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How TMZ Owned 2014 and Became a Reputable Source for Celebrity News

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Without a doubt, 2014 was TMZ‘s year. The former celebrity rag has been working hard to become a reputable source of news, and has stepped up its game to provide some of the year’s most thoroughly reported celebrity stories. Read more…

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Say Wha? Solange Knowles Likens Katy Perry’s Finest Work To “Kiddie Porn”


We are clutching our pearls (note: they are actually Raisinets) at the drama going down as Solange Knowles calls Katy Perry out for her sexy California Girls video.  Says Solange, “But seriously. Iontlike the fact dat Julez thinks he gotta sneak & watched California gurls on u tube. Katy Perry is polluting the chirrens.” Yeah, we would not want our 5-year-old sneaking off to watch Katy Perry either…or, really, our 25-year-old. On the other hand, maybe your 5-year-old shouldn’t have a computer. The 25-year-olds…well, there’s not much we can do about that. Yet…

Rants Knowles about the video, “It is like kiddie porn tho. All them damn colors, candy and shit….and then daisy dukes, breast shooting cream…” Solange, where have you been? This is Katy’s thing! If it’s not hyper-sexual, Skittle-colored and sort of nasal, it is not a Katy Perry original. And sure, there may be no telling how many little perverts were born the day Katy Perry doused an army of Gummy Bears with her chest cannons, but that’s not even the worst part! In Solange’s words, “And then Elmo and Tits!?” Which, lol. You have us there, Solange. We’re willing to sign a petition right now to keep Katy Perry 500 feet away from children’s eyeballs, but still, this is all going to look pretty silly once we see Solange dancing in Jolly Rancher booty shorts on The Backyardigans. [Photo: Getty Images]


Black Is The New Black


Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is upon us and already on day 1, celebrities and fashionistas are turning to an old reliable favorite: all black. Amanda Bynes, Solange Knowles, Lindsay Lohan and others have been prancing around New York City in all black getups. From the classic little black dress to sleek black pants and jackets, black is back! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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