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A Girl’s Guide To Loving Jackass

Bad Grandpa

Johnny Knoxville and Jackson Nicoll in ‘Bad Grandpa.’

Gross-out humor. Lots of jokes about genitalia. Guys doing stupid stunts that put their lives in danger just to impress each other. There’s a lot in the whole Jackass franchise to make smart women shudder and look the other way. Not to buy entirely into stereotypes here — some of us are WAY into gross-out genitalia stunts, of course. But as a girly girl who’s been a fan of Johnny Knoxville and Co. for 13 years now, I’m here to tell you, shall we say, rom-com-loving ladies that there’s plenty for you to love in this body of work too. Allow me to walk you through it in seven easy steps.
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The Flings of 2012: Russell & Ginger, Skrillex & Ellie, And Other Celebs Who Got Together (And Then Broke Up) This Year

2012! The year of The (supposed) Apocalypse. The year of “Call Me Maybe” (which may be related to the Apocalypse, who really knows?). And, finally, the year of a few ill-fated celebrity hookups. Call them flings or fleeting romances or however else you hold on to your faith in true love, from Skrillex and Ellie Goulding to Russell Brand and Ginger Spice, these are the celebs who got together and then quickly broke apart this very year:

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Miley Cyrus Debuts Her Teddy Roosevelt Inspired Tattoo. Yup, Add That To Our List Of WTF Celebrity Ink

Miley Cyrus gets a Teddy Roosevelt tattoo

Ke$ha topped the list of our 20 Worst Celebrity Tattoos a few weeks back when she proudly displayed her inner lip ink reading “Suck It” on instagram. But now the dollar-signed-one might have some competition in Miley Cyrus, who was seen today showing off her new Theodore Roosevelt-inspired tattoo. We say “might,” because honestly we’re not sure how to feel about it. Body art inspired by our 26th president isn’t something we come across on a regular basis. On one hand, we guess it’s a pretty cool quote taken from a 1910 speech in which he said “So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” But on the other hand…what? And furthermore, WTF? We know you’re just being Miley, but damn. Maybe she’s still feeling the patriotism from her 4th of July festivities. Head on down to the gallery below to see more celebrity tattoos that left us scratching our heads!

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Ke$ha’s New Mouth Ink Tops Our 20 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

Ke$ha Mouth Tattoo

Ke$ha, you’ve won again. You always do. Though never with a disturbing orifice tattoo before. “New tattoo!” the singer proclaimed on Instagram, displaying both her new “Suck It!” inner lip tattoo and what appears to be a gold toof. While we need some time to wrap our heads around why and to what purpose Ke$ha would get the inside of her mouth inked (Is it a command? To whom? Is it a reminder? It’s a reminder, isn’t it?), we only needed to see the photo for a millisecond to crown her queen of the bad celebrity tattoos, joining the likes of Gucci Mane‘s ice cream cone face ink and Hayden Panettiere‘s misspelled torso tattoo.

Don’t feel bad, every other famous with an awful tattoo! We probably just don’t know about your mouth art yet. Let us know, please; it’s what Instagram is for. In the meantime, everyone else can take a gander at our worst celebrity tattoo gallery. With Ke$ha at the lead, it looks like ya’ll need to start upping your bad tattoo game…

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4/20 Party! 25 Celebs Caught Smoking Pot

We all love a good marijuana scandal — let’s say it’s the kind of thing that proves the rich and famous are human. Naturally, rappers like Wiz Khalifa actors like James Franco are the equivalent of a super prompt delivery service for these stories. But sometimes we like the special stuff, like when a less obvious star is caught on camera like Miley Cyrus smoking salvia on her 18th birthday. And it’s a riot when celebs full-on boast of their relationship with the green stuff, like Soulja Boy did via Twitter. Were we a little surprised when Robin Thicke was busted for pot possession? Hmm, maybe just by the fact that he got caught.

Now, it’s not like we’re advocating drug use here, folks. We’re just going to celebrate 4/20 the best way we know how, by looking at all our favorite famous people, including Kristen Stewart , Rihanna and Rupert Grint with the infamous Ms. Mary Jane.

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Are Steve-O And George Clooney Ex Elisabetta Canalis Really Dating?

Well, this is … unexpected. According to TMZ, George Clooney‘s ex Elisabetta Canalis and Jackass star Steve-O were spotted visiting the Trust Hair Salon in West Hollywood this weekend; rumor has it the two have reportedly been hanging out for the past month or so. We know what you’re thinking: “Just because they have the same stylist doesn’t mean they’re canoodling, you guys. Maybe they just have the same kind of problem scalp!” Let’s not be naive, shall we? On an unrelated note, could someone check and see if Sarah Larson is currently dating Wee Man? We just got a powerful premonition the answer is yes.

In case you had forgotten, Elisabetta was last seen rebounding with Necessary Roughness hottie Mehcad Brooks this fall, after splitting with Clooney over the summer. Steve-O was last seen drinking Preston Lacy‘s exercise sweat in Jackass 3D.  We guess Canalis really doesn’t have a type, unless it’s just generally “funny men who get paid to do the thing they love.” That must be it, because there is no way Clooney has been voluntarily hit in the junk nearly as many times as her new man. Meanwhile, George sits up at night watching Stacy Keibler sleep, all the while just…wondering.

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Jackass Crew Spoofs Inception For Critics’ Choice Awards

Brace yourself for a dose of Jackass at this year’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, airing live Friday at 9/8c. Featuring the likes of Matt Damon, Quentin Tarantino, Julianne Moore, Gov. Schwarzenegger and many A-list attendees, this star-studded show will be shaken up a bit as Johnny Knoxville and gang parody movies up for Best Picture. In addition to Inception (ever wonder about the lovely ladies who haunt Steve-O‘s dreams?), the crew is setting its sights on The Social Network, Black Swan and 127 Hours.

Spoiler alert: Bam Margera to get naked for The Social Network! Tune in at 8/7c for the Critics’ Choice Awards red carpet extravaganza, hosted by La La Vazquez and Tim Kash. Maroon 5 is this year’s house band.

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The Ten Craziest Looks From The Jackass 3D Premiere

The main thing we learned from the Jackass 3D premiere is that life needs more Rip Taylor. The former game show regular and friend to the Jackass family is killing us in his pictures from the film’s L.A. premiere last night, but he’s just one of many interesting characters who walked the red carpet. Rather than just throw together a regular gallery from the film’s premiere, we decided to put together a Top Ten Most Insane Looks list because there was a hot cup of crazy being passed around last night, and everyone was drinking from it. In addition to the regular Jackass crew, Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and Steve-O, we got some old MTV favorites, some total randos and some people we can’t explain. See for yourself.

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Wardrobe Malfunctions And Make-Out Sessions On Dancing With The Stars Set

shawn johnson & steve-o

Paps caught some moments behind the scenes at Dancing With The Stars this week that the stars would probably have preferred to keep private. Shawn Johnson said she loved her ballroom gown when the judges praised her Viennese Waltz (“This is the new Shawn Johnson!”). But judging from the photos backstage, the gown wasn’t loving her at first. Either that, or her boob itched something fierce.

Meanwhile, Steve-O (whose Viennese Waltz was the lowest scoring dance of the night) was caught making out with a girlfriend in his little Frenchman outfit. Actually, with all the crap he’s done in public, getting caught indulging in a little grab-ass is no big deal. Plus, she was grabbing his.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Holly Madison Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars

She did her best after being told she would be on Dancing With The Stars with only a week to practice, but Holly Madison sadly was eliminated last night from the ABC reality show.

Holly and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak were sent home after, for the first time this season, the contestants with the lowest scores from the judges were still at the bottom when the viewers votes were factored in.

Holly and Steve were in the bottom three, along with “Jackass” star Steve-O who talked openly about his battle with substance abuse. “I’m not used to dealing with high-pressure situations without the help of drugs and alcohol, and this is a lot of pressure. I’ve made it through, you know, so far, without getting loaded, so I feel like a complete champion,” he said.

Now Steve can go back to being a genius and Holly can go back to being a blonde bombshell, like  in our gallery below! [Source:; Photo: ]