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Mel B Gives Birth To New Baby Spice

Okay, not an actual new Baby Spice; Emma Bunton is still alive (we’re assuming) and well (also assuming). Either way Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice Mel B, welcomed a baby daughter into the world last night. Brown’s baby girl joins the family alongside father Stephen Belafonte and siblings Phoenix, Angel and Giselle, all of whom were apparently fainting all over the delivery room. “Finally our baby arrives,” the former Spice Girl tweeted.” Stephen nearly passed out, Phoenix screamed, I laughed so hard the baby popped out!!! She is just sooo amazing!!” We were already picturing Mel wearing stars-and-stripes platforms and a tongue stud with her hospital gown, hysterical labor-inducing laughter just seems to round out the picture.


Eva Glitters, Melanie Shivers At Bad Lieutenant Screening

eva mendes & melanie brown

Nicolas Cage wasn’t able to make it to the AFI Film Festival screening of Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans in LA yesterday, but his female co-stars brought plenty of crazy in his absence. Eva Mendes wore a dress entirely made out of old gum…sorry, sequins…and Fairuza Balk‘s black leather gown took us all back to The Craft. But sometimes less is more, as proven by Spice Girl Melanie Brown, whose decision to attend sans pants caught plenty of eyes. It was like something out of a Werner Herzog movie…oh wait, this is one!

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Mel B. Won’t Stop Talking About Sex

Spice Girl Mel B Sex

She’s never been shy, but we can’t be the only ones getting a bit tired of Mel B‘s constant divulging about her sex life with husband Stephen Belafonte. With the world going crazy for the former Spice Girl’s crunchy abs, she’s taken the opportunity to tell us all how she manages it. And obviously it’s mainly down to sex.

Telling the UK’s Grazia magazine that she’s honestly not body obsessed (yeah right), she reveals, “On top of all my exercise, I have sex with Stephen five times a day. Maybe that has something to do with [my body shape]? I have to admit, I’m a nymphomanic with him. Its sexercise!”

And if that wasn’t enough for her daughters’ friends to read about in the future, Mel continues in a more graphic vein with Closer magazine: “My advice to women who are unfulfilled in the bedroom is to invest in a sex toy. I use a little vibrator called a Pocket Rocket – and it does the trick every time. My hubby and I have a great time together – I’m not sure if it’s because we’re the same age (34), but we both have very high libidos.” Yep, think that’s enough now. [Photos: WireImage]