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Twilight World? Stephenie Meyer, Austenland Stars Discuss Which Books Would Make The Best Theme Park

You don’t have to read too much into Twilight to realize that before she was the creator of books people obsess over, Stephenie Meyer was obsessed with other people’s books. She took that obsession to new levels recently, becoming a producer on the film Austenland, based on Shannon Hale’s book about a woman (played by Keri Russell) who visits a Jane Austen theme park in search of some old-fashioned romance. At the flick’s Sundance premiere, VH1 News asked Meyer and a handful of the movie’s stars what books or authors they’d like to see made into theme parks, a la The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

“[Austenland] is my theme park,” Meyer said. “If this place really existed, if I could go and dress up in Regency attire and hang out all day, reading books in a beautiful library, I would totally … That’s my vacation.”

And no, she doesn’t really see a Twilight World in our future. “There was interest in that, and honestly, what are you going to do?” she asked. “That doesn’t sound like fun. What kind of rides are you going to have? There’s not as much scope for an amusement park there.”

I don’t know, Stephenie, I think a lot of us would love the chance to hop on Edward’s back for a ride through the treetops.

Speaking of Twilight mania, Meyer told us that none of that craziness followed her to the Austenland set, which lived up to its idyllic name in the English countryside:
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If Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Happy At Sundance, We All Win

“I remember watching Reservoir Dogs and Sling Blade and Swingers and Big Night and The Usual Suspects and all those movies that came through Sundance back when I was working on 3rd Rock From the Sun, and I said to myself, ‘One day I’m going to have a movie at Sundance,’ ” Joseph Gordon-Levitt told VH1 News at the Sundance (and world) premiere of Don Jon’s Addiction on Friday night. And boy has his dream come true in a big way. Since his days as a sitcom alien, Joe’s been in quite a few Sundance films, but Don Jon’s marks his writing/directing debut. You could say he was rather pleased about that: “I’m kind of astonished and flabbergasted and just happy!”

This meant the rest of us got to enjoy plenty of photos and videos of JGL being astonished and flabbergasted and happy as he partied at the Sundance Channel’s house on Friday night, along with co-stars Julianne Moore and Tony Danza. And we’re going out on a limb here and guessing that his beaming face is part of what helped him sell the film about a Jersey guy so addicted to porn that he gives up a relationship with Scarlett Johansson for it. On Monday, Relativity Media confirmed the huge deal they gave JGL that will land the movie on 2,000 screens this summer.
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Taylor Lautner Understands Why You Might Still Be Asking About This Whole Imprinting Thing

Even the most loyal of Twi-hards remembers probably did a double take when they read about Jacob’s packmate Quil imprinting on a 2-year-old. And then we squirmed even more when it hit closer to home and Jacob seemed to forget his romantic love for Bella in favor of an attachment to her newborn baby, Renesmee. We can’t imagine what it was like for Taylor Lautner. Only so much of the werewolf phenomenon can be taken care of by montages. In the end, he feels like he grasped the concept enough to convey his protective, non-icky attachment to the rapidly growing vampire-human girl.

“They did such a good job with that relationship, and it’s such a big part of the movie, and I had to fully understand it,” Taylor told VH1’s Kate Spencer. “It was helpful because we had Stephenie Meyer on set for that movie. I think it comes across great. I think Jacob fans will be happy with that relationship onscreen.”

But really, is Taylor tired of people asking about imprinting — and of co-stars (*cough* Robert Pattinson) teasing him about it?
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The Host Trailer Shows Us 10 Essential Elements Of The Stephenie Meyer Adaptation

We’re looking a little worse for wear this morning after the emotional night that was the last Twilight premiere, but thanks to Open Road Films and our friends at MTV, we have the perfect pick-me-up for the morning: Evidence that the next Stephenie Meyer adaptation could be just as thrilling as we think Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is. As anyone who’s read The Host knows, it presents a number of challenges to director Andrew Niccol — if you get one element wrong in this alien-invasion love story that takes place in a high-tech future and a primitive underground bunker, it could be cheesy, heartless or both. But the trailer that debuted this morning provides some reassurances that the movie we’ll see on March 29, 2013, will get at least 10 important things right.

1. The romantic backstory between Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) and Jared Howe (Max Irons).
The Host features a romantic backstory

2. The desperation of feeling like you’re the last people on Earth. Read more…

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Breaking Dawn – Part 2 MTV First: Taylor, Rob And Kristen’s 10 Cutest Moments

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner sit down with MTV one more time

Seeing Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner get to make fun of my old pal Josh Horowitz one last time is reason enough for me to hope for some kind of weird spin-off movie one day, far off in the future. This can’t be the last time! But until that strange day comes to pass, we’ll instead wax nostalgic about the live stream that happened tonight, with a look back at the stars’ sweetest moments on the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 MTV First. In no particular order.

1) “The actual end end for me felt like the end,” Rob said seriously, before cracking himself up over the absurdity of that statement. Does he mean the last scene they shot? The last time they did ADR? Or the last scene in the movie? Who cares, as long as he keeps laughing like that (see above).

2) Which of them is most like his or her character?

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New Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Stills Remind Us Of A Simpler Time

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Imagine, if you would, a time before we ever knew that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were a real-life couple. A time when they were fresh new faces to most of us, the perfect embodiment of characters that had previously lived only in our heads after we’d become obsessed with Stephenie Meyer‘s Twilight books. A time when it was just exciting enough to imagine how much passion they’d bring to the screen as Edward and Bella. Ooof. It’s hard, we know, but it seems like we need to go back to those days and completely separate what we know of the real-life drama between Kristen and Robert. We — and probably the folks at Summit Entertainment — hope that these newly released stills from Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will remind us all that the fictional Edward and Bella are still going to get their happily ever after. That is, of course, after they gather up all their special allies and face down the threat of the Volturi who are convinced that Renesmee represents the ultimate violation of vampire law. With the exception of the photo of Bella showing her daughter her new locket and a pic of Meyer in that legendary field of flowers, these pics aren’t entirely new; they all debuted in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. But they’re new to our site, and we’re going to enjoy every last pixel of them like they’re our very own pints of Cinnamon Toast Crunch-flavored Ben and Jerry’s. (OMG, B&J, you need to make that a thing.)

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[Photos: Summit Entertainment]

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Stephenie Meyer Still Torturing Actors With Contact Lenses, The Host Saoirse Ronan Reveals

Where have we heard this one before? Oh, yeah, during countless interviews of the Twilight Saga‘s vampire cast, including most recently at Comic-Con, the one complaint they had of filming the movies for the past four years is a simple, yet crucial feature: the contact lenses. And here we are with yet another Stephenie Meyer adaptation and the same problem comes up!

“I had tried lenses on years ago for another film and it was a nightmare. It was horrible,” The Host star Saoirse Ronan told MTV News about her past contact lens experience, joking that she almost refused to do this movie when she learned she’d have to don contacts to display the telltale iris ring that indicates her human body is possessed by an alien “soul.”

Why, Stephenie? Why do you insist on doing freaky things to your characters’ eyes? Inevitably, these freaky things are passed on to the actors who must suffer for your art. Well, OK. They’re not suffering THAT much.
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5 Reasons To Look Forward To The Host … And Other Things We Learned At Comic-Con Day 1

It’s no surprise that Twilight-mania was the focus of our attention today at San Diego Comic-Con — it is, after all it was the beginning of the end of an era, for the saga as well as for VH1 Celebrity and all the other blogs that have basically devolved into fangirls for the past four years. But while Kristen Stewart and company were getting teary-eyed about their last Con as a group, Twilight mastermind Stephenie Meyer swooped in to remind us that there are many other things in the world to fangirl over, namely, another thing she created: The Host. People were already filing out of Hall H when Stephenie got back on the mic and announced that she and Andrew Niccol, the director of her next adaptation, were ready to show fans the first real sneak peek of the alien-invasion flick. That certainly got our attention away from needing to hunt down some convention-center junk food. Check out Kate Spencer and I recapping all our favorite moments of day one in the video above (and me calling actors “hot” maybe a few too many times). Now, here are five things that gave us goosebumps and reminded us that, yes, there will be life after Twilight:

1. The Soul eyes look awesome. After hearing the Twilight crew complain that the contact lenses were kinda the hardest part about making the films, we were worried about this. For the uninitiated, the book is about people possessed by alien creatures called Souls, which give their hosts’ eyes a weird silver halo. Instead of that weird blank stare colored contacts can give actors, these made them just seem creepily serene, as they should.

2. It is PACKED with action. The first scene is just like the book, showing Melanie being chased and jumping into an air shaft. And what we saw ended with a dramatic car/truck/helicopter chase.

3. Max Irons is super hot. Especially when making out with Saoirse Ronan in the rain.
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New Stills From The Host Have Us Psyched For Its Dystopian Alien Love Triangle

The Host Still

Man, everyone’s been loving a futuristic dystopian love triangle lately! You got your Katniss, Peeta and Gale in Hunger Games. We guess Bella, Edward and Jacob don’t technically live in a dystopia (or the future), but they are supernatural monsters, and we think that should count. New stills from The Host, based on Stephenie Meyer‘s other novel, definitely have us geared up for a messy Melanie/Jared/Ian romance already. In one of the images, Saoirse Ronan and Jake Abel get their dewy looks on in in front of a terrestrial desertscape; you can check the other one at Entertainment Weekly.

When asked by EW about the novel’s central “love quadrangle, Abel tried to break it down for us: “Yeah, a love box [laughing], between my feelings for Wanda, the alien inside the body, and Jared’s feelings for Melanie, the human who he’s known, whom Ian has never known. Ian has only known this alien.” Yes please! About author Meyer, Jake gushed, “The thing about Stephenie is that she’s highly collaborative. If you have ideas — and we had ideas about the sequels [to the book] — she was like, ‘Tell me! Tell me!’ There were a couple of times I was like, ‘How ’bout this?’ And she was like, ‘Well, I’ll think about it.’ And that’s always so relieving as an actor, because we all want to bring something to the table, and we all understand that the film we’re making is the writer’s baby. There’s parts of you that want to honor their vision.” A vision of steamy pseudo-alien/human romance, that is! Get yourself similarly pumped up with the Host stills that have dropped so far, as well as the trailer:

[Photo: EW]

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The Host Teaser Trailer Creeps Us Out With Stock Photography

We wondered how they’d have enough of The Host done in time to make a compelling teaser trailer to run before The Hunger Games this weekend. After all, the movie’s still being shot and it’s not due out until March 2013. But now that the clip is up on Yahoo! Movies, and we have to say, it’s creepier than we ever imagined while reading Stephenie Meyer’s book. And that’s due to three reasons:

1) The eerie scenario Saoirse Ronan sets up in voice over: “The earth is at peace. There are no wars. There is no hunger. Honesty, courtesy and kindness are practiced by all. The world has never been more perfect. It is no longer your world.”

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