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Hot Or HOT: 25 Celebs On Bicycles Sweating Too Much (Or Making Us Sweat)


I think we can all agree that riding a bicycle is an incredibly hot mode of transportation. Either you’re happily biking along, with the wind in your hair, looking incredibly fine, or you’re sweating from heat exhaustion.

Don’t believe us? The 25 cycling celebs are on our list are either sweating too much, and are hot temperature-wise, or are still sexy and smoking HOT. Which celeb is which? Click through to find out…

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Taylor Lautner’s Sexy Night Out

New Yorkers weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the beautiful weather in the city this weekend. Rob Shuter reports that Twilight star Taylor Lautner had a sexy night out. He was spotted dancing the night away at an exclusive club and even shaking his booty with an unnamed brunette. But Rob tells us he went home alone.

Meanwhile, Lautner’s latest gal pal, Maika Monroe, was nowhere to be seen.

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Celebrate Taylor Lautner’s 21st Birthday With 10 Shots Of His Bulging Biceps

10 Photos Of Taylor Lautner's Bulging Biceps

If you read this site enough, you’ll probably get the impression that we’re all a bunch of rabid raving Robert Pattinson super-fans.  And you would be correct. But considering that today is Taylor Lautner’s 21st birthday, we’ve decided to fly the Team Jacob Flag!

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From Nicholas Hoult To Bow Wow: 15 Actors Who Went From Boys To (Hot) Men

Nicholas Hoult, Bow Wow, Josh Hutcherson, Shia LaBeouf

As we were fanning ourselves while watching Nicholas Hoult play a weirdly hot zombie in Warm Bodies, we had to come to terms with the fact that this strapping young actor was the adorable young-un who helped Hugh Grant get the girl in About a Boy 10 years ago. Wow, we thought, what a pleasant surprise to see these cute child stars make good … and yummy. But really, we shouldn’t be that surprised. As we started combing back through the boy stars of the early 2000s, we discovered a nice number of them had made this transition quite nicely. From big movie names like Daniel Radcliffe and Bow Wow to TV stars like Shia LaBeouf and Zac Efron, these kids are making good — and are now totally legal and not at all creepy to stare at. Enjoy 15 of them in the gallery below:

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Twilight Stars’ Post-BD2 Careers: Whose Slate Is Full, Who’s Searching Help Wanted?

Some of the Twilight stars have plenty of movies lined up, while others are waiting for a new project

The Twilight stars look particularly yearbook-y in this photo from Comic-Con.

Even the most amateur of movie biz followers knows that stars of mega-franchise movies face a huge hurdle when it comes to finding work later But then again, for every Elijah Wood or Mark Hamill, there’s an Emma Watson or Harrison Ford. Which category will the Twilight cast fall into? We’re taking a close look at all the movies our favorite vampires and werewolves have lined up here, and while we were a bit surprised to see who’s dance card is all filled up and whose IMDb page is looking a little blank at the moment, we’re also choosing to see those empty calendars as great opportunities. Especially now that casting directors must be noting all the cash that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 brought in over the weekend. In the meantime, here’s what we’re looking forward to from the cast next:

Robert Pattinson: Rob seems hellbent on defying any and every box you might want to place him in, post Twilight, so his range of projects is vast. In pre-production, he’s got Mission: Blacklist, in which he’ll play a military interrogator who helped find Saddam Hussein; Hold On to Me, in which he’ll play the love interest of Carey Mulligan, who’s plotting to kidnap the town’s richest guy; The Rover, about car thieves in the Australian Outback; and Queen of the Desert, about early-20th-century archaelogist Gertrude Bell (played by Naomi Watts). Then it looks like he’ll be re-teaming with Cosmopolis helmer David Cronenberg for something called Maps to the Stars. We’re breathless after just summarizing all that.

Kristen Stewart: By contrast, KStew found herself telling E!, “I’m kinda desperate to get a job right now,” on the BD2 black carpet last week. After the release of On the Road in December, she’s got nothing official on her plate. But there are three possible flicks for her: Snow White and the Huntsman 2, which she might star in after all, despite rumors the movie was going in a different direction. Also, there’s Focus, the heist movie starring Ben Affleck. She’s also said to be in the running for Lie Down in Darkness, based on a novel by William Styron about a seriously screwed up family living in 1950s Virginia. On the other hand, Kristen had a very busy 2011, so we can also picture her taking a bit of a break — maybe perfecting her sax skills — and then making something huge a little later down the line.

Taylor Lautner: We think the disappointing box office take of Abduction may have caused Taylor (or his people) to opt for a breather before grabbing all the offers coming his way. We think his decision to make the comedy Grown Ups 2 his next movie is brilliant, though. We’ve seen in the Twilight movies and a number of little videos along the way that he’s got comedic chops to go with those abs. But then he’ll use those abs again in Tracer, which is, no joke, a parkour movie.
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Kristen Stewart Is Gorgeous In Neon At Breaking Dawn – 2 Madrid Premiere

Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn 2 madrid premiere

Didn’t we just saw that Kristen Stewart‘s stylist was going nuts, but in a good way? So far nude Zuhair Murad in L.A., a black, sequin-and-lace jumpsuit, also by Zuhair Murad in London, and earlier today, a very cool navy-and-white Julien McDonald dress at the photo call in Madrid, with strappy black Jerome Rousseau heels. We were curious to see what her team would pull out of their closet for the Breaking Dawn – 2 premiere which was scheduled a couple of hours after the press conference. And they’ve done it again. We’re amazed by this neon yellow, beautifully fitted Dior mini dress. More so because of the neutral, glowing makeup and braid that doesn’t take away from the statement color. But more than anything, we’ve fallen head over heels (pun totally intended) for her black-and-white ankle-strap (don’t miss the spikes) pumps. We felt the same way when we saw Emma Stone‘s Ferragamo houndstooth pumps a couple of months ago. Here’s a closer look at Kristen’s heels.

Kristen Stewart Heels Madrid Premiere

See what we mean? So edgy! We totally don’t mean to ignore Robert Pattinson (who looks like a deer caught in headlights, always — adorable) and Taylor Lautner. But put a great pair of shoes in front of us and we get tunnel vision, so excuse us!

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Is Kristen Stewart Being Booed At Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Screenings? Put Your Reporter Hats On, Fans

Kristen Stewart Booed At Breaking Dawn - 2 Screening

The HuffPo has published a running diary of a Breaking Dawn – 2 screening in New York on Wednesday that wasn’t so much interesting for the story — it’s rather snarky for our taste  — but because of the descriptions of the fans’ reaction to the movie. It’s important to know how fellow Twi-hards are responding to this movie to end all movies. Like, we’d be wolf whistling every time Taylor Lautner came on screen. It’s going to happen, so future seat-mates, beware. “As the lights dim, a young female lets out a very loud audible groan,” the post’s author Mike Ryan writes. “Not a groan of displeasure, one of, ‘I physically can’t wait one more second.’ ” That young female is now our soul sister. Someone who really is not our soul anything is this guy or girl: “As Kristen Stewart‘s name is displayed across the screen, one fan took this opportunity to unleash a very loud, ‘boo.’ ”

What’s the deal, people? Who in their right mind would boo Kristen? Is this actually happening in theaters across the world now? Is it part of that whole misogynistic witch hunt that took place over the summer, still spilling over into the movie? Or was someone just joking about the misogynistic witch hunt? (It was a New York screening, people could be acting annoyingly ironic.)

This is where you come in, dear fans. What’s going on around you while you’re watching the movie? Are people booing? Applauding? Screeching? You’re the gauge of how successful and loved these movies actually are, and you’d be doing us, and fellow fans, a solid by writing in and sharing your experiences in the comments section below, or tweet us @VH1Celebrity. (By the way, we’ve sent our own Halle Kiefer to today’s all-day Twilight Marathon, so expect a very different kind of report on that tomorrow morning!)
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Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson And Taylor Lautner Take Breaking Dawn – 2 To Madrid

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner: Breaking Dawn

Whoever is styling Kristen Stewart on the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 promotional tour should be given an award. So far, we have three outfits and each of them is completely different from the other, so major props for constantly surprising us. The world premiere in L.A. saw her wearing a dreamy, nude Zuhair Murad strapless gown with dull gold detailing. She wore a jaw-dropping black, sequin-and-lace jumpsuit, also by Zuhair Murad for the London event yesterday which made us think: Kristen or J.Lo? Because we feel like we’ve seen different versions of that jumpsuit on Jennifer over the past decade! This latest outfit was worn to the photo call in Madrid at the Villa Magna Hotel earlier today, and it’s a body-con dress by Julien McDonald from the Spring 2013 collection. We love the navy-and-white detailing and the gold embellishment is actually part of the dress and not a necklace and those black Jerome Rousseau heels were the perfect accompaniment. And that isn’t just any old tartan shirt that Rob’s wearing, BTW. It’s a McQ by Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 shirt, thank you very much. We promise we’re not ignoring Taylor Lautner, either. He just has a shirt on, is all. It’s sad he doesn’t walk around without it all the time, but hey, the clothed version will do quite well too.

Breaking Dawn 2 Photo Call in Madrid

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Kristen And Rob Are Looking Downright Snuggly At The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2 London Premiere

Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson At the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 London Premiere

Do you think the photographer who took this photo kissed his camera for capturing such a perfect red carpet moment? That’s exactly why we couldn’t be paparazzi: our lens would be smeared with Chapstick after shooting the cuteness that is today’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2 premiere in London. While Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson were predictably stunning at the L.A. premiere Monday night, pics from today’s red carpet suggests that Robsten is feeling more and more at ease hitting the carpet together. Look at those head tilts. Adorable levels of comfort up in here. Taylor Lautner clearly agrees.


Oh, and if that wasn’t exciting enough, Kristen is straight up wearing a lace pantsuit.

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