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MLK Day Movie Marathon: A Guide To The Most Entertaining, Least Preachy Movies About Race

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On this Martin Luther King Day, we hope you’ve already taken the time to meaningfully commemorate the late civil rights leader. (Go volunteer or something, then come back to this post; we’ll wait.) We’re probably not your first source for guidance in that matter. We do, however, think we can help make the day enjoyable without being too shallow. Movie marathon time!
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Jay-Z Compliments Warren Buffett’s Tie, And Other Imaginary Tales

Actually, the headline lies. We are really having a hard time imagining what really went down at the party celebrating the reopening of Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in New York City last night. It was Hov’s first public appearance since the birth of Blue Ivy Carter, and Beyonce understandably chose to stay home. The sheer variety of attendees would blow our mind if we weren’t already used to Jay’s wide scope of influence: Warren Buffet, Selita Ebanks, Spike Lee, Mob Wives star Renee Graziano and Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia were there along with his more musical pals like Ashanti, Wale, Questlove and Irv Gotti. Head over to VH1 Blog for a gallery of the illustrious guests, and watch what Ashanti and Gotti had to say about the new parents in an interview with MTV News below.

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Tyler Perry Tells Spike Lee To “Go Straight To Hell”

While Spike Lee spent Tuesday sniping with Celtic fans at the TD Garden (and on Twitter), fellow writer/actor/director Tyler Perry gave Spike a piece of his mind at a press conference. “I’m so sick of hearing about damn Spike Lee,” said Perry, ostensibly promoting Madea’s Big Family. “Spike can go straight to hell! You can print that. I am sick of him talking about me, I am sick of him saying, ‘this is a coon, this is a buffoon.’ I am sick of him talking about black people going to see movies. This is what he said: ‘you vote by what you see,’ as if black people don’t know what they want to see.” Lee had suggested that Perry’s sitcoms Meet The Browns and House Of Payne were “coonery and buffoonery” in 2009, cracking “We got a black president, and we going back to Mantan Moreland and Sleep ‘n’ Eat?”

While Perry is an easy target (none of the films he’s directed have scored higher than 55/100 on Metacritic), the infamously argumentative Lee has also gotten into verbal scuffles with more critically acclaimed directors like Clint Eastwood (who told Lee to “shut his face” after Lee complained about whitewashing in Clint’s Iwo Jima films). Steven Spielberg mediated the beef between Eastwood and Lee—is anyone going to step forward to get a truce between these two, or should we expect Spike to tweet off once he gets over last night’s Knicks loss (“The Sun rises in a Orange and Blue Sky in AM”)?

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Alicia Keys And Pregnant Padma Host Star-Studded Benefit

iman, padma lakshmi and alicia keys

Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom was glittering last night—and it wasn’t just the reflection off Spike Lee‘s hat. Alicia Keys and a very pregnant Padma Lakshmi hosted Keep A Child Alive’s 6th Annual Black Ball last night, entertaining a room full of stars with musical assistance from John Mayer and Chris Martin. Among the celebs in attendance were Usher, David Bowie, Iman, Adrien Grenier, Nick Cannon and Halle Berry, whose sequined, cut-crazy dress fit right in with Spike’s hat. Watch them all hobnob in the gallery below.

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Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Holly Hunter Or Spike Lee?

Joel Coen went to the Tisch School Of The Arts with Spike Lee in the late ’70s. In the early ’80s, Coen lived in a house in LA with brother Ethan, Sam Raimi, Frances McDormand and Holly Hunter, who’d later star in the Coen Brothers’ film Raising Arizona. Both Hunter and Lee were born on March 20th. Which one is older?

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Celebs Freak Out Over Obama Win

What, you expected celebs to stay silent about last night’s big win for President-Elect Barack Obama? No such luck, my friends. Everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Diddy to Jessica Alba had something to say about 2008′s historic election. Read ‘em all in our round up below.

  • Oprah Winfrey, one of Obama’s biggest celebrity supporters, couldn’t keep her excitement hidden. “I’m vibrating,” she gushed to Us magazine. Might be a little TMI, Oprah! She also told the BBC, “It feels like hope won. It feels like there’s a shift in consciousness. It feels like something really big and bold has happened here, like nothing ever in our lifetimes did we expect this to happen.”
  • Usher: “It’s so incredible to see that this historical thing has happened, man…The public service that went into this and the encouragement that came out of it, it’s just incredible to see it happen.”
  • Lindsay Lohan, on her Myspace blog, of course: “OBAMA IS OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone that voted, no matter their choice…should be proud for voting in the first place :)”
  • Diddy takes responsibility for Obama’s win: “I felt like my vote was the vote that put him into office. … And that may not be true but that’s how much power it felt like I had.”
  • The always astute and reflective Jessica Alba: “I was surprised that McCain brought race into his speech. I guess he was trying to bring people together.”
  • A cute message from Kanye West to his deceased mom: “HI MOM, OBAMA WON!”
  • Pete Wentz shouts out new Vice President Joe Biden, “I would not be standing here actually in reality, at all, because my parents met working for [vice president elect] Biden. They met on a campaign so they have this particular affection for Joe – he came to their wedding. If it weren’t for Joe Biden, I would not exist as a human being.”
  • Spike Lee: “I think that’s a lot to do with young white Americans – they don’t have the same views as their parents.”
  • George Clooney: “I congratulate President-elect Obama on his historic victory, and now it’s time to begin unifying the country so we can take on the extraordinary challenges that this generation faces.”

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