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The 20 Biggest Summer Blockbusters Of All Time


What’s the best way to escape the summer heat? Going to the movies! Seriously. It’s dark, they’ve got the AC cranked up to subzero temperatures, and there’s all sorts of cold drinks and ice cream. What’s not to love!? With that in mind, it’s no wonder that studios save their heavy hitters for these hot ‘n’ humid months, thus creating a movie sub-type all its own: The Summer Blockbuster.

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Watch: Anne Hathaway Humblebrags About Hanging Out With Steven Spielberg

Anne Hathaway‘s Oscar campaign has been the topic of much scrutiny over the past couple of months. She’s adorable and genuine! She’s cloying! She’s trying too hard! We’re being too hard on her for trying to hard! Ah the circle of life, Awards Season style. Regardless of your feelings about Hathaway’s schtick, it was out in full force at the Oscars Nominee Luncheon earlier this week. Anne charmed the press room with tales of hunt for an Oscar night-worthy gown, her Super Bowl eating habits, and being BFF with the director of every awesome movie ever made, ever.*

“I don’t know how to say this without sounding obnoxious,” said the actress, giggling. “But I’ve been hanging out with Steven Spielberg lately.”

Oh Anne – we’re eye-rolling and loving you all at once.

(*Except you, War Horse. You were kind of a snooze.)

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Chris Hemsworth To Join Steven Spielberg’s Pantheon Of Action Heroes With Robocolypse?

Chris Hemsworth

Seeing as how he’s already killed it in Snow White and the Huntsman, The Avengers and Thor, it was only a matter of type before Steven Spielberg knocked on Chris Hemsworth‘s door and ushered him into cinematic history. (Can you tell how much we loved A.I.?) That’s the rumor from Deadline, anyway; the site claims the director is pursuing Hemsworth to star in “technothriller” Robocolypse, a film based on the titular Daniel H. Wilson novel about “the human race’s attempt to survive an apocalyptic robot uprising.” So, right up both of their alleys, is what we’re saying.

Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but given his action success, acting prowess and dreamy hair, we suspect it’s only a matter of time until Chris makes it into Spielberg’s top five classic action heroes list. Who are the other four? We are so glad you asked.

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Rihanna Busts A Move With Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw And Sheryl Crow

This is why we say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s Rihanna singing, with Steven Spielberg filming her on his phone, while Kate Capshaw, Sheryl Crow and Joel Silver clap and bust some moves. This unexpected bout of mirth happened at the Beverly Hilton Hotel during the 15th annual “An Unforgettable Evening” which benefited EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund. Now sadly, we couldn’t see an of Spielberg’s dance moves because he was too busy filming Ri-Ri, but his wife — Capshaw, who is a total hottie, FYI — took care of that department. She was seen getting down with the singer, with Sheryl making it a really dance-happy trio.  Click after the jump to see two more shots of the ladies as well as one of Steven, Kate and Sheryl looking quite tired (but in a good way) from all the shenanigans. Read more…

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Octavia Spencer Complains About Her Louboutins And 10 Other Great Golden Globes Press Room Moments

There’s a party going on right here at the Beverly Hilton. The Golden Globes truly are a celebration to last through out the year. (Check out our favorite moments from the show!) Dare we say that it might even be the most fun night in Hollywood… EVER. Everyone — press, crew, celebs — is in good spirits, the booze is plentiful, and the emphasis is on having a good time. And everything is so pretty! The Beverly Hilton is a beautiful and iconic spot any day of the week, but there’s something extra magical about tonight’s event. The red carpet actually felt like a living, breathing thing and it. Is. FIERCE.

But the best part of the night was, of course, hearing from the winners, in all their sweet, excited glory. We were stationed in the press room and had the privilege of listening to all their best moments — from the absolutely ridiculous to the downright cry-worthy. We count ‘em down for you below.

  • Octavia Spencer kicking her shoes off in the middle of answering questions, and then delivering this important message: “Christian Louboutin, I love you, but when you have this much weigh you gotta give us a little platform.”
  • George Clooney answering the “Where is Ryan Gosling?” question: “He’s [working] in Thailand. And you know what they do in Thailand.
  • Matt LeBlanc having a “Joey” moment onstage, answering a reporter’s question with “How you doin’?”

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Steven Spielberg Asked Megan Fox Be Fired Over Hitler Comments, Says Bay

Clearly even if you think your boss acts like a tyrant, you shouldn’t go around saying it out loud, to the press, by comparing him to one of biggest monsters in modern history. Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon director Michael Bay recently told The Daily that Megan Fox’s firing came at the behest of executive producer Steven Spielberg following some unflattering comparisons to the dictator. “‘You know the Hitler thing,’ Steven (Spielberg) said,” Bay explained, describing their conversation. “‘Fire her right now.'” To be clear, this is what any boss would do if he or she heard you calling him or her Hitler in public, which is why you save it for those panicky phone calls to your best friend you make from the unisex bathroom. Common sense, people!

Apparently Megan Fox’s Hitler comments came when the actress was already cast in the third film across from Shia LeBeouf, as part of a very ill-advised interview with British magazine Wonderland. In the article Fox described Bay as being “like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad-man reputation … he wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is.” Rosie Huntington-Whitley subsequently replaced Fox, who hopefully just writes down all her hateful thoughts about Michael Bay in her journal before immediately feeding them into the shredder and sprinkling them with old coffee grounds.

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Steven Spielberg Brainstorms Jurassic Park 4

It’s been ten years since Jurassic Park III hit theaters, which means the film series is about, oh, seven years overdo for a reboot. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park 4 might be on it’s way sooner rather than later; the director has been meeting with screenwriter Mark Protosevich about how they could potentially make more millions of dollars….we mean, how they can figure out a great new plot for a possible fourth movie!

Given that Spielberg was the director for the first two film and executive produced the last, we assume any subsequent movie would be more of a sequel than a total overhaul. Don’t remember how the series left off? Let’s just say the last movie involved para-sailing, giant piles of dinosaur doots and phone calls coming from inside a dinosaur’s stomach. Really. To quote Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jeff Goldblum‘s finest role, it looks like somebody got so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.



What real life lovers and TV co-stars were spotted at the Saturday Night Live after party in New York City?

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