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‘Empire’ Music Director Jim Beanz Spills on Terrence Howard’s Rap Skills and Cookie’s Musical Potential


The seventh episode of Empire airs tonight, and we know you’re prepping for it by listening to “Drip Drop” for the hundredth time this week. While you were all daydreaming about Jamal and Hakeem, we talked to Jim Beanz, longtime Timbaland collaborator and the man behind Empire’s soundtrack, about what to look forward to this season. Would you Empire fans be down with a Terrence Howard rap performance? Read more…


‘Empire’ Breakout Cookie Lyon is a Stronger Female Character Than Olivia Pope

Empire Cookie Lyon Taraji P Henson

-Jasmine Grant

On Empire, Taraji P. Henson plays Cookie Lyon, hard-nosed matriarch of the Lyon family and betrayed co-founder of Empire Entertainment out to get her slice of the pie. Cookie has given Scandal‘s Gladiators a breath of fresh air with her approach as a leading lady — serving up beauty, street-smarts, and braun. At a time when Scandal‘s love triangle has gotten stale with viewers, Cookie burst into our living rooms in style, and stole the show. Read more…


The Most Hilarious Memes from Last Night’s ‘Empire’

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By now we know Empire is more than a rip-off of 50 Cent‘s Power. Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard star in the hip-hop focused family drama that brings celebrity cameos (Naomi Campbell! Cuba Gooding, Jr.! Er, Judd Nelson?) and true soapiness to primetime. If you’re not watching, you should be. Read more…