high notes. As the facial expression above suggests, she had already cracked a note or two before abandoning the song entirely. That didn’t stop Sherri Shepherd from declaring the abbreviated performance “beautiful” and “amazing” as she came onstage to support the embarrassed singer. “There is something of an angel that comes out of your mouth,” continued the oblivious host. “This amazingly pure sound.” Things not to say when a singer’s just bombed on live TV for $400, Alex.

Thankfully, Susan should be able to rest her voice and lose the “frog in her throat” Whoopi blamed for the misfire (yes, Whoopi was actually paying attention). Oh wait, no she can’t—TMZ reports that Susan will reshoot the performance for the West Coast airing and she’s scheduled to take part in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting tonight. Will she still make it out or is this frog going to pull a Scrooge on her?

See the oh-so-awkward moment after the jump.

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Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Are A Precious Pair

mariah carey & nick cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon traded their angel outfits for formal attire when they hit the red carpet for last night’s premiere of her film Precious in LA. With the star playing a weathered social worker in the film, you can bet she was glad to remind viewers of her actual glamor. “It wasn’t just de-glamorized,” Carey told Us Magazine.  “They added some hideousness on top of that too. I drank some ugly juice.” It’s about time she learned that ugly juice does an actress better than Glitter.

Among the attendees were Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Olivia Wilde, Sherri Shepherd, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke. Even Mo’Nique finally made it to a promotional event for the film! Check out the glitz in the gallery below.

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Penn Badgley Is Not Feeling Blake’s Heels

penn badgley & blake lively

For all their public PDAs, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively don’t play up their couplehood on the red carpet. Watching them arrive at the 2009 Angel Ball together last night, we think we caught why the Gossip Girl lovebirds weren’t standing together minutes later: her heels!

“The rest of your dress is black, except the tip of your heels are blue and sparkling. That’s just…I…I don’t get it.” “Oh, Penn, they’re darling!” “I can’t…I can’t be in the same…SHOT as those…I…I’m gonna go inside.” “Oh, Dan…I mean Penn!” We may have made that dialogue up, but Gossip Girl fans know this guy was all indignant and neggy about something.

Other stars at the charity event included Bar Refaeli, Jennifer Hudson and Robin Thicke, as well as Star Jones and Sherri Shepherd (oh, to be a fly on the wall when they meet up). See who else attended in the gallery below.

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Gossip Break: Angelina Jolie And Her Life-Saving Bicycles


  • Kanye West‘s sometimes girlfriend Amber Rose reveals a lot about herself while on the beach in Miami. [DListed]
  • Sherri Shepherd shows off her bikini body once again. [JustJared]
  • Dirty Dancing, the remake – it’s on! [SOW]

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Whoopi Counsels Heidi And Spencer

The chatty ladies of The View + Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt = drama! The Hills stars stopped by The View this morning to rap with Barbara Walters and the ladies about their botched courthouse wedding and their family drama.

Spencer revealed that he called off their courthouse wedding, which would have made their Mexican “wedding” official, because he had a “robbing feeling.” Heidi has always wanted a “princess” wedding with a traditional cake and dress, and apparently Spencer felt at the last minute that he was taking that away from her.

Suspicious as the rest of the world is, Barbara leaned in and asked, “Is this for real?” Heidi and Spencer delivered their perfectly pre-packaged answers: “I really want to get married,” said Heidi. “Everything on The Hills is real,” answered Spencer.

Although now they are allegedly planning the wedding of Heidi’s dreams, they have encountered some family drama, especially with Heidi’s mom. According to Spencer, Heidi’s mom “believes everything she reads,” and doesn’t know the real him.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg suggested the reality couple go spend a couple weeks with Heidi’s mom in Colorado, where she lives, but Spencer insisted that was impossible because “they don’t give us a day off without cameras.”

Whoopi then said that they need to demand for those days off. Nothing like a little Whoopi to knock some sense into Speidi. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Bill Maher Rips Into Religion, Sherri Shepherd On The View

When did The View become Meet The Press? First the ladies ripped John McCain a new cornhole, now they’re having heated discussions about religion with Bill Maher. Maher clearly wasn’t going to tone down his stance for Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd, who became offended when Maher asked them earnestly if they believed Barack Obama might be the antichrist (as a recent e-mail chain has suggested). “A lot of people do—if you’re irrational, who knows?” he said. Maher also suggests that intelligent people who profess faith have “walled off a part of their mind.”

The hosts are on edge throughout the clip above, but the interview goes totally haywire when he starts to mock the specifics of the nativity story, with Shepherd practically holding Hasselbeck back. When he notes the similarity between the story of Jesus and those of other ancient gods (9 minutes in), Shepherd angrily asks if he’s “ever just talked to God.” Following the applause (which surprises Maher), he asks if he answers you. Shepherd says “he answered me,” to which he responds “then we should call Bellevue – that’s just a voice in your head.”

Whoopi then tells everyone to see his film Religulous, and quickly cuts to commercial. Can’t really blame her. Think he’ll get to come back?