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The Way Liam Hemsworth Handles a Gun Will Make You Feel Things


You’re about see Liam Hemsworth like never before. In the upcoming film Cut Bank, the actor stars as Dwayne McLaren, a former high school football star whose life changes forever when he happens to catch a murder on video tape in Cut Bank, Montana. In perhaps his darkest, most suspenseful film yet, it’s the thrill of watching him take charge that will make you fall in love. Again and again. Read more…

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Warm Bodies Zombies Get Support From Vampires, Witches And Werewolves At Premiere

Jackson Rathbone, Phoebe Tonkin and Nicholas Hoult at the Warm Bodies premiere

When we first looked at the photos from last night’s premiere of Warm Bodies, we were like, “Look at all the pretty young people! And also John Malkovich!” Then we looked a little closer. Joining the zombie love story’s stars Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Malkovich, Dave Franco, Rob Corddry, Analeigh Tipton and Cory Hardrict was a collection of what you might say are supernaturally beautiful stars. There was a vampire (Jackson Rathbone) and some werewolves (Kiowa Gordon and Booboo Stewart) from Twilight. Secret Circle witch-turned-Vampire Diaries werewolf Phoebe Tonkin repped her kind. And some Teen Wolf ladies graced the carpet too.

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There weren’t any fairies or angels in sight, as far as we could tell, unfortunately. We also sorely missed the presence of a certain dystopian heroine … but Hoult was very gracious when E! asked him if he’s proud of his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence, who’s looking like a favorite for an Oscar next month. “Yeah, very proud,” he said. Sniiiffff!

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CZJ, Hannah Simone, Jessica Alba, Teresa Palmer: Is Black Lace The Flavor Of The Week?

Black Lace: Jessica Alba, Teresa Palme,r Catherine Z-J, Hannah Simone

We’ve been seeing a lot of black lace popping up on celebrities over at the West Coast all week. And to our delight, none of them have made the fabric seem Morticia Adams at all. Do we smell a trend? It started with Jessica Alba at the Producer’s Guild Awards during the weekend at the Beverly Hilton wearing a sexy Elie Saab Fall 2012 Couture gown. Snazzy color was provided through her purple Roger Vivier clutch, her mint green nails and her pink lipstick. We were also thrilled to see Catherine Zeta-Jones take on a black lace sheath with a fringed hemline, by Emilio Pucci from the Fall 2011 collection. CZJ wore the sexy outfit for a stint on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno in Burbank, California, day before yesterday. Next up, we have the Aussie stunner Teresa Palmer wearing a sweeping, dramatic black lace gown by Philip Armstrong, which plunged down the front. She wore it to the premiere of Warm Bodies yesterday in Hollywood, and styled it up with a silver Judith Leiber clutch and heavy-duty Jacob & Co. diamond stud earrings and bracelet. Lastly, we have the lovely Hannah Simone at co-star Zooey Deschanel‘s Glamour Cover Girl bash in West Hollywood, California, wearing an elegant black lace, cap-sleeve dress from Theia’s Fall 2012 collection. Now do you see why we sense a trend? Comment on your favorite look!

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Katniss Everdeen, Clary Fray, Melanie Stryder & More: The 13 Heroines Who’ll Make 2013 Kick Ass

The Host, Catching Fire, Prodigy, City of Bones and more stories of great heroines in 2013

If you take stories like The Hunger Games, The Host and Warm Bodies to heart, you might think we don’t have much to look forward to in the distant post-apocalyptic future. But in the more immediate days ahead, like say, the rest of 2013, there’s a whole lot to be excited for — especially if you like ladies who kick ass, stand up for what they believe in and protect their loved ones at all costs. It’s going to be a great year for heroines in movies, on TV and in books — but not necessarily the easy-to-love/worship kind. Jennifer Lawrence‘s Katniss Everdeen (this year in Catching Fire), The Americans‘ Elizabeth (Keri Russell), Beautiful Creatures‘ Lena (Alice Englert) and The Great Gatsby’s Daisy (Carey Mulligan) are complex women and girls who don’t automatically know what’s right, and sometimes they have to choose saving themselves over saving the world. The Mortal Instruments‘ Clary Fray (Lily Collins), Shadow and Bones‘ Aline, Delirium’s Lena and Warm Bodies‘ Julie (Teresa Palmer) have a little self-discovery to do before they become full-fledged heroines. The Legend Trilogy’s June and The Host’s Wanderer/Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) have to navigate between worlds to figure out whom to fight for. And Oz‘s Glinda (Michelle Williams) and Ender’s Game’s Petra (Hailee Steinfeld) are ladies whose strength is obvious, but whose roles in the bigger picture remains to be seen. As for Chloe Moretz’s Hit Girl, who returns in this summer’s Kick-Ass 2 — she’s always going to be in a category all her own.

Whatever your favorite brand of strong female is, we hope you’re looking forward to seeing them in action as much as we are! Check them out in the gallery below, and plan your year accordingly!

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[Photos: Open Road Films, Lionsgate, Penguin, Constantin Films]

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When Bad Makeup Happens To Good People: Teresa Palmer, Fire Your Stylist, Stat

Teresa Palmer Bad Makeup, Warm Bodies Photocall

So, we’ve been fangirling a fair amount over whatever bits of Warm Bodies we can get. That sentence sounds pervy, but you know we mean the movie, right? Anyhoo, most of out focus has been trained on the film’s star, Nicholas Hoult. For very good reason, because, the now ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Lawrence, is nothing short of adorable, even in zombie form. We’d like to shift the focus a tiny bit onto the object of Hoult’s zombie’s affections in the film — Teresa Palmer. Lovely girl, and we’re hoping a fair amount of you have been crushing on the Aussie actress in her past films like I Am Number Four and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. We like her because she seems so darn likeable. Which is why her makeup artist should be given the axe. Nay, they should be thrown out of the industry, period. Why are we being so vicious, you ask? Well … take a look at the pictures above and see why. Would any professional makeup artist worth their salt let a celebrity (or anyone) walk out with that much white powder under their eyes? This was taken at a photo call in London for Warm Bodies and we’re wondering … did no one in her team actually look at her face? It’s just ridiculous. Sorry, Teresa. You didn’t deserve this.

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Warm Bodies Trailer Has Us Even More Obsessed With Zombie Love

In case you didn’t believe us yesterday when we told you that Warm Bodies should be one of your next obsessions, we present to you the trailer of the movie, starring Nicholas Hoult (a.k.a. Jennifer Lawrence’s partner in Cheeto-eating) as the most lovable walking dead you’ve ever met. He may do for zombies what Anne Rice and Stephenie Meyer did for vampires: turn their rotting flesh into the object of our desire. Well, OK, R is not THAT sexy right off the bat, but trust us, he grows on you. We were already looking forward to the movie after reading the book, by Isaac Marion, but now this trailer has us hyped about a few other things. Namely:

  • The great juxtaposition of R’s internal dialogue and his moaning outer one.
  • Rob Corddry as R’s womanizing undead buddy M.
  • The fact that M’s humorous scenes are helping erase the trauma of last week’s Walking Dead.
  • John Freaking Malkovich as Julie’s dad.
  • Dave Franco as Julie’s dead dead ex-boyfriend Perry. Why isn’t Dave in all of the things yet?
  • Analeigh Tipton — who cracked us up in Crazy, Stupid, Love. — as Julie’s wisecracking friend Nora.

Julie herself, played by Teresa Palmer, is still something of a blank slate in this trailer. But maybe that’s because we’re meant to fall in love with her right along with R?

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The 15 Most Badass Up-And-Coming Female Action Movie Stars

With The Hunger Games raking in $214 million over its opening weekend and the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman topping last week’s Twitter trends, one thing seems sure: female action stars are having the best year ever, and it’s only March. And with Rooney Mara‘s Oscar nod for Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, teaser trailers for Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Kristen Stewart as vampire Bella!) and The Host giving us chills and Lily Collins confirming her role in The Mortal Instruments, the ladies leading up 2012/13’s biggest action flicks are in good company.

We took a look at the women who are establishing themselves as the action heroines of the future, as well as some actresses from whom we want to see more onscreen butt-kicking. Did we miss anyone on our list? Check out our gallery and then let us know!

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