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Diddy, Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde And More Turn Up For 121212 Benefit Concert

Celebrities At 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert

We’ve already seen Kristen Stewart doing her thing and speaking on stage to support 121212, a concert benefiting the Robin Hood Relief Fund to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, held at Madison Square Garden in New York City yesterday. But she wasn’t the only celebrity who turned up to lend their voices. Like Blake Lively, who looked lovely in an orange Isabel Marant dress with caged Christian Louboutin ankle booties and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. Diddy was there too, as was Olivia Wilde, who wore skinny jeans and an awesome pair of red studded pumps. We’re guessing those are Louboutins too.

Celebrities At 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert

Katie Holmes showed up in head-to-toe Tom Ford in a pretty interesting cut-velvet, electric violet dress. Susan Sarandon was age-defying as usual, in all black, with a snazzy fitted zippered jacket. Martha Stewart even wore leather pants! Zosia Mamet puzzles us. She’s one of our favorite characters on Girls and seems hysterically funny but is always so taciturn in photographs. Like, this is a great cause … lighten up and smile a little! It’s okay that your pants don’t fit and your shirt’s making us drowsy. Chelsea Clinton was on the other side of the spectrum, looking polished and with a smile that didn’t leave her face, just like Gina Gershon, only the latter stuck to her usual rock chic and bedhead. She does work it, though! Read more…

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Susan Sarandon Aims To Make ’80s Ping-Pong Movie

In Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Susan Sarandon plays a woman trying to get her grown son out of her basement. In real life, the actress is devoted to bringing an age-old basement sport, ping-pong, out into the open. She’s already the co-owner of the Manhattan ping-pong club SPiN, and last year she donated $98,500 to bring the sport to New York City public schools. But what about melding the pastime with her day job and making a movie?

“I have a script that might be done in September that someone came to me with, that I’m looking into,” she told VH1 News, describing the story as “The Karate Kid with ping-pong.” But this doesn’t sound anything like the last ping-pong movie to bounce off the screen, the critically panned Balls of Fury.
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Ed Helms Talks The End Of The Office

Fans of NBC’s The Office were cautiously optimistic when star Steve Carell departed the series last spring. Although quite clearly the heart and soul of the show, many hoped that the incredibly strong ensemble cast would carry the series through at least a few more successful seasons without the hapless Michael Scott at thte helm. But sadly, it already looks as though the remaining Dunder Mifflin crew is starting to splinter. James Spader has announced his exit after a year on the show as office jedi Robert California. Show writer and actor Mindy Kaling has an uncertain future on the show, depending on whether her her pilot is picked up over at Fox, and head-writer Daniel Chun has signed a deal with rival network ABC.

VH1 News caught up with current Dunder Mifflin boss Ed Helms while he was promoting Jeff Who Lives At Home last weekend. In addition to talking about his new film, Helms opened up about how he’d like the see The Office wrapped up when the time finally comes. “I hope whatever it is — I hope it’s after a nice long run and has a real celebration of the amazing cast.” We have to admit, even as the cast starts to pursue other opportunities, we’ll still be sad to say farewell to the prime-time mainstay that’s been bringing laughter to homes (and offices!) for nearly seven years. Even without Carell, The Office has always left us smiling and satisfied.

That’s what she said.

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Shakira Attacked By Sea Lion, And 10 Other Weird Celeb Vs. Wild Encounters

Terror never looked as adorable as when Shakira was attacked by a sea lion over the weekend! The hip-shaking singer was touring Cape Town, South Africa, when she spotted the cute but not-so-cuddly creature nearby. As she bent down to say hello, the animal apparently thought that her cell phone was a fish and sprang out of the water with its teeth out. The sea lion took a bite out of her hand before her brother was able to come to her rescue and pull the two apart. Both humans suffered scraped hands and arms. No word on the sea lion’s condition, but we imagine it’s doing all right.

Shakira posted pictures of her injuries to her Facebook in an album hilariously titled “Special Report: Attacked by a Sea Lion.” In the captions she dramatically recounts the incident in vivid detail. “One of [the sea lions] jumped out of the water so fast and impetuously that it got about one foot away from me, looked me in the eye, roared in fury and tried to bite me,” she wrote. She made sure to thank her brother “Super Tony” for saving her life and “taking me away from the beast.”

Sure, the whole ordeal seems like a freak accident, but animals tango with famous people much more often than you might think. Check out the gallery below for more celebrities who have survived awkward run-ins with wildlife!

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Susan Sarandon Calls The Pope A “Nazi”

Another day, another celebrity making some totally out-of-the-blue reference to the Nazis. No, it’s not Lars Von Trier comparing himself to Hitler this time around. We mean, he’s probably still doing that,  just quietly to himself. No, instead Susan Sarandon’s Nazi comments, made during this weekend’s Hampton Film Festival, came at the expense of Pope Benedict XVI, who seems like a pretty easy target if you ask us. When clarifying which pontiff she had sent a copy of Dead Man Walking, Sarandon said, “The last one [Pope John Paul II], not this Nazi one we have now.” Sarandon then repeated the joke again while the audience laughed. Ouch! Now that’s a (completely unnecessary) burn right there!

According to TMZ, the papal PR team allegedly acknowledges that, while the Pope was a member of the Hitler Youth as a child, he had no “active participation” within the dread German party. Since Benedict still gets to be the Pope no matter how many zingers the cast of Bull Durham tosses his way, we doubt he would be too upset by the crack. Just don’t tell that joke around Lars Von Trier, or else he will never take the Vatican off speed dial.

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Eva Amurri Gets Racy For Her Very Public Bachelorette Invite

Susan Sarandon‘s daughter Eva Amurri is celebrating her bachelorette party at Lavo in Vegas on Friday. It’s clearly not the era of blushing brides anymore considering the invite (see above) where Eva looks all come-hither in sheer, white and black-detailed lingerie. She’s marrying ex soccer player Kyle Martino, who met his fiancee at her — and this is fate’s hand, clearly — at a lingerie shoot for Maxim magazine. What we’re kinda having a problem with is this — why would anyone want to have such a public bachelorette party with a bunch of random, sweaty people? It seems like such a Kardashian-Paris Hilton thing to do! And that invite is very ‘pimp my wedding’, isn’t it? Looks like every little bit of a celebrity wedding can be encashed now. Do you think it’s in poor taste?

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Susan Sarandon In Talks To Play Andy Samberg’s Sexy Mom, This Time On Film

There are worse things for a sixty-something actress than being typecast as Andy Samberg‘s sexy mom.  The Hollywood Reporter says that Susan Sarandon in talks to teacher Mary McGarrigle, who hooks up with Adam Sandler in their new movie, I Hate You, Dad. Leighton Meester will play Samberg’s fiancee, who fights with Sandler after the titular dad moves into his son’s apartment all wacky-like, while Vanilla Ice and Ian Ziering both play wacky, fictional versions of themselves. With that much winking self-awareness, how can this not be a hit?

As digital short enthusiasts know, Sarandon has already played Samberg’s mom in the classic clip “Mother Lover,” where she gets her freak on with Justin Timberlake while Andy’s busy satisfying JT’s mom, Patricia Clarkson. It’s not quite clear if Sarandon would be Samberg’s mom or his stepmom, but either way she’d be a major asset to the film. People have been paying to see her seduce younger men since Bull Durham and White Palace! The question, if anything, is why she’d bother with Sandler.

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Beastie Boys’ Fight For Your Right: Revisited Trailer Released

Back in January we reported that Beastie Boy Adam Yauch‘s battle with cancer was successful, and since his treatments have ended, the band has been busy. They’ve been working on their latest album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, which will release on May 3, and they made a short film called Fight For Your Right: Revisited, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The trailer for the short was just released online and as you can imagine, the film revisits and reenacts the Boys’ famous “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” video and consists of wall-to-wall celebrity cameos. Check out the who’s who of Hollywood comedians (and Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci which … sure, why not?) in the video above.