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Anne Hathaway, Claire Danes, Kaley Cuoco Reign Top 10 Worst-Dressed List At SAG Awards

Top 10 Worst-Dressed At SAG Awards

This is totally ruining our high over the SAG Awards best-dressed list, but it has to be done. Also, how is it possible that Anne Hathaway swings so wildly between getting it so right, and so wrong — nothing in between. Sadly, she got it so wrong at the awards show last night wearing a twee, frothy, half-sheer Giambattista Valli Couture dress that just didn’t do anything for us apart from making us say, “Why, Anne?” We do love her accessories in the form of her Jimmy Choo ‘Kalpa’ heels and her black Edie Parker clutch. We may be a tad harsh on Jessica Chastain as well — but it’s only because her people never seem to get fits right on her. The red McQueen gown maybe a beautiful, but it looks like it wants to crush her breasts, and to add insult to injury, it looks rumpled. We really don’t like the Harry Winston diamond necklace on her, either. It’s the wrong piece for the dress. Also, twee and in the same color, was Kaley Cuoco whose red lace Ramona Kaveeza dress made her look like a doily, even though her red velvet Giuseppe Zanotti heels gave her cred. Does anyone else think the new haircut with the bangs looks like a wig?

Rose Byrne was the wrong woman for her Valentino Resort 2013 gown because the fabric and the ruffles made her look matronly.  And while her hair and makeup were sweet and retro, Claire Danes went in the opposite direction with deep maroon lips that just looked incredibly harsh on her. They put us off, and her black Givenchy didn’t exactly impress either. Neither did Julianne Moore‘s Chanel Couture Fall 2011 gown, which like Jessica’s, had a major fit problem as well. Let’s just say the bodice took its cues from the name of the awards show and made her look like she was sagging. There’s more on the list, so carry on to the gallery to have a look.

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The Night Sigourney Weaver And Jamie Lee Curtis Wore The Same Dress

The night before the You Again premiere, two of the movie’s stars, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver were having a chat on the phone. The film, BTW, deals with three generations of women who were high school rivals. But in real life, these two are totally besties now, naturally.

Jamie Lee Curtis: Hey S.Weave!
Sigourney Weaver: Hey JLC!
JLC: So I was thinking, wouldn’t it be a hoot if we showed up at the premiere wearing the exact same dress? ‘Cause then the fashion police won’t get to choose who’s hotter. I love you!
SW: You mean to say you’re scared someone will say I’m hotter than you, even though I’m older? Hah. Joking! I love you!
JLC: Erm. Okay.
SW: I was totes kidding. You’re just a little bit on edge ever since  people started calling you the poop Czar!
JLC: Listen, Activia yogurt is one of the reasons why I still look awesome in a dress. OKAY?
SW: Calm down, babe. Get your sh*t together! HeeHee
JLC: Look are we doing this or not? Are we going to be ironic or what?
SW: You’re on!

The night of the premiere

SW: I thought we were supposed to wear the exact same dress, Jamie.
JLC: Yep.
SW: Then why is yours hemmed shorter than mine?
JLC: *cough*
SW: And why are you showing more side-boob than me?
JLC: *cough*
SW: And is that a FAKE TAN?
JLC: *cough*
SW: You b*tch!
JLC: Looks like I really AM the sh*t!