Star-Studded Motown Tribute Hits The White House

For the past two years, the Obama White House has held an “In Performance” concert series celebrating diverse musical styles. Last night, a star-studded group of performers descended upon Washington D.C. to attend a Motown tribute in honor of Black History Month. Among the stars attending and performing at the event were Nick Jonas, Jordin Sparks, John Legend, Sheryl Crow, Glee cast members Mark Salling and Amber Riley, and Motown legend Smokey Robinson. The event was taped and will be broadcast on PBS this Tuesday, but for an advance glimpse of the performers, check out our gallery of the musicians as they arrived, prepared and mingled with fans before the show.

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The Ultimate Fashion Victim Gallery: Stars Before They Had Stylists…Or Style


Before the stars were stars, they were normal people trying to make a living. Every penny they made was spent on rent and food, not stylists and clothing. That’s why it’s so awesome to see celebrity before-and-after shots: getting a glimpse of what J.Lo looked like with crazy eyebrows or when Alec Baldwin was just a sliver of his current self. We wanted to honor some of our finest actors and performers by going back in time—back to when no one could bother to get their clothes tailored, they were too cheap to use anything but boxed hair color, and the word “stylist” didn’t even exist in Hollywood. Some of these people are a victim of the era from whence they came, but others have no excuse. The important thing to remember: these people had a choice about how to dress, and these are the outfits they chose. The awkward, tragic outfits they chose.

35. George Clooney Needs A Trip To The Fashion ER

34. Mila Kunis Looks Patchy

33. Brad Pitt’s Electric Youth

32. We Can’t Believe Destiny Let Her Child Out Like That

31. The Simpson Sisters’ Belly Shirt Blues

30. Bret Michaels’ Poisonous Outfit

29. Mayer McSleaze

28. Mulder And Lara Croft At The Frown Prom

27. Teri Hatcher, Fanny Packin’ Heat

26. Seacrest’s Smile Lights The Way

25. Sister Christian, Your Time Has Come

24. Dude, Where’s My Style?

23. Mad Man Seeks Tailor

22. A Rolling Scarf Gathers No Moss

21. Open Season For Ciara

20. A Lively Fashion Debate

19. Oh, NO, Sheryl Crow!

18. Marky Mark Gets Funky, Bunchy

17. Alicia Says Leather Is Key

16. Leather Longoria

15. Cow-Hide-y Klum

14. Grandma Heigl

13. A(n Old) Nose For Fashion

12. Alec Baldwin Needs A Ball Wrangler

11. Romeo And Juliet Died Before They Could Register For A Mirror

10. Don’t Speak, I Know What You’re Thinkin’

9. Mad Dash

8. Party Of Two

7. When Cameron Met Aqua Net

6. The Devil Wears Forever 21

5. Thank God Michelle Moved Away From Dawson’s Creek

4. More Like Kate LOSE-let

3. Keira Lady Of The Night-ley

2. What The Halle?

1. Scary Maguire

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Eva Longoria Parker Named “Philanthropist Of The Year”

Eva Longoria Parker received the title of Philanthrophist Of The Year from The Hollywood Reporter at a fete attended by Sheryl Crow, Kate Beckinsale and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa last night. Among her charitable activities, Longoria Parker is the national spokesperson for Padres Contra El Cancer (aiding Latino children with cancer) and the founder of Eva’s Heroes, an after-school program in her hometown of San Antonio. HR publisher Eric Mika is suitably impressed. “”I’ve never met a more conscientious and socially aware young, energetic talent,” he says. “Eva’s efforts on behalf of the causes near and dear to her are Herculean. She pours her free time and energy into raising millions of dollars for charitable missions that make a difference in the Latino community and other humanitarian organizations.” In return, Longoria Parker will be one of the presenters at the Reporter‘s upcoming Women In Hollywood breakfast next month, honoring Halle Berry.

See who else honored the Desperate Housewives star in the gallery below.

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Who Is Lance’s Babymama?

Although Lance Armstrong has had romances with high profile hotties like Kate Hudson, Sheryl Crow, and Mary-Kate Olsen, the seven time Tour d’ France winner has chosen a much more low key lady for his babymama.

His current girlfriend Anna Hansen, with whom he is expecting a baby, is no red carpet regular. Anna is a Program Manager and Recruiter for First Descents, which provides whitewater kayaking and other outdoor adventure experiences to promote emotional, psychological, and physical healing for young adults with cancer. Anna, an avid mountainbiker and snowboarder, hails from Vail, Colorado. She has a degree in biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, has been a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital in Denver and serves on the board of directors for camp Wapiyapi, a foundation providing hope and support for families with childhood cancer. Lance and Anna began quietly dating in July, when they met through charity work. Check out our gallery of Lance’s ladies of the past! [Source: First Descents, Photo: First Descents, Getty Images]

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