Steven Tyler’s Grandson Won’t Watch Idol, Says Daughter Liv

While Liv Tyler watches American Idol to support her father Steven (“I love it”) she admitted to Extra that her 6-year-old son Milo is not a fan. “You know what’s really funny? Milo does not want to watch it. and gets really grumpy with me, like, ‘We are NOT watching American Idol!'” she laughed. “And I’m like ‘excuse me, young man! We have to watch!'”

“It’s right at that time of, you know, bedtime and story time,” she explained, “well, that’s [Milo’s] lame excuse.” We can’t blame her for being suspicious.  A little boy who’d rather go to bed and have mom read a story than stay up late to watch TV? It probably has something to do with watching his goofball Grandpa strut and shriek at the drop of a hat. Milo probably gets enough of that on holidays.

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So Much American Idol Drama Last Night!

If you DVR’d American Idol last night and haven’t watched yet, a big spoiler alert to you all – you may not want to read on. Last night’s Idol was easily the most entertaining episode in recent years. A Steven Tyler birthday celebration! A wrestling throwdown in the (haunted!) Idol mansion, a special appearance by Hulk Hogan, and a hugely emotional finale. Come ON! So good. For the past two weeks, early favorite Casey Abrams hasn’t been performing as well as America liked though, with a terrifying version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” two weeks ago and a slick-haired rendition of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” on Wednesday.

America must’ve missed his upright bass or something because they voted Casey, who is one of the clear front-runners, to the very bottom last night and he had to sing for the judges. In case you missed it, Casey didn’t get more than fifteen seconds into his song when the judges dramatically stopped him and told him he was saved, causing a chain reaction of tears, screams, a pasty and shaking Casey on the verge of near-collapse (he does have health issues, we were worried for a sec), and then an awkward Casey headbutt into Ryan Seacrest‘s crotch. It was amazing. But with only one judges’ save per season, should they have used it on him? We’re glad they did, but what do you think, should they have saved it in case someone like James Durbin or Pia Toscano needed it?

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Jennifer Lopez Falls Apart During American Idol Eliminations

The American Idol Sob Story is a trademark of the show, and there’s always at least one contestant whose heartbreak and hardships are inspiring. This season, the Idol Sob Story belonged to Chris Medina, a singer whose fianceé, Juliana, was in a car accident that left her brain-damaged and under the constant care of her mother and Medina, who remains devoted to her. So when it came time for the judges to choose the final 24 contestants of the season and Medina wasn’t one of them, it was a little tough to see him go, especially for Jennifer Lopez, who cried as she delivered the news.

Lopez has been slowly winning us over with her gig at Idol this season. Overall, the show has become a kinder, more supportive environment thanks to Lopez and her fellow new judge Steven Tyler, but last night, Lopez showed some serious emotion and started bawling after telling Medina he was out. “It honestly breaks my heart to say this but you did not make it,” Lopez said before melting down into a Jenny From The Block sized puddle of tears, which made us melt a little too. While Medina bowed out gracefully, the episode took a bizarre turn as it ended on a “To Be Continued” note, with Lopez saying “I don’t want to do this anymore.” Usually the Idol cliffhangers are reserved for which contestants will leave the show, not whether or not a judge will leave. We do have to say that J. Lo’s breakdown does make her more human, but do you really think she’ll leave the show?

Watch Jennifer Lopez’s American Idol meltdown after the jump.

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Steven Tyler’s Drug Addiction Involved Lunesta-Snorting

There’s a reason that Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were once called the Toxic Twins. The pair was known for legendary drug use, and Tyler admitted to David Letterman last night that he was using drugs as recently as 2009, and not just any drugs. Tyler says he was crushing and snorting the prescription sleep aid Lunesta which he used for a “foot problem.” Because he wanted his feet to fall asleep, we guess?

Tyler jokes about how ridiculous it all sounds to Letterman and how his Lunesta-snorting led to him falling off a stage at a show in 2009. Tyler says “It’s not any news here about my drug use in the past…So a couple years ago, I was doing Lunesta because of some problems with my feet. I was snorting that, I fell off the stage.” DOING Lunesta! Hilarious. He continued “That shows you what kind of a drug addict I was…only the finest for me…I was looking for any excuse to get high.” An incredulous Letterman laughs throughout, asking the questions on all our minds “Is Lunesta good for your feet?” and “When you snort it does it have some kind of different reaction with the body chemistry than when you swallow it?” (Answers: No and Yes.) We assume that now that Tyler is going to be on American Idol twice a week now, he’s got a reason to stay sober—if he falls off the Idol stage he has a much bigger audience watching.


Steven Tyler Confirms That J. Lo Is Indeed “Street”

After working together as the newest judges on American Idol, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have gotten to know each other fairly well. And now that they’re judging buddies, Tyler can confirm the one thing we most wonder about J. Lo: is she really still Jenny from the block? Tyler says…..YES. Phew! And he should know, right?

Tyler tells Us Magazine “She’s ridiculous. You know, she’s exactly what I thought she’d be. She’s street.” We don’t have a clue if this is meant as a compliment or not. We guess it is, since J. Lo  is still trying to convince herself she’s one of us poor people despite her manse on Long Island and island vacations and whatnot. Tyler also said of Lopez, “first and foremost, she’s a lady and she’s not afraid to show that at any given time,” which, again, could be a compliment, or it could also be taken in a very dirty context (remember J. Lo’s crotch flash in Cuba?). But we’ll assume it’s the former.


The New Idol Judges Are Already Working Hard To Crush Dreams


We won’t actually get to see the fruits of  their labor until January 2011, but the new American Idol judges have already been put to work tearing apart the latest crop of hopefuls. This photo of them on the set at a New Jersey audition yesterday was Tweeted by producer Nigel Lythgoe who wrote “It’s great to be back on American Idol. The judges were great.”

While some blogs have noticed that Randy Jackson is now occupying Simon Cowell‘s old spot, we think Randy, as the most senior-ranking judge at this point has tenure and deserves it. This means that Tyler gets Randy’s seat, so he’ll have to fill the “inoffensive, sometimes pandering, often nonsensical jibberish” judging role, while Lopez, seated in the center, will fill the “I’m just a dancer with a singing career, listen to my inoffensive, sometimes pandering, often nonsensical jibberish” judge quota. And just like Elijah, the producers had the good sense to leave Kara DioGuardi‘s seat empty.

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File Under “News We Already Knew”: J. Lo And Steven Tyler Are Your Idol Judges


Well, it only took months of speculation, one “firing“, one “un-firing” and several contract negotiations, but we now have confirmation that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are definitely our new American Idol judges.

It was “revealed” in a  press conference today, where Ryan Seacrest kicked off by saying “We are looking for the next star in music. We usually ask, who will be the next American Idol? We never asked this question, who will be the next judges on American Idol?” And then, in a puff of smoke reminiscent of Spinal Tap, Lopez and Tyler made their entrance on the stage, joining their fellow judge Randy Jackson and ending all speculation. And then, just as you’d expect, they each gave a statement riddled with clichés. First, Tyler said ” I want to bring some rock to this roller coaster.” For reals. Then Lopez said to no one in particular “It is about concentrating in the moment, do the best you can. Just live! Just live, it’s your moment.”And not to be left out, Jackson yelled “I am calling season 10 the remix, baby!” Because it’s the same, but different, dawg!

So with that, let the search for the next Lee DeWyze begin!

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