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Nucky Thompson’s Endearing Moments Make The Boardwalk Empire Finale That Much Harder to Accept

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It’s been a long road for Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) and Boardwalk Empire. And tonight, the gangster life culminates for the shows grand finale, which is sure to go out with many bangs. Nucky is the ultimate anti-hero, whose criminal ways are peppered with moments of grey between good and evil. Nucky treads that line expertly. Sometimes ruthless, sometimes compellingly sweet, Nucky is able to be both a malevolent crime boss and a gentle, endearing husband/father/brother/friend.

While it’s easy to stumble over Nucky’s racketeering of seasons past, moments like when he protected and took in Margaret Schroeder (Kelly MacDonald) and her kids are what make him such a great character and Boardwalk Empire such a dynamic experience. Click through the gallery to relive these moments and mourn the end of a truly awesome show.

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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Trailer Has Us So Psyched For A Jim Carrey Comeback

You’ve returned unto us, Jim Carrey! While we love that the trailer for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone contains a variety of delights from bedazzled velvet jumpsuits to Alan Alda to Steve Buscemi in a luxurious blond wig, the most exciting part by far is seeing Jim Carrey back on top of his comedy game as a David Blaine/Criss Angel hybrid. We couldn’t be happier to see him vamping across from Steve Carell‘s earnest magician lead. It’s been a while since Jim Carrey’s been known for anything but that creepy Emma Stone video and disappointing Jenny McCarthy. A long while.

Since 2004, in fact. That’s not say last year’s Mr. Popper’s Penguins wasn’t adorable (Was it? We didn’t even see it), but the last couple years have been a comedic drought for Carrey. While the actor killed it 2009’s I Love You Phillip Morris, other films like Yes Man, Fun With Dick and Jane and that weird CGI version of A Christmas Carol were pretty big misses. As people raised on Liar, Liar, it was a hard time to get through. But now? His wig alone seems worth the price of admission. First Chris Tucker, now Jim Carrey. Welcome back, gentlemen. We really, really missed you and your hysterical high-pitched screams.

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From Snakes On A Plane To Gigli: The Least Award-Worthy Roles Of The 2013 Golden Globe Nominees

The least awards-worthy roles for 2013 Golden Globes nominees

The nominees for the 2013 Golden Globes were announced bright and early this morning, and the list didn’t feature a ton of surprises. Perhaps the most surprising part is that these men and women have all kept truckin’ with their acting careers despite having made some hilariously bad role choices in the past. Congrats guys, you’re an illustration of the enduring human spirit! Or maybe you all just got better agents…

To be fair, folks like Leonardo DiCaprio, Helen Hunt and Joaquin Phoenix when they made their turkeys, so they didn’t know any better. But not everyone in this list has that excuse! Ben Affleck might have a GG nod for best director with Argo, but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that he helped bring Gigli to life. And why have we all forgotten that The Good Wife’s Julianna Margulies was in Snakes On A Plane, or that Alec Baldwin appeared as Mr. Conductor in the children’s train movie Thomas And The Magic Track? It’s pretty priceless!

Let’s dive deep into the IMDB page of these acclaimed thespians and pull out some truly amazing forgotten films. It’s like cinematic naked baby photos! And always remember: You too can still rise to the top, even if you’ve made a movie as bad as She-Devil.

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The 8 Cutest Couples At The 2012 Emmys

Sometimes the best fashion accessory isn’t a cool bag or awesome sunglasses, but a loving partner! The red carpet for the 2012 Emmy Awards was awash with adorable PDAs from some of the biggest A-listers in television. Breaking Bad star and newly minted Emmy winner Aaron Paul could hardly keep his hands off of his lovely fiance Lauren Parsekian, and Broke Girl Kat Dennings was seen looking deep into the lovey dovey eyes of boyfriend Nick Zano. Power couple Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt looked very much the adoring duo (and now we know what that special twinkle in her eye is all about). Jon’s Mad Men costar Christina Hendricks came in on the arm of husband and 500 Days Of Summer goofball Geoffrey Arend.  Head on down to the gallery below for some awww-inspiring photos from the 62nd annual Primetime Emmys!

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Paulina Gretzky And Her Bikini Are The Icing On The Cake For Grown Ups 2 Cast

Grown Ups 2 is set…to have the most ridiculous cast list that we could ever imagine, that is. Paulina Gretzky has been added to the list and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for us (in a nervous kind of way)! She recently made an appearance on our list of The 25 Most Scandalous Celeb Twitpics of 2012 but as if that wasn’t enough, she just posted a pic of her and her friend on the set of Grown Ups 2 rockin’ that bikini bod that we’ve become all too familiar with. Funny folks Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Andy Samberg, Maya Rudolf, and Chris Rock are teaming up with a whole grab bag of celebrity wildcards. Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner, Hunger Games hottie Alexander Ludwig, Steve Buscemi, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Salma Hayek are just a few of the other outrageous cast members that Gretzky will be working side-by-side with in Grown Ups 2. We think she will fit right in to this zany list.

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Who Took Home Trophies At The 2011 Golden Globes (And What Was Up With Nat Port’s Laugh)?


Did you forget to watch the 2011 Golden Globes this evening? Well, aside from missing out on Ricky Gervais committing career hara kiri in front of an audience filled with Hollywood’s biggest power players, you missed a whole bunch of acceptance speeches with varying levels of grace and aplomb.

Before we get into the tonight’s full list of winners, we would be remiss if we didn’t call attention to Natalie Portman’s bizarre laugh. As TheFABLife buddy Molly Lambert over at This Recording noted on Twitter, Portman’s guttural guffaw sounded a lot like Charlene Yi in Knocked Up. Practice your laugh game before the Oscars, girl!

And now, for the winners…

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