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Daniel Craig’s SNL Promos Aren’t The First Time This James Bond Has Cracked Us Up

We absolutely love when Saturday Night Live gives normally serious actors a chance to prove their comedic chops — and sometimes we even love it when they don’t. From the looks of his promos with Taran Killam, this week’s host, Daniel Craig, has a good shot at falling into the former category. His whiny “I don’t like guns” kills us almost as much as the silly montage at the end. This got us wondering if this was really the first time we’d seen the gorgeous Brit do comedy — Layer Cake, Munich, Casino Royale and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo certainly aren’t knee-slappers. Earlier this summer, he did mention to The Sun that his next Bond flick, Skyfall, would actually have some humorous moments, after making two 007 movies that completely ignored the franchise’s campy origins.

“I think there are some very funny lines in it but then I have a very dark sense of humour, so others might not agree with me,” he told the paper. Asked for what else the movie offered, he said, “Go-go dancers. It’s not something I have done before and I thought it was about time I showed that part of myself.”

But after a bit of searching, we did find one rather hilarious skit Craig did back in 2007, for the British charity Comic Relief. It stars him as himself and Catherine Tate as a woman who met him on an online dating site.

We also rather enjoyed Daniel’s visit to The Colbert Report last December, where he didn’t exactly crack jokes, but we got to see his glorious smile as the host challenged him to arm wrestle. And, of course, who can forget James Bond’s appearance at this summer’s Olympics, where he escorted Queen Elizabeth II via parachute to the Opening Ceremonies. It’s not ROTFLMAO material, to be sure, but we love this evidence of his ability to spoof himself.

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Lindsay Lohan Is A “Good Sport” Says SNL’s Taran Killam

There’s good and bad news for Lindsay Lohan on the Monday after her fourth appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The good news: It was the second-highest-rated episode of the season, behind only the Charles Barkley episode that aired after an NFL playoff game. The bad: She’s being critically panned for seeming nervous and obviously reading cue cards. FABlife readers are pretty evenly divided in our poll: While 46 percent say she was “Terrible,” 23 percent thought she was “Fantastic,” and 30 percent said she did “OK.”

How did the castmembers think she did? Well, obvs they’re not about to pan Lindsay’s performance in public, but Taran Kellam, who co-starred with her in the “Real Housewives of Disney” and “B108FM” sketches, did talk to VH1 News about the experience on the red carpet of Epix’s Secret Policeman’s Ball on Sunday.

“There was, of course, apprehension going in, and she just diffused that almost immediately,” Taran admitted. “She was really great, a good sport.” Read more…