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20 Adorable Couples Being Adorable To Get You In The Valentine’s Mood

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or not, depending on how you feel about the holiday. And listen, we know there are a lot of singletons out there who are not so pleased about how much we in the media focus on this holiday. But we can’t help it, OK? We cover divorces and breakdowns and deaths and fights all the time, and it’s really nice to have a day that’s all about the important things in life. (No, not the unveiling of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, though that’s nice too.) We just really want to escape from it all and look at Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez nuzzling each other. We would like to soak in the happiness that is Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen’s love, bask in Jay-Z and Beyonce’s adorable glory, shiver with delight at the perpetual hotness of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and marvel at the lasting power of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. We are hoping some of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s world-saving affection will rub off on us. And we’re even going to allow for some admiration of Tom Brady and Gisele Bunchen, football loyalties aside.

But here’s some good news for you black-hearted V-day haters: The last time we did a best couples gallery, back in December, one of those couples announced their divorce a few days later. Oh, no! What have we done?!?

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Robert Downey Jr. And Wife Welcome Robot Baby Boy

Robert Downey Jr.‘s wife, Susan Downey, gave birth to a tiny robot son in L.A. this morning! That’s what we have to assume, anyway, based solely on the baby’s name: Exton Elias Downey. Any name that starts with an “Ex” already sounds a little futuristic for an adorable chubby baby. Plus, what other kind of child could we expect Iron Man to have? A human one? Seems like a missed opportunity to just name their kid “Robot Downey Jr.,” but who are we to judge? He’s not our teeny cyborg infant.

After announcing their pregnancy back in August, RDJ spent the last five months barely able to contain his excitement. “Her breasts have gotten so big that I’m bumping into them!” The Avengers star raved about his pregnant spouse at the Cinematheque Award Gala back in October. “Just so voluptuous and so cosmically endowed … so ripe, about to fall off the tree.” Exton joins older brother Indio, Downey’s teenage son from his previous marriage to Deborah Falconer, and can hopefully use his adorable laser eyes to erase any Susan Downey-related boob commentary from both their memories.

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Robert Downey Jr.: My Wife’s Breasts Are “So Big!”

Yep, you read that right! Robert Downey Jr. chatted with VH1 at the American Cinematheque Award Gala in his honor and immediately told me — unprompted — about his pregnant wife’s growing breasts. Super-producer Susan Downey laughed along as her marveled over their size after bumping into her at the start of our interview, calling her “cosmically endowed.” You really can’t make this stuff up, especially because I was there and participated in the entire conversation.

When we asked about the new Avengers trailer, the Oscar nominee said he was “delighted to hear that it broke the download record” on iTunes. RDJ told us that when he heard it got over 10 million downloads he responded, “Is that a lot?” Answer: Hell yes ,it is! “It’s gonna be good,” he added. Duh, we replied in our head. It looks amazing.

The Downeys were absolutely adorable together on the red carpet. The pair cuddled and laughed as they chatted with reporters. Susan, who runs their production company, Team Downey, stunned in a brown dress and sparkling sky-high heels that had every lady on the press line drooling. Right after we finished our chat, the actor was engulfed in a bear hug from Mel Gibson. It doesn’t get more Hollywood than that.