by (@hallekiefer)

First Dr. Phil, Now Leaked Sex Photos…Maybe It’s Time For Terrell Owens To Be Single For Awhile?

Terrell Owens Nude Sex Photos Shopped Around

Hey Terrell Owens…how you doing today? Not great, right? We wouldn’t be in a great place either if photos of our “graphic” nude Skype sexcapades were allegedly being shopped around the internet. And it’s the woman you were cybering with that is allegedly trying to sell them? That is deeply cold. So cold in fact, we’re going to go ahead and suggest you take the rest of 2012 as solitary “Me Time.” Just do you, T.O., but not in the way that you’re “doing you” in those leaked pics. If you’re picking up what we’re putting down.

Now, we don’t mean to blame you for someone else trying to take advantage of your Interweb nudity; clearly the woman who is doing this needs a blog post of her own, but as far as we know she’s not famous and as such doesn’t get one. But between this incident and that horrible dressing down you got on Dr. Phil last month by three of your kids’ moms, you might benefit from some time alone. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you told Grantland last week, “Am I wrong for saying somebody has thought about, Is it worth living? Just because I’m a figure and I say sometimes what people are thinking, that’s not wrong. I’m not less of a person or a mental case because I say that.” That’s a red flag that you need to take some personal time immediately, T.O. Get out of the lime light for a while! Take up pottery! Start a dream journal! And whatever you do, don’t do it over Skype anymore. It’s the exact advice we just gave Demi Lovato, and it applies to everyone.

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