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Style Seen: Taylor Momsen Shows Us Her “Morning TV” Boots

Why do we still feel like Taylor Momsen is the world’s rebellious teenage daughter? After all these years of her punk-rock look, after she’s spent years on the road fronting the Pretty Reckless, we still cringed a little when we saw pics of her onstage with Marilyn Manson earlier this week at the Golden Gods Awards. No, Taylor is not Cindy Lou Who or Jenny Humphrey. She is her own woman, with her own style. And she’s not even going to give you the names of the places she bought the clothing she wore for this morning’s Big Morning Buzz Live performance, just in case you’re some kind of poser trying to steal her look. Just kidding — she just didn’t know. Scroll down anyway and see what she had to say about it.
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Taylor Momsen Gives Herself A Marchesa Makeunder For Fashion Week

Taylor Momsen! A nude pump? That shoe doesn’t have nearly enough buckles! Nor is it even made out of Lucite! We don’t know what to think about the former Gossip Girl star’s makeunder, which she debuted at the Marchesa show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Plaza Hotel today. If anything, we though New York Fashion Week would  have been the perfect place to show off Taylor’s signature style, a.k.a. shredded t-shirts, an exposed garter belt and a look of utter disgust in humanity. No wonder the Pretty Reckless frontwoman looks like a beautiful dear in a set of fabulous headlights. At least Momen kept her smoky eye. Or…couldn’t figure out how to scrape it off.

Check out the exclusive vid below for more stars sounding off on Fashion Week fun and faux pas!

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New York Fashion Week: Which Stars Are Taking Style Seriously?

It’s Day Two of New York Fashion Week, and the celebrity sightings are starting to pile up — no small feat, given that it’s also the beginning of Grammy Awards weekend in Los Angeles, and we’re sure those parties are tempting many a famous face away from this coast. But up at Lincoln Center, the stars who know that what they (and their stylists) choose for them to wear on the red carpet and on the way to the grocery store has an impact on their overall image, and, dare we say? their career as well. So, who have we seen in the front rows so far? Shailene Woodley (kind of surprising, since she told us she only wears second-hand clothing), Alexa Chung and Kristen Chenoweth took in the pretty purples and blues of the Honor show. Abigail Breslin, Megan Hilty and Angela Simmons watched the Cynthia Rowley show together. Kellan Lutz was with Matt Czuchry, Chris Lowell and the NY Knicks’ Landry Fields for Joseph Abboud. Recently resurfaced former child star Anna Chlumsky was backstage at Houghton. Taylor Momsen was snapped roaming in the lobby today. And then there are the afterparties. Vanessa Hudgens, Rose McGowan, Giants star Victor Cruz and Eve were among the revelers at the Leila Shams party last night. Come back all week long for more pics of the stars getting their style on! And check out the video below for stars weighing in on some looks that didn’t look so hot.

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Taylor Momsen’s FHM Cover Makes Us Want To Take A Shower

Taylor Momsen is back. And what better way to remind us about what we’ve been missing than by posing half nekkid on the cover of March’s FHM? Nothing much has changed. The 18-year-old has still got raccoon eyes and hasn’t really moved on from wearing stripper heels and thigh-highs. The magazine has given us the gem that is “FHM at Taylor Momsen’s house party,” which we’re guessing the photograph on the right is a nod to. Taylor also brought along “her adult superstar chum Jenna Haze” for the festivities. Right, we’re heading to the showers now, although we never may feel clean again.

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Taylor Momsen Is So Over Acting, It’s Insane

Let us burn a pleather garter belt in memorium: according to her interview in Elle, Taylor Momsen quit acting, unless you consider “acting like every parent’s waking nightmare” to be part of the craft. “I quit acting, actually,” the teenager-turned-front woman told the magazine. “I quit Gossip Girl and now tour and am in a band and that’s pretty much all I want to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to only do that for the rest of my life.” How is this girl living out everyone’s high school fantasy? 15-year-old us is burning with jealousy! To be fair, 15-year-old us also thought she was going to marry both Joshua Jackson and James Van Der Beek, so what did that little dweeb know?

Having bailed after five seasons as GG‘s Little Jenny, Momsen is currently touring Japan with her band Pretty Reckless. While there she can expose an entirely new continent to her special brand of “stripper boots” and audience make-outs, which even our 15-year-old self would find a little much.

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Taylor Momsen Strips, Makes Out With Fans In Concert

We’ve never been to a Pretty Reckless show, but we’ll be sure to sport our finest lingerie when we finally do. Taylor Momsen, her band and a gaggle of half-naked fans got down last night in Barcelona, and the scene looked like a parent’s worst nightmare. We have to admit when we first saw these pics we dropped our best “I’m a mom and I’m appalled face!” But then we spent a second remembering the things we did at 17 (yes, Taylor is 17) and we quickly backed off. We did dumb stuff. At concerts. In our bra. Expressin’ yourself, and all that teenage jazz. We kinda get where these girls are coming from, but we’re still kinda like “Woah, ladies, chill it on the grinding!” You know?

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Taylor Momsen & Jessica Szohr Are Leaving Gossip Girl

While few would be shocked to learn Taylor Momsen will not be coming back for Season 5 of Gossip Girl next year (she was barely in season 4), it may be a surprise to some that Jessica Szohr is leaving the show as well (though, if you’re still watching, you already know Vanessa Abrams will be studying abroad next year). Gee, with Dan Humphrey’s little sister Jenny and his alleged “best friend” Vanessa away, who will he try to make feel like crap instead? Answer: everybody else—as Blair, Serena, Chuck and Nate will remain, along with some new blood.

Momsen and Szohr—who respectively have a music and movie careers to focus on—will still be welcome to return as guest stars. While this may be good news for fans of Jenny and Vanessa, we have a feeling there are more prime-time soap fans who wish one would suffer an untimely demise…those always make for a nice season finale.

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Adults – And Some Kids – Pose On The Kids Choice Awards Orange Carpet

Thoughts of getting slimed at the Kids Choice Awards on Saturday in L.A. didn’t bother the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. While Kourtney and Miley turned up in floor length gowns (Miss Cyrus’ even had a long train), Selena went cutesy in a white shorts-sheer top combo while posing with Cory Montieth. Nick Cannon went the white route as well, accessorizing with a pair of large white headphones.

Looking a tad more silly was Josh Duhamel who put on a purple bow tie that matched his shades. The Hilton sisters looked equally demure in shades of beige and white, and we can’t even describe what Willow Smith had on. Two words: gold lurex. Take a look at the list of Kids’s Choice Awards winners if you like, but we think looking at the photos in our gallery below will be a lot more fun! Taylor Momsen actually covered up… you can’t miss that. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Taylor Momsen Whips Her Hair Back And Forth In An “I F— For Satan” Shirt

Our neighbors to the north in Canada are a nice people. They’ve never provoked us in any way. Which is why we feel it’s necessary to apologize to them for what Taylor Momsen inflicted on them this weekend during a performance with her band, The Pretty Reckless. Momsen, decked out in a shirt that read “I F— For Satan” and basically showed off all her goods during the set. And here we thought she’s behave on this, the holiest night of the year (Oscar night, of course). We thought wrong. For a better look at Taylor’s shirt, butt, and everything else she was showing off, check out our gallery below. We apologize in advance if you’re offended.

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